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I just wanted to give a big ol shoutout to my cosplay family here!
Duke city comic con was this past weekend and while it was a pretty fun chill con, it was definitely bittersweet seeing it was my last con in Albuquerque (for as long as I know for now)
But real quick, a shoutout to my sister @emilywoodstone!
She's helped me so much with cosplay and cons..holding stuff for me, taking pictures.. pretty much everything! I love her lots and it's definitely gonna be hard without her
Okay now on to everyone else!
When I first started cosplaying and going to cons, I was so shy and unconfident (well a lot more back then than I am now!) that I always hoped but never fully thought I'd be able to get close to people through this. That being said, I'm so fortunate and lucky to have met and become friends with so many incredible people!
I can't thank you all enough for your warmth, acceptance, care.. just so much happiness and positivity being spread at cons by all of you!
I unfortunately don't have enough space on this post to individually thank you all on here as much as I'd like, but just know I really do care about you all tons! I don't use the term cosplay family for no reason and I'm just gonna miss you all so so much!!!
(Plus a few I didn't see there including @prpldolfin @motherquartzcosplay @nebulasenpai @masterofpudding)
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Just interviewed WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page! He's here as part of #dukecitycomiccon2017 ! Listen to portions of the interview on BIG 98.5, and watch the whole 23 minute interview coming soon to the BIG 98.5 YouTube Channel! #Bang

I have a fuck ton of Duke City Comic Con pics but I'm too lazy to upload them haha 😅 #inuyasha #cosplay #inuyashacosplay #anime #dukecitycomiccon2017

Honored to be able to do the badges for #dukecitycomiccon2017 if you're at the show and would like yours signed, stop on by my table in the Sierra room.

Here's just some of the #justiceleague figurines and #starwars #r2d2
that we saw at the #dukecitycomiccon2017 today


Some images from the 2017 Duke City Comic Con Cosplay Party and Contest
Scroll left to see more photos 👆⬅️
Photos by @knightspirit
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I have a fuck ton of Duke City Comic Con pics but I'm too lazy to upload them haha 😅 #inuyasha #cosplay #inuyashacosplay #anime #dukecitycomiccon2017

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