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The cloisters at @fordeabbey 🙌🏼🌿✨

Morning! Time for some fun with my new L|M Lightroom Preset Collection! You can get them via the link in profile, and I wanted to show what they can do. Swipe left to see some of the different presets in action as well as to see the unedited out of camera photo at the end. Ps. This dope mug is by my friend @notary__ceramics 😘
Here are the presets used in order of image:
1. LM Cool Bright
2. LM Aqua
3. LM Contrast
4. LM Dark
5. LM Earthy Bright
6. LM Fade
7. LM Warm
8. LM Film Bright
9. LM Super Dark
10. Unedited photo! Outlet and all 🙈
Sorry to say my presets won't take out outlets for you, but other than that nothing else was done to this photo other than a) apply the preset and b) use a brush to slightly lift the shadows on the waffles (because everyone's waffles should glow, amirite?? 😅) If you want to take your game further than Presets and learn photography, styling, and editing then check out our January Ecourse (also via link in profile!) There's still time today to use the code INSTAGRAM15 for 15% off of the presets (sorry, doesn't apply to ecourse!)...but the code expires this evening! We're sending out a new discount to our blog subscribers this afternoon so you can join at localmilkblog.com to get a code if you miss this one! And stay tuned for the travel collection and food collection to be released in the coming weeks! #livemoremagic #morningslikethese .
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Evening everyone! I am about to have an epic moan so you can swipe down really quick, if your not feeling it. .
I will start off positively, I obviously love my little ladies & I chose to be a stay at home Mum. We got offered a much bigger mortgage than the one we took when we got this house & we had one little lady. I had returned to work part time & we knew we wanted more children if we could etc so we eased the financial burden from the onset so that our mortgage would still be affordable if I was ever to quit work. However, I am having a pretty rubbish week, this stay at home Mum thing is just so physically & mentally exhausting. I am tired beyond belief after another 5am start & the baby has a cold so she's been super grumpy today & I've had strange sickness where I've felt sick but not been sick (not pregnant!! 😂) the middle little lady refused to nap so I've had no break or let up. .
And all I want to do is relax this evening but our house is a complete & utter tip! It's just built up over the last few days & now it's so bad I don't know where to start 🙈
I think everything is just getting on top of me. I look forward to the day when someone asks me "how are you?" & I say "I'm great!" I haven't used those words for a long time which is silly as again there is nothing terrible going on but I think that I'm just at the difficult, draining stage. Do you know what I mean? .
This picture was taken before all of the above happened! I finally have a side table, I always use the little ladies kids table which I drag over to put my drink on in the evenings! I posted this concrete top table a few weeks ago on my stories & finally got it! It's from @laredoute do you like it? You don't have to say yes!! 😂
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Today I went home for the first time since Saturday night and I can tell you one thing, my kitchen did not look like this 😑 The cat and dog nearly knocked me over they were so happy, probably because I'm not even sure they've been fed since I left. Multi tasking is not Joe's strong point, it's enough for him to feed the kids 🙄 On a more positive note, Ella is improving daily so hoping we might be able to come home tomorrow 🙌🏻 Thanks so much for all your good thoughts and messages, Instagram really is a lovely place 💗 #kitchen #kitcheninspo #kitchendesign #kitchendecor #neon #interiorinspo #apartmenttherapy #ekbbhome #colourmyhome #shelfie #persian #gallerywall #plantstrong #interiores #interior123 #interieur #interiordetails #pursuepretty #inspiremyinstagram #todayslovely #flashesofdelight #dslooking #elledecor #theartofslowliving #myhomevibe #lovelysquares #instahome #interior_design #homeinspo #interiorinspiration

keepin it cozy ova here 🕯🌿✨ #blacknbloomsHOME #homeiswheretheplantsare // http://liketk.it/2t5uX

Day 17• #inktober Where are the days going I can see the end of October in sight! So I've been playing with colour over the last few days and painted these cats very late last night.. They look even wonkier in the cold light of day particularly the podgy pinky one in the front right 🐈🐱😾ha!!
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In case you ever thought I had it all together and our house looks perfect all the time, I’m here to show you that’s far from the truth. I’m teaming up with @houseofhipstersblog for her “No Make Up Home Tour” to show you a real life, behind the scenes look at what our house looks like 90% of the time. No shame here, this is real life guys! Head to the blog to see the full tour and be sure to check out all the other bloggers baring it all:
@jojotastic @biggerthanthethreeofus @houseofbrinson @francois_et_moi @apartment_34 @diyplaybook @oscarbravohome @simplestylingsblog @citysage

🦊👬 We made it to the mountains and we are *living* for this fall fantasy! ✌️✌️

THIS is the prettiest picture I've seen all day. Thanks for sharing this moment in #dslooking @rrisha ❤️💕


{ Little parcels } Sent out a few little parcels this week. I love wrapping orders 💛these bat brooches have flapped their way to the post office 🦇+ are on their way to their new homes 🎃#oodlesprintery #mycreativebiz

This is a photo I took of @lisachristinelynn's adorable kitchen in SLC over the weekend, while I watched in awe as she whipped me up an extraordinary whisky cocktail out of ordinary ingredients. She also whips up amazing meals and takes beautiful photos of them. Lucky for the whole wide universe, today she launched her food & drink website @themarrowblog to share her magic with us. Go follow her, you will be so very pleased that you did ♥️

If I’ve learned anything from my lovely friend @ashleymaryart, it’s this: always coordinate your pets with your decor. 😸 #furrypurrymurray

( • ) ( • ) The best stamp set ever 😀 Tap pic to buy ( • ) ( • )

I recently took advantage of @artifactuprising 's free print set promo. I found two photos from photographers that I love (@natalie_santafe & @brandonlavender), and had them printed for my own inspiration! .
I then used the two photos to create a painting that blends the two together.
I am so inspired by so many of you, and I SO believe in cultivating "the disappearing beauty of the tangible." #bringbackprint


Dejar ir para encontrar 🎨✨

"I've been to Hollywood, I've been to Redwood. I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold."

👀 Who said tacos?! 👀 (I was actually eating a donut tho)

✨so good to be home again ✨ ps. It's still #forsale 💔♥️

Just love 💗💛💙❤️💜 #whatiseewhereigo #colorhunters #traveldiary

Sometimes you just gotta take a glimpse back to remember where you’re headed. And tonight’s sunset sky to the East was such a beautiful reminder that the sunset magic doesn’t always happen to the West. 🙌🏻🌅🙌🏻 #sunsetchaser

Sometimes, it’s the little details that make all the difference. 🌿

Just got @diane_keaton new book in the mail and it's safe to say I'm ready to move into her Brentwood home. Not only does she drink red wine on ice but she's got some major design talent. Head over to my story for a few peeks into the book. 📷: @lisaromerein

Okay, so do you guys know about the Write About Your Art workshop that the fabulous women @courageouscreative are doing?
@kaylancreates and @meredithcbullock have hit the nail on the head with this: the way you talk about your art, your process and your story is SO important.
I'm speaking from personal experience here 🙋🏻 Yes, your beautiful work can speak for itself. But if you want to fast track your connection to your buyers and your tribe, it's the words you use and the stories you tell that will do that. It's what you write about your art that will take people from appreciating your work to really c o n n e c t i n g with it.
I love that this workshop is happening because I know it will be of such value to those who take it.
It's open for enrollment now (I think there's even a big coupon you can use, but it expires real soon here). Details are in the link over at @courageouscreative

And and! @meredithcbullock and I are chatting tomorrow for the (last day 😲) of The Creative Souls Summit..we jam on the importance of writing about your art and tons of other good stuff too-- so be sure not to miss it!


This piece 👆🏼 "Dive Deeper #2" is already written about in my Southern Coast Series blog 😉 And also it's available for purchase in the shop!

#these3things 139

1. For better or worse, we reap what we sow. Choose your seeds with care.
2. "The women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes." - @elizabeth_gilbert_writer
3. Taking part in the process of people building strength and doing what they previously thought was impossible is an incredible feeling. It is a privilege to do this work and I am so grateful to my yoga clients for welcoming me into their lives.
What did you learn today?

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