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Man I had ONE HELL OF A NIGHT... riding a Ducati through LA traffic at prime time listening to lincoln park with preworkout in you is pretty f☆ckin awesome LOL.. Like frogger with assholes in traffic...it's like being in a mogul field on a snowboard you need to look about half a dozen bumps ahead and expect certain people to make really bad decisions in front of you ..luckily I'm pretty well protected by my boys with wings, avoided dying three times, had to be brutally honest and screamed at a few people "motherfucker's pay attention" and scared the hell out of them as I rode by after slamming on the breaks ... that had absolutely no idea they almost killed me, no turn signal.. as the temperature dropped I started doing The Iceman's breathing techniques...i went from shivering my ass off to body heat..except numb fingers from pushing the speed amd turns and light gloves because I'm SMART.... and I probably took about 20 total breaths from the bottom to the top of the mountain to keep my body heat warm, 20 miles?..held each breath for a few minutes...my fingers were nearly blue (which kinda felt great from blistered workweek)lol as i rolled into Big Bear I stopped at Leroy's snowboard shop, met some peeps, grabbed hand heaters and found an incredible new snowboard outfit,threw it on to warm up, and I got a new Lib Tech board for the season, f*** it.. I'm all about supporting local business. In turning a negative into a positive.. and not freezing my ass off.... about 5 miles away from my place around Baldwin Lake apparently i ran out of f****** gas?WHAT? DUCATI NO GAS GAUGE? WTF...leave a race bike along the side of the road.. now I'm run walking with a Ducati helmet a bottle of wine, LMAO phone dead and I'm like 5 miles away NO ONE stopping except my man Marco..., I dropped him a Benjamin, grabbed gas from my garage, he said he apparently had back pain ...now I'm going to take care of him for free and he's stopping by for a beer with his family...#Faith This all happened because I was supposed to meet my Man Marco & his family THANK YOU thank again my friend you saved my Freezing crazy LA ass. #BluffAdventures #DucatiDreams #AdrenalineJunky

Agradecer a los amigos de NG brakedisc todo el apoyo que nos brindan y poner a nuestra disposición estos discos de freno que nos permiten un mayor control de la moto y ofreceros lo mejor en cada Stunt Show! #DucatiDreams #Ducatigram #NGbrakes #brakedisc

It was a good day! My brother in law and I were flying through Joshua Tree... #ducatidreams #monster #multistrada1200 #needforspeed #themanwiththecamera

Back away slowly and Do Not Apply for Anything... Stopped in Beverly Hills Ducati to chat about selling my 1198S... saw the 959 and 1299 Panigale's.... dear Lord it's like Toys R' Us for adults, get me out of here #DucatiDreams

Waking up in cottage country with a view #ducatidreams #monster1100evo #ducatigram #weekendaway #bliss


finalmente 😀😀😀😍😎😎 ➡ hai fatto nascere il sogno più bello ora tocca a me realizzarlo 😉😉😘✔💞💗💖💖#ducati #ducatihypermotard #ducatidream #ducatidreams #ducatilove #ducatilovers #ducatilover #ducatilover❤️ 🏍

I want you all to stop and go listen to the talented Kien. You won't regret it. #DucatiDreams #BarzForBikez #YellowHearts #FranForLife

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