Another throwback to the skating days, another lovely, easy, and enjoyable riff, and another one I learned very early on. Playing hard stuff is rewarding because of the challenge and getting it down, but it’s these super simple, catchy riffs that I could just play over and over. Plus, Rammstein is just as dope as it gets. #Rammstein #DuHast #guitar #metal #Ibanez

Meme doble especial domingo 😁.

Music is the source of good mood for many of us and I'm no exception. ☺🎸🎤🎧As for me, I can’t single out only one favorite musical direction. I like almost all types of music, but now the topic for discussion will be Rammstein. Only a few of the German groups are known outside Germany. The group is famous for its warlike texts and fireworks at concerts. To say that this group is specific is to say nothing! For many people in Germany and abroad this group is contradictory. "Rammstein" plays heavy rock, music with heavy rhythms; they are loud, provocative, aggressive, wild and rude. 💥💣😎😁Many people think so. However, regardless of this, they are popular with people of different ages and have a great success. This band was formed in 1994 in Berlin, and before that all the participants played in different teams. Their songs you can hear in many movies, such as "Lost Highway", "xXx". The most successful album of the band is Mutter, recorded in 2000.Till Lindemann is the author of all texts, the lead vocalist and frontman of band. The first song that comes to my mind at the mention of this group is "Amerika". I can sing a few lines continuously for a sometime). Many members of band know the Russian language. All musicians grew up in the GDR, where they could choose to study several foreign languages, including Russian.
Thanks to this combination of circumstances, musicians can easy and natural communicate with fans from Russia.


¡Maestro, Destructores!

💜 special for you @xeniya_lobas 💜@annasbeautifulworld 💜 спасибо за вечер @komancheros_crew было очень круто 😎🤟🎸🎤#rammstein #thebus#duhast

tag yourself I’m the drummer.

#duhast #rammstein #germanfolksongs

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