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“Ya Allah! Give me sabr when things don’t go my way. You know what is best for me. So help me to accept what you have decreed for me and make me among Your grateful servants. Allahumma Ameen! #duaoftheday,
Ramai2 aminkan okay ;') Photo : @neelandcliff

Ya Allah, do not attach our hearts to what's not written to be ours. 🙌🏻 #duaoftheday

#duaoftheday Amiiin

Pas kamu bingung, g ada jalan lagi. Mau maju buntu apalgi mundur jga g bisa, kanan & kiri jga buntu.. Imgat SATU hanya SATU, masih ada jalan ATAS. Jalan yg selalu terbuka lebar untuk mu, jalan yg seringkali dilupakan, tpi sbnarnya jalan itulah yg paling mudah,, "يا الله أنت ربى لا اله إلا أنت، عليك توكلت ومنك الفرج وأنت المستعان"
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Dua' for parents 👆🏻 Our parents is the best people in the world and the most precious people in our live. May Allah grant them the highest ranks of Jannah.

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Sufficient for me is Allaah, there is no god besides Him; in Him have I put my trust and He is the Lord of the mighty Throne #qotd #quoteoftheday #duaoftheday #quran

Jumuah Mubarak! ✨
May we constantly be in His providence this holy month.

14 Ramadhan 1438H - "O Allah do not let indecision and confusion take hold of me, in this month,
nor errors and lapses get the better of me,
nor let misfortune and disaster make me its target, through Thy power
O He who makes powerful those who willingly submit to Him." #duaoftheday #friday #ramadhan



The type that doesn't fade with time.
The type that never waivers.
The type that never dissappears.
The type that never fails.
The type that never disappoints.
The type that never hurts.
The type that is always there when tou need it.
The type that never abandons.
The type that never leaves you stranded.
The type that holds you close all the time.
The type that watches your back and catches you when you fall every time.
The type that you can always rely upon, each and every time.
The type that you never have to worry about losing.
The type that you don't have to change yourself to have.
The type that you don't need to strive and strive for and then lose anyway.
The type that loves you more than you love it.
The type that is always there for you even if you are turning away.
The type that will always love you no matter what you have done, no matter what you have said as long as you turn back.
As long as you turn back.
As long as you turn back.
The type of love that is there waiting and waiting and waiting for you to turn back.
The type of love that never gives up on you.
The type of love that forgives your every mistake.
The type of love that hides your faults.
The type of love that gives mercy when you are wrong.
The type of love that manages your affairs when you are weak.
The type of love that mends you when you are broken.
The type of love that helps you stand when you have fallen.
The type of love that is always there and never leaves.

Do you want that type of love in your life?
Are you ready to burn in the fire of that kind of love?
Are you truly ready?

Contact me about joining 'The Healing and Thriving Garden'. Entry by application only.

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The Holy Quran, Surah Ash Shu'ara, Ayah 83 [26:83] #duaoftheday

This is the best dua one can ask Allah after asking for guidance.
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A lovely دُعاء to also make:

Allaahumma inni aoodhubika min khalilim maakirin aynaahu tarayaani wa qalbuhu yaraanie inra'aa hasanatan dafa'ahaa wa inra'aa sayyiatan adhaa'ahaa!
O  الله جل جلاله I seek Thy protection from a cunning friend who is constantly probing me with his eyes so that when faults are discovered he discloses them to others and when good actions are seen he conceals and suppresses them!  #duaoftheday #islamicquotes #islamicreminder #islamicposts #islamicpost #prayer #salah

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