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A Mallard Duck had her babies in the courtyard of a senior citizen home. About a week ago she flew away, never coming back. The residents were extremely worried, there were 10 babies and now 5 left because of a hawk. The "babies" are actually juveniles and almost ready to take off. I took them to our SPCA wildlife department where they will be checked over and released. I must remind you I handle deer everyday, had no idea what I was getting into!! I can also tell you a healthy duck is very fast!! I also found out when you pick one up they tend to squirt at you😳💩 #thiswasafirst #bestnonpayingjobever #lovemylife

Sometimes you get a chance to work with your favorite childhood cartoon and today was that day. #DuckTales #DisneyXD #ad #dreamscometrue #cartoons

It's been 30 years since the premiere of the original #DuckTales!

The original "DuckTales" premiered 30 years ago today. The adventures continue with the all-new "DuckTales" series premiering this Saturday, September 23 on @disneyxd.#DuckTales #cookiethenews #cookie by @hanielas

Lunch time, woo-oo! “DuckTales” started as a syndicated television series 30 years ago, airing September 21, 1987 through September 5, 1992, then later returning to ABC in 1997.
For the first time since Donald Duck cartoons, Donald’s nephews were given unique colors to differentiate them by name: red for Huey, blue for Dewey, and green for Louie. #DuckTales

TBH, we all need a Money Bin in our lives. #DuckTales

Here's the #DuckTales theme song starring some real quackin duckos, in honor of DuckTales first premiering on this day in 1987 :') They grow up so fast. 🦆 Tune into @disneyxd this Saturday for all new episodes of #DuckTales 🤗

The creative team behind #DuckTales talks making the new series.

#DuckTales! Woo-oo! 🐤🎶
See all-new episodes on @disneyxd this Saturday!


It's like if Scrooge McDuck was a hop grower.
Who knew the best people in the world grow hops in Yakima, WA? What an amazing couple of days - feeling super-fortunate to have been a part of it. #foundershopharvest #foundersbrewing #yakima #hopsandhops #ducktales

& Just like that!!! #imback nothin Lika fresh ass cut!!! ❤️ #aunaturale #curlygirls #fistpick #naturalhair #blackgirlmagic #ducktales
This is my ode to 1988 @oncite 's Puerto Rican ass duck tale!!! ❤️❤️ #iloveyounigga

#Repost @ducktalestv
This Saturday, come on down to Funso’s Funzone, where fun is in the zone! #DuckTales

This Saturday, come on down to Funso’s Funzone, where fun is in the zone! #DuckTales

Here's the commercial Calabash Animation did for Aflac's crossover with DuckTales! @sketchy02 and I animated the Aflac duck in the dragon scenes. It was a fun spot to work on. Great job, team!! https://youtu.be/8KYM4EN8otk

#Repost @calabashanimation (@get_repost)
#animation #ducktales #aflac #traditionalanimation

We came into some $$$$ #ducktales #ducktalespremiereparty

It's the #ducktales premiere! #dtva #myjob #disney #elcid

This Saturday, come on down to Funso’s Funzone, where fun is in the zone! #DuckTales

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