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Revealing the fantasy look of goddess durga, with glow worms attractions💫

Concept and photography : @raahul_imageoutlooks
@bhagyashree_mulye as Goddess Durga
Creative makeover by leanmittal
Royal Jewellery by famous designer ‘Seema Pahuja’ @jahnvi_jewellery
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#ConceptArt: Discovering Ancient Temple of #MahaKali 👸🏽✨. Just so you know, this temple does not exist🙅🏽‍♂️😊 (Statue is from #Singapore + #Stepwell from India). All edited using #Photoshop 🙋🏽‍♂️🅿️. Check out my instagram story now to see the before and after edit (Available for 24 hours)🙇🏽 •

Meet Durga: Hindu goddess, warrior for peace, remover of fear and all-around symbol of empowerment. Durga figures prominently in our Fearless Goddess Collection, our NEW collaboration with @_kimberlysnyder . Let Durga inspire you to tap into your power and love fearlessly!


#kindlethegoddesswithin Durga: what boundaries do I need to invoke especially when feeling helpless in a situation. It’s been a rough couple of days in terms of being confronted with the pervasiveness if sexism and racism in the US. I am enraged, but am trying to calm myself to find a way to move forward productively and proactively to continue to confront and fight these isms. How do I protect myself while doing this work? Soul Star: I need to connect with the Universal Mind and transcend the ordinary Chai: Although I am not of Indian heritage Chai is a comfort food for me. I am on the road this week so cannot make a cup of my beloved chai ! However the symbolic meaning of this card is to reach out and connect with like-minded loving and supportive friends and family and create sacred space in which to heal. @gypsyarts #seedsofshaktioracle #durga #chai #soulstarchakra

What an interesting layering this track went through. 🕉️ 🎧🎵🎸
@peter_distefano_ already pre recorded some Piano, then I recorded the Didgeridoo, Peter than added some Guitar and I ended with the vocals.
This piece definitely has the #yogic vibe we were both looking for, but the entire song was #improvised based on our #inspiration from the other.
#ohmnamah #shivaya #krishna #ganesha #durga #vocals #collaboration #musicians #didgeridoo #guitar #peaceinchaos #namaslay #meditationmusic #yogaeverydamnday

Group Meditation every Friday at the Abode of Peace. Learn techniques for life balance, well-being and inner peace:

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Meditation has been known to improve health and wellbeing, clear the mind, improve concentration, deepen self-awareness, and connect us to a bigger picture of life.

Come and discover our unique style of guided meditation. Experience this amazing transformational and empowering practice. Feel the peace.

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www.shaktidurga.com #consciousness #spiritualillumination #energyhealing #meditation #igniteyourspirit
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• Day 13 of the #kindlethegoddesswithin challenge focuses on Durga and the question, What boundaries do I need to set? From the vibrant #daughtersofthemoontarot


This deck...again with an amazingly cogent answer. The Devil equivalent is clear as a bell in its response. This card speaks to both internalized oppression as well as the repressive constraints that society imposes.

Setting boundaries there means honoring my creativity, the place of alchemical power. It means using my voice to claim space. It means not letting fear and rage and despair sit in my body but instead finding ways to move them through dance, painting, singing, drumming, writing.

Intention and action are keys to setting strong boundaries. Thank you, Durga for your empowering guidance today.

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The Hindu Mother Goddess, Durga is fierce as hell and is called on as a last resort to unleash her power and martial skills against evil + wrong doers. Her vahana (carrier) is typically a lion or tiger 🐯. According to ancient texts, Durga is also a form of Parvati, thus she is the wife of Shiva. In Shaktism, a sect of Hinduism, she is associated with Brahman, the ultimate reality of the Universe.

She is depicted as cradling weapons in her eight hands to fight against injustice and anything that threatens peace. The weapons: a chakra, conch, bow, arrow, shield, sword, javelin, and noose were given to her by the Hindu Gods to fight against a demonic force that even the Gods could not beat. She only fights out of necessity for liberation and so that good can prevail. It's important to remember that she is also nurturing and loving, thus affectionately known as Durga Ma and also Maha Shakti.

If you feel powerless in a situation, connect with Durga and ask her "what boundaries do I need to set?" Shuffle and draw as many cards as you resonate with. Connect with the community by adding #kindlethegoddesswithin to your post 💖

Deck: The Sacred India Tarot by Rohit Arya & Jane Adams

look at this impressive story danced between Durga and Mahisahusra's fight by our amazing only real dance school trishul showdancers this time I did not myself but despite it, Iedeeen did it so incredibly well and what did everyone see us proud of our proud standing ovation deeply respect your enjoyment and make kwns with Durga Jai Mata Di 🙏 #kathak #bollywood #bollyshake #india #roots #youtube #facebook #snapchat #insta #instagay #single #gayboy #dutchgay #holland #donthate #durga #mahisuhra #bharatanatyam #vinak #culture #proud #life #lookingforelove #dearzindagi #artanddesign #divali @apnanl @apna.nl

Happy Durga Ashtami. Jay Mata Di! Durga Ashtami Jagran will be celebrated on the evening of Wednesday 27th September 2017 at Mandir Baba Balak Nath from 8pm to 2am. Ashtami Tithi Begins at 14:38 on 27th September 2017 and Ashtami Tithi Ends at 17:06 on 28th September 2017 in the United Kingdom. Durga Ashtami Jagran is celebrated during the night hours. For this reason Durga Ashtami Jagran will be celebrated this evening during the Mahashtami Puja Time. #durga #durgapuja #durgapujo #maa #matarani #durgaashtami #chintapurni #jwalaji #india #england #culture #roots #lordganesha #shiva #love #protector #mandir #hindu #hinduism #hindutemple #kali

Painting Devī... The lotus, which symbolizes purity of body, mind, and action... Every part of Durgā symbolizes something to strive for... 💗 #nomudnolotus #devi #durga #goddess #lotus

Day 13 of the #kindlethegoddesswithin challenge by @gypsyarts: DURGA, what boundaries do I need to set? Long story short: making space/time to do things my way! Long story below...
The Hanged Man came first; all other cards were clarifiers. What I really noticed on this card was the "Newton's cradle" at rest in front of the Hanged Man. (Closeup of this card and the other Tyldwick Tarot cards in subsequent photos.) This immediately made me think about "equal and opposite reactions," or, as is more common in my life, the "equal intensity reactions" that I may have when I let the world around me dictate when, how, and how much I respond to any given stimulus. So the boundary to be set here is between what I perceive and what actions I take in response. Two eights came as clarifiers, and for once the Eight of Swords doesn't feel as much like "I'm trapped" as "back off while I figure this out." And the Eight of Coins feels like having a clear vision of the purpose/goals I am truly investing in with every action. 📿📿
@rootlocktarot suggests that the eights are about a "coming out" of sorts, and in order to do that well, "Eternity" and "Dharma" suggest taking my time, doing things on purpose, keeping the big picture in mind. And "Voice" reminds me to speak up from time to time, in order to set whatever boundaries I need (time & space) in order to live this purposeful life to the best of my ability. And of course -- back to the Newton's cradle at rest on my first card -- sometimes this will involve saying no to some things so I can have time to *be still* and connect to my calling. Then I can say yes to what is most important. ❤️

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