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Привет всем из холодной Латвии

#MaytheForth be w/ you in a court of law 👮Darth Casey is learning to soon to just keep the #HANDSINTHEAIR #DTTTC #tbt #4thbirthday

When your bartender and you coincidentally share a bad ass tattoo, you document it. @mamahotdog @lar206 @djblesone @emecks #hangintuff #sunsettavern #ballard #dtttc

I'm at @KEXP right now w/ @lar206 & #DTTTC #GabzPlayazBall 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Україно-Естонський вечір на проекті #DTTTC #ukraine #girls

...and to think it all started with this quick drawing on a cd I did to give my cousin Ronnie Voice a beat I made for him to record on... #MASHHALL#LOVEFAMILY#THICKERTHANBLOOD #THEMTEAM #DtttC! *the original drawing

Happy birthday to my main! I'm so proud of everything you have accomplished all these years. And i cant wait for the many adventures that lie ahead of us. #reallovedjs #lovefamily #mashhall #dtttc #themteam
This weekend is one for the books!!! @djblesone

All orange everything @donttalktothecops


#MaytheForth be w/ you in a court of law 👮Darth Casey is learning to soon to just keep the #HANDSINTHEAIR #DTTTC #tbt #4thbirthday

Without a doubt I am proud to be who I am. Chase your dreams, trust yourself, and surround yourself with exceptional people.
You will be happy.
@donttalktothecops @killkwoc
#dadhat #dtttc #dtttcforevers #fuckrachel #mashhall #themteam #lovefam #thickerthanblood #kwoc #gbxdb #bboy #bgirl #breakbeat

#tbt seasons greetings from 2014 #dtttc miss my #lovefamily 😎 #dtttcforevers

Shout out to @emecks for being the most bad ass, rapper, dance mama.
#dtttcforevers #lovefamily #reallovedjs #dtttc #fuckrachel #buttdiamonds

The world champ THESIS (@bboythesis / Knuckleheads) moments after taking the W at Silverback Open 2016. So fucking proud of my dude right here! Mash Hall Collab tee in the spot light, right where it should be!! 📸: @kienquanphotography
Mash Hall tees are selling FAST. I'm doing my best to keep them well stoked, but you guys def aren't making it easy. Grab one while you can. KILLKWOC.COM

I know a lot of you think that I just "make shirts", cause in all reality, I do. But really, there's so much more too it. Projects like the "Son Of Action Breaks" Mix CD with djblesOne illustrates that perfectly.
It all starts with blank red card stock. 3 layers of texture are individually painted on the front, 2 on the back. The sheets are then cut to a manageable print size, printed (front and back), then the 6 cover template that was printed is carefully cut by hand into individual covers.

The music is ART. The product is ART. All this mastery, and we're giving it up for TEN DOLLARS?? You'd be an idiot not to grab one.

Another one from @yakfilms at #SilverbackOpen 2016. bboy @kacyo from Italy getting crowd hype! Feat @donttalktothecops - "What You Want What You Say" #DtttCforevers #udef #MonsterEnergy #DtttC #silverbackevents #yak @probreakingtour #hatrick

Freshly pressed, and just like that, MASH HALL is back in the game! If you haven't put 2 and 2 together yet, me and the Jolly Red Giant DJ BLES ONE (@DjBlesOne) smashed our magic together to bring you his brand new breaks mix cd!

What's so special about this one? First off, the entire package has been hand crafted by yours truly, even the fucking CD is hand printed (as you can see). Second, this is going to be Bles's first sellable mix in over 8 YEARS!! Needless to say, we're putting everything we've got behind this bad boy. October 8th prepare to have your face melted. KWOC X MASH HALL CRUSHING THE DAMN GAME!!

Me and my brotha @djblesone are currently in the process of fucking your whole shit up. October 8th, a collaboration that is literally years in the making will be available to melt your puny little minds. The return of MASH HALL, Kings Without Crowns style. Don't know about Mash Hall?! Fool, you better fucking ASK SOMEBODY!!

Yo, you guys ever heard of this fucking guy MN JOE?! Apparently he's one of the nastiest bboys on the planet right now, #Legend status. I heard he's a stylin' motherfucker too, or maybe I'm just saying that cause he's got that SICK jacket on.
NYC Stack Winbreakers OFFICIALLY dropping in two weeks. You ready for that shit?! Shout out to @mnjoe88 on the killer clip! Also, mad love to Big Daddy BLES on that Big Head Beat!! @djblesone

Big Daddy BLES ONE (@djblesone / Knuckleheads / Real Love DJs) killing the game a few weeks back at the @vanstreetdancefest. Tie Dye Bootleg Team Tee in FULL EFFECT.
Totally stocked and ready to rock, grab yours today at:

KILLKWOC.COM (Worldwide)

I saw @donttalktothecops play at Bumbershoot, circa 2012. I made it my mission to join the band.
A year later I joined the band, went on to help write 3 albums, and gained some killer friends.
I love you dudes😘💀🍆🎉💎
#lovefamily #mashhall #thickerthanblood #dtttc #dtttcforevers #forevers

Привет всем из холодной Латвии

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