I was so dumbfounded by the beautiful head of hair this little doll had on her. Those highlights are natural, y’all.
Like 🖐🏼 -let me just be totally jealous for 5 minutes.
I got to do what I absolutely live to do and, simply, style her hair for her 8th grade dance.
I mean with that head of hair, she didn’t need much help from me, but, hey, I did my best. 😻

The lustrous shine this all over color came out blew me away.
Bye-Bye 👋🏼 grey roots- this beautiful color is here to stay! (at least for a while 😉)

I am much stronger in coloring, styling, and make-up than I am in hair cutting, but it’s fabulous clients like @pandanicequads that are patient with me and let me ask my instructor questions in order to become a better stylist.
Wyatt was ready to take off that winter weight in order to get ready for summer.
Who else is looking to go shorter for this already humid start to summer?
@pandanicequads sorry it took me so long to post your photos!

p r o m • p e r f e c t i o n - Makeup Artist, Sarah @wildvineaesthetician - Master Stylist/Owner, Ashleigh @locksbyash

Tuesday & Wednesday. Walk ins ONLY. --------------------
Others Specials (hair or shampoo is NOT included): 💥 $85 express sew in w/leave out
💥 $95 sew in with closure
💥$37 slick bun no bang
💥 $50 quick weave/$95 with hair ***TODAY is the last day this week to get these looks on special. Please do not procrastinate we will cut off walk ins at 4pm.***

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