I love this couple that rescued these ducks for us! We were contacted by a fellow vegan in CT, Violet, who was concerned about these babies needing a home. We asked @allthefurbabies since we know how amazing they did with Quackie (who we rescued for them last yr from the live auction) 🌱🧡🦆🦆 @allthefurbabies (@get_repost)
Welcome to the family! These two babies were surrendered to us yesterday. They are still getting used to us and to the rest of the children. They do everything together.
This picture is from last night. We put them in the tub. We kept them separated from the rest of the animals last night and they stayed in the bathroom. Today they were introduced to the rest of the flock (and also the fur babies). However, they are still separated by a gate, they can see and talk to each other. But they have their own space.
Taking care of ducklings and chicks is a lot of work. They need a clean and relaxed environment. So please, don't just go buy chicks and ducklings, we understand they are extremely adorable, but they need a lot of care.
Thank you @therileyfarmrescue for letting us know about these two babies! Quackie loves them already, they don't like him too much yet, but we'll get there.

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