Homework complete ✔️
We just ❤️ it when our nannies submit their homework to us after they’ve done our training course. It’s fun, practical and enables them to continue their learning at home! Well done 😍

Today we went to Ski Dubai. I remember when I was living in Chicago and read about Dubai building an indoor ski/snow area. One of my ex-co-workers brought over a magazine and told us he wanted to move there... I remember the words coming out of my mouth like I said them yesterday. ‘There’s no way in H.E. 🏒🏒 I’d ever move there.’ And here I am. 😆 Be careful what you throw out into the universe. It might come back and bite you in your booty.

🌟Announcement🌟Starting 1st September, our full 2-day Nanny Training program is accredited by Highfield and every Nanny receives a Level 2 certificate for Introduction to Caring for Young Children at Home (ages 6 months+). Would you like to help your Nanny achieve recognition and develop her career further?

🎀Welcome back!🎀 Did you and the little ones have a fab summer?☀️👶🏽This September we have some great 💁🏻‍♀️ Nanny Training courses coming up and are available to help you find a new full-time Nanny. Get in contact for details via info@cloudninekids.ae or call 0553215437

So they say “do what you love, love what you do” ❤️ I’m lucky to have found that and run my own company doing it - Nanny Training. Sharing my experiences, knowledge and helping women feel empowered, purposeful and confident, this truly makes me happy! 😊

🏆Congratulations to another 2 groups of Nannies who completed the Summer Camp for Babies & Toddlers! Here’s some of the highlights ➡️ swipe to the right 💁🏻‍♀️

🙋🏽‍♀️This is Fathima. She did a 🥑🍌🥪Nutrition & Cooking workshop at home with our Founder Angelica @nannywhispererdubai.
She covered all the basics on Nutrition:
- What is healthy eating
- The role of a Nanny
- Different food cultures
- What’s in the cupboards
- Food hygiene
- Behaviour around food
- Trip to the supermarket (show the healthiest options)
- Cooking 2 recipes from our Recipe book
- Fun food ideas for lunchboxes
And much more!
Email info@cloudninekids.ae for more info on our nanny courses!

💁🏻‍♀️My Nanny is my .............. ?
Best friend
Fairy godmother
Right hand
Amazing helper
Family support
Mary Poppins
Miracle worker
...anything else??

We just ❤️ receiving all the positive feedback from our training courses:
“My nanny loved this course. We felt good about investing in her as a person and she came back with tips for food/play/hygiene and suggestions to make our household safer. If anything it solidified how serious her role in our family is and how much she is valued for her input” - Carla C. Mother who enrolled her nanny onto our Summer Camp for Nannies this July.

⏱Only 1 week left to book your Nanny on our final Summer Camp for 👶🏽 Babies or Toddlers! Starting on Monday 13th August for 4 days
➡️Swipe to the right for more info! Cost 1,200aed + vat per nanny

Is your Nanny comfortable in the water and have basic life saving knowledge? If no, enroll them on a course of 5 life enhancing classes. 🚨🌊☀️ #howswimmingfeels #dubai #swim #lifesaving #nannyswim

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