Come out little kittens! There can’t be much room left in there now!! 😻😻
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So many questions so I figure I would share a little bit more detail as this is going to be an interesting 6 weeks and I know we aren’t the only ones going through this or for anyone else later down the road who may need a little support. •

Penelope was playing on a park and fell about 5 feet off a ladder she was climbing up, it was no ones fault and accidents happen, after going to get it looked just down the road at her pediatricians they sent us to get X-rays and confirmed her left femur ( thigh bone) is broken completely through. •
Watching her go through so many hours of pain and then having to let them wheel her away was utterly heart breaking. Her surgery was to do a reset of things and put on a full body #spicacast which she will have on 4-6 weeks depending on how fast it heals. The reason for both legs and waist being in a cast is simply that there’s no other way to set and keep that specific bone in place for healing besides casting to hold her entire lower half in place. The bar between her legs will keep her hips aligned during healing. •
Her first night was rough but she has been a trooper today and has had no meds for pain and even insisted on daddy helping her go on the big girl potty. •
For the hundreds of messages pouring in thank you. If I haven’t responded just understand I see all of them and am overwhelmed with how many are showing support. •
Penelope is a trooper. I have to say it may be harder on mom and dad at this point, she is entertained with so many amazing gifts being sent over and such sweet nurses making sure her every request is filled.

To say I’m overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement, with new puppy training, my due date for baby in just 5 days, and a 5 year old to keep entertained and taxied around to school, I know we have a long way to go, but we will take it a day at a time and I am learning to just accept and take peoples help when offered. •
Just know the messages, comments, prayers, meals, gifts, all of it are just so appreciated and we are blessed to have such an outpouring of sweet caring people showing support. 💕

My instagram content lately has slowed to a crawl, sadly this puts me behind in the Instagram world thanks to the horrible algorithm, but sometimes other things take priority.
With our first born due any day, baby prep has taken over most of our free time.
Luckily woodworking comes in handy during baby prep. The change table I made of Hickory and finished in mineral oil and beeswax, the drawer dividers are made of 1/8th” Maple plywood to help separate her tiny clothes!

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Still waiting on little man! One day until his due day and we are so anxious to meet him!
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OMFG this heat 🔥😰🤦‍♀️😩 !!!! With it being so ridiculously hot out I thought this post would be appropriate!!! Because of the extra fluids, weight, pressure on the veins and hormonal changes towards the end of pregnancy its VERY common to have swollen feet👣 .

Here are some holistic remedies from my book #themindfulmomtobe 🙌 – Elevate your legs by placing your feet up on a feet pillows a few times trough out the day,especially at night. Always keep your head propped up about your heart. – Exercise to keep the circulation moving . – Regular massage with an extra foot massage, helps with circulation and fluid retention. – Soak feet in warm salt water then massage with jojoba oil with an added blend of a few drops of peppermint oil to help cool, a few drops of grapefruit oil for anti-inflammatory, a few drops of ginger oil to reduce swelling and improve circulation. – Don’t cross your legs. – Sleep on left side . – Roll feet on tennis ball for 4 min . – Soak feet in tonic water with ice and oils mentioned above . – Swim and float in pool or large body of water. – Wear comfortable shoes. -Soak feet in ice cold water . – Roll feet on ice cold cans. – Avoid anything salty . – Wear support hose. – Flex and point your feet and do ankle roles through out the day . – Stay hydrated – Drink lots of water, coconut water and try add some @tracemineralsresearch trace minerals and ultima electrolytes to your water (I love the grape flavor) . - Take B-6 supplement. - Eat watermelon, asparagus, lemons, beets, and cucumbers as they are diuretics. - Drink my all time favorite healthy, cooling and super hydrating cocktails.
* 6 cups seedless watermelon, diced
* 1 - 1&1/2 cup coconut water
* The juice of 1 lime
* 1 sprig of mint
* ice
Blend together and serve with slice of lime. – Stay cool. 🔥💦❄️💨🤰🙏 #pregnancyproblems #heatwave #losangelesmoms #itshotaf

This is how you survive NYC. #dueanyday

Got a lot done in the yard this weekend, nothing fun, but it all needs to be done. Mowed the whole yard (with help from my ever wonderful neighbor), the cherry tree in back got a healthy trim which means I have wood for smoking something soon, the place where the sidewalk ends got weeded and mulched with the sawdust from the #cribbuild as well as wood chips, the plants got some much needed tending and mulching and the Little Shop of Horrors pumpkin patch grew another few feet.

The last pic is really how I feel about it all keeping me from finishing the #crib for #babyHuennekens though. Gotta get my butt in gear! He's coming soon!

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My other half ❤️🙌🏻😍 love isn’t always easy but You make it all worth it. ❤️There’s no one I’d rather spend the rest of my life with ❤️ #love #sunshine #relationship #couple #myotherhalf #loveisworthit #loveisworthfightingfor #youmakeotworthit #mybaby #happiness #soulmate #bestfriend #family #9monthspregnant #dueanyday

Someone held me down & forced me to find a pic of myself from last Summer vs this Summer with a bump. ⠀

But instead of missing my old body, I just can’t handle how little they look & now I may or may not look like Ashley Iaconetti after Jared turned her down 12 times. #uglycry #makeupeverywhere #imfine #itsfine#werefine

Did you know that 255 babies are born every minute? That is 4 babies every second around the world. 😳. That sure is alot of bebes. 👶👶👶👶

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