Love having an abundance of good papayas - they make me feel good inside out! In other news - who knew Maya’s before and after picture (see yesterday’s post) would bring on such a heated debate! 🔥 This just reassures us that we are doing the right thing, and the fruit-cure info should be shared and our posts have to go beyond the safe realms of ‘oh look what a pretty papaya this is’ Huge thanks to everyone supporting us on Patreon, you are making this possible - together we form a grass roots movement putting out our experiences to counter the ocean of misinformation put out there. Speaking of Patreon, its time for our LIVE Q&A hangout this Sunday. Yaaay! 😎 We are going live at 7pm California time and like last time, I encourage you to post your questions already on Patreon in case you forget them in the fever of our hangout! As many questions as you want - you choose the topics that are important to you, no topics are off limits. We already have some uber hot topic suggestions lined up from @ourhighestpotential including how did we make the leap, how to actually start a long term journey in the tropics. If you are in a different time zone or miss the hangout, you can still watch the hangout at a later date and have all your questions answered! Last month’s hangout was so much fun - it really does make a difference when we’re with you real-time in just a small group of like minded people. We really did dig deeper last time didnt we? (plus it was so much fun!) We love connecting this way and it feels like thats what we wanna be doing more of in the future rather than spending time replying to emails - Im sure you can relate. Its not too late to join us this weekend - just go to Patreon, join the Hangout Squad and we’ll see you LIVE this Sunday! (link in our bio above)😎

Thank you so much for loving our Durian Cappuccino!!! Sending you big love from Archcafé 😘❤️ Have you guys tried this unique special taste of Archcafé? 🤗
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Durian& papaya Baan Gik, soya powder is back on the menu.

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음..?딱 한번만 먹어볼 맛 #탈락

Amazing Durian today this 1 1/2 kilo Puyat (pic 1) and finally found some Duyaya 2 kilos (pic2). The Duyaya has the highest flesh to seed ratio I have ever seen. So sweet and custard like. And only 30 pesos(55 cents) per kilo for both if these. I chased down a truck in the market today to find the Duyaya. Its funny when I went to this hotel they asked me if I had durian and searched me. Guess the knife in my bag was no problem. Also got complimented on my Durian walking down the street not once, not twice, but three times! Lol swipe right. New video up shortly!
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The Perfect Smooth Blend between Durian and Coffee rich , creamy and aromatic flavour⠀
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Nakaka-miss yung mga gantong pagkain ng davao!!!🤤#OnlyinDavao #Durian #Charcoal #Avocado #IcecreamMangoGraham #Food is #Life 💓😁

Hope that this department has someone celebrate birthday every day.

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