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Do you go to bed every Sunday dreading the Monday morning wake up? Or do you lose sleep at night because you’re ready to get back to work? If you’re the latter, like myself, try reading Relentless by Tim S. Grover. I was suggested to do so by @dr.billbusch who called me a cleaner and said I’d only understand if I read the book. After getting halfway through it, it sorta explains why I smile so much on Monday’s. 😂 I just love working hard. 👊🏽
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“Being relentless means demanding more of yourself than anyone else could ever demand of you, knowing that every time you stop, you can still do more. You must do more.” 👍🏽💪🏽 #cleaner
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yes I am wearing my shirt backwards 🤷🏽‍♀️🍩 #dunkin #dg

¡Buenos días! Hoy os traigo un 🍩SORTEO🍩 de la mano de @dunkincoffee_thader 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Sorteamos una caja de 12 donuts🍩 y un artículo de merchandising a elegir! 😍👏🏻👏🏻 🍩 Participar es muy fácil!🍩
▪️Da a me gusta a esta publicación.
▪️Sigue a @dunkincoffee_thader @dunkincoffee_es y a mí ☝🏻
▪️Comenta esta publicación nombrando a 3 amigos con los que compartirías estos donuts 🍩😋. Puedes comentar todas las veces que quieras, siempre y cuando nombres a personas diferentes. ▪️Si compartes esta foto con el hashtag #sorteodunkintamara tendrás una participación extra. ▪️Si lo compartes en stories tendrás 1 participación extra.
▪️ Tienes hasta el martes 24 de octubre para participar. El ganador se dará a conocer en esta misma foto durante la semana posterior a la finalización del sorteo. 👉🏻El premio es válido para canjear únicamente en @dunkincoffee_thader Murcia👈🏻. Mucha suerte a todos y a por ellos!🍩🤤😋🍩

Try the new watermelon coolata at Dunkin Donuts! You'll immediatly have type 1 diabetes within the hour.... but so worth it! I just got back from beach and was craving!
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En @dunkincoffee_espana #puertovenecia están preparando unas #dulces sorpresas para este #Halloween que están ¡de #miedo!

So needed today. Traffic is crazy, I forgot the wreath at home that I needed to deliver to a customer today, I’m 15 minutes late to work. Please coffee work for my foggy brain today! #dunkin #ineedit #ugh #thewaistwatchers


Not gonna lie, it’s been a really LONG and stressful week so I bought three donuts this morning to make up for it. 😀 TGIF, baby!

Only time I actually do something with myself #dunkin #earlynmornin

Oh yummy my @dunkindonuts sample and I drank and tried all 3 and I have to say they have changed the coffee game with these ones. I'm a fan of them all, lol a true coffee lover. Blueberry pancakes taste just as such. A nice stroong blueberry taste with coffee, is a pancake lovers dream! Nice coffee taste with a flavor twist. The Dulce de leche is my FAVORITE the aroma on this one is fantastic it will leave your house smelling yummy, plus the coffee and taste in your tummy! You can't beat it nice rich coffee taste. Fantastic I suggest everyone give them a try! The coconut caramel is yummy too. It's like you can taste every bean in your coffee, dunkins has never failed me and they still haven't! The flavors don't overdue your coffee like some flavored coffees do. It's the perfect mix in my opinion. You have a great taste, and the aroma that fills your house/kitchen. You get the best of both worlds with these. It's hard to choose just one. I was a fan of all 3 of them. But the #dulcedeleche has taken the Vote! If you're a big coffee fan such as myself check out for your sample and vote! Thank you so much Dunkin Donuts for giving me the chance to try out your flavored coffees! These samples just weren't enough lol #coffee #coffeelover #dunkin #flavors #aroma #yum #samples #review #productreview #ilovetoreview #itsworthallmymonies #Ineedmore #Yougottatry #DunkinDonutsWhyYoudothistome #iloveyouguys

#Dunkin'Donuts #adorable ❤️

@tuckleberry_fin Tucker "Bender" Brady travels from Beantown to Brooklyn to join the Bagel Borg for a BIG bagel review. An expert booze reviewer, this under-calibrated, highly inebriated booze bending machine dives right in to the bagel game. But how will Dunks, Boston's pride and joy, stand up in the Concrete Jungle? Watch to find out!

Una tranquilla colazione 🌞 #colazione #dunkin #donats #zuccchero #café #amsterdam

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