I’m magic. 🧙🏻‍♀️👌🏼Even my nephew was convinced for years😜 (Well timed pointing and snapping at some Christmas lights)
Can you see how small my fish tail braid was? I used some @mister.pompadour Texture Powder and @biolage Texturizing Spray for some grit and hold. My bangs will NOT do this without product.
I start at the bottom on the braid and work up. I keep pulling and rubbing trying to get both sides of the braid even.
I secured with a single bobby pin. (See my last video on how I get ONE bobby pin VERY secure)
Another reason I love big, messy braids... they last a few days. I recorded this video yesterday and my braid still looks awesome today.
Did you find this helpful? What would you like to see next?

Another video from the vault, but it describes how we feel about today’s weather perfectly! Sending good vibes to all still without power⭐️❤️⭐️. Hope your weekend is colorful!🌈

Windy day today! We love this pulled back style by Tiana💜

4 months and 3 sessions later...
She first came with an old color almost completely grown out. She had about an inch left of color on the ends of her hair.
I started with subtle balayage highlights. First appointment with me, I like to start more subtle. Assess how the undertones in the hair when lightened, the integrity of the hair, and maintain or take steps to restore health to the hair.
Second session. I was able to take her lighter overall but I knew we could get her brighter with another session.
Third session, we were able to add pops of brighter blonde and remove more of the gold in her hair.
Notice her hair grew significantly over these 4 months. Caution, @olaplex, and @biolage Acidic Milk Rinse and she has long, shiny, and healthy hair.
Also check out my stories to see her car selfie after her appointment😍

💜Gorgeous purple hair 💜 Love this beautiful hair color created by Tiana!💜❤️

It’s FRIDAY! 🙌🏻 I am wishing it would cool off for fall for real🤣 I’m ready for a cool walk with our new stroller. Not all three of us dripping in sweat... literally😬 But yeah still mom-geeking-it-out with the new stroller and the new fitness watch to obsess over hitting my steps🏃🏼‍♀️✔️

Oh yeah! We can’t express how much we are in love with Arti’s new color created by Olivia! 😍🌈 If she needs a more conservative look she can just part it to the other side and it is hidden! ❤️

Wow! It’s been a year since all this fun!

She was feeling a fall balayage with a little less contrast. So happy we could make her goals come true with the tone and shine of this color.
How is everyone’s week going? I am totally mommy-geeking-it-out because I am stoked about my new double jogging stroller. We’ve had fun using it at a 5K, the Duke Gardens, and of course around the neighborhood already the last few days.

I always talk my youngest into taking pics after every haircut. 😍❤️This is his most recent and the one with green hair is almost exactly one year apart. It is amazing to see how much he has changed comparing the two. ❤️

Goodbye golden hello pure blonde beauty! Loving this beautiful color created by Ellie!😍

A perfect time of year to warm things up! Beautiful color by Tiana!

I get asked often how I get my girls to hold still when I do their hair. When they were really young, I would let them sit in my bathroom sink and give them old makeup brushes and empty makeup containers. They were totally entertained pretending to put makeup on. Now, they are pretty good at holding still and just know getting their hair done is part of the daily routine. Some days they want braids, curls, or something fancy. But... a “quick bun” is a popular request😉 Anyone else have any tricks to share with others?

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