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Hair goals level 💯. 📸: @marlengs #dryshampooauthority

I get lots of questions about how I curl my hair and the girls' hair and also how we get the curls to last more than one day. The trick for me is to use a curling wand and dry shampoo. The dry shampoo not only extends the life of the curls but it adds texture and volume, which I need because my hair is super fine. I use it on the girls before I curl their hair and the curls hold so much better! Celebrate National Dry Shampoo Day with me today and follow @KloraneUSA (available now @Sephora) for a chance to win a Dry Shampoo of your own this month! @KloraneUSA #DryShampooAuthority #NationalDryShampooDay #sponsor

Celebrating National Dry Shampoo Day ❤️ I use @KloraneUSA to preserve my good hair days... it also gives my hair a natural body that I love. Dry Shampoo is one of my favorite beauty tricks, and now my favorite kind is available at @Sephora! #DryShampooAuthority #NationalDryShampooDay #sponsored

Shout out to daddies who go on Starbucks runs and daughters who dry shampoo your hair without getting it in your (or their) eyes! • Been MIA the last few days busy taking care of these 2 who were sick, soaking up all the newborn snuggles, and working on a big derm presentation I have to give this week! More on my instastories! Thanking goodness for little time savers like @KloraneUSA dry shampoo (anyone else's hair 90% dry shampoo by Sunday?) • Available now @Sephora! Celebrate National Dry Shampoo Day accordingly and follow @KloraneUSA for a chance to win a Dry Shampoo of your own this month! #DryShampooAuthority #NationalDryShampooDay #sponsor

#Regram @kloraneusa
Day 3 hair alert 🚨. Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk revives tresses faster than you can say buy-it-now-at-@Sephora #dryshampooauthority #sprayslayrepeat

A huge & irrational insecurity of mine? Wearing my hair down. Weird right? Took me years to grow out my hair and I always wear it up. To me, my hair looks flat and makes my face look like a bowling ball. Lucky for me, I've partnered with @kloraneusa for #NationalDryShampooDay. Their dry shampoo brings my hair to life and gives it that little extra volume without having to use hairspray 🙌🏼 Follow them to win a dry shampoo for yourself! And if you need it ASAP, don't you worry- they're available at @sephora 😉 #dryshampooauthority #sponsored

Here's the video for this updo I posted the other day. I'm loving this tousled and textured updo! It's so easy to do too! 💗I used my @kloraneusa dry shampoo to create this summer style! #KloraneUSA #DryShampooAuthority#sp--

I'm the mama of a toddler...which means it's hard to find time to take a shower by myself, let alone wash my hair every other day. Enter, Dry shampoo (and caffeine.) This one from Klorane is amazing. It doesn't leave residue in the roots the way some do and it smells awesome. I'm celebrating National Dry Shampoo Day today and you can too by following @KloraneUSA for a chance to win Dry Shampoo of your own this month! Available at @sephora. #DryShampooAuthority #NationalDryShampooDay #sponsored #momlife #ourtransientlife

It's one of those days that we're running on coffee...and dry shampoo. It also just happens to be #NationalDryShampooDay. We're celebrating with @KloraneUSA since they are the OG of this dirty hair mane-changer. 💁🏻 #DryShampooAuthority


My summer beauty essential? Glowing like there's no tomorrow ✨ new highlighter thanks to @fabfitfun #fabfitfun #fffgiveaway #cargo #juicebeauty #DryShampooAuthority

If you don't get this subscription, now is the time to do so. Hasn't disappointed. #fabfitfun #KarisamaExperience #FFFgiveaway #vitalproteins #wayofwill #bkr #understatedleather #ouispf #cargo #juicebeauty #DryShampooAuthority Still time to order! Use this link to get $10 off and enjoy your own box 🙂 http://xo.fff.me/fINZz

Quelques photos de l'événement Klorane d'hier soir. Les Influenceurs se sont bien amusées et ont rapporté chez elles leur paréo Shibori! #kloranecanada #bottledsunshine #dryshampooauthority

The new @cargocosmetics highlighter I got in Bronze from my @fabfitfun box is making me glow so good. And this necklace from @designsbykatieleigh in my @thebridebox has grown on me a lot! I'm also loving the eye concentrate from @juicebeauty.

#selfie #glowing #popbeauty #feelingpretty #annejuanstopshoppe #cargocosmetics #highlighter #bronze #fabfitfun #fffgiveaway #cargo #juicebeauty #dryshampooauthority

My summer beauty essentials... so many of which I was introduced to from #fabfitfun. I absolutely adore my BKR glass water bottle and am happy to have been introduced to Dr Brandts products, they are my new favorite #fffgiveaway #cargo #juicebeauty #dryshampooauthority @fabfitfun

USE MY SIGN UP CODE FOR $$ OFF! I'M OBSESSED 😍 (Sorry for the spam) http://xo.fff.me/fuZGk #fabfitfun #fffgiveaway #cargo #juicebeauty #DryShampooAuthority

Check out my summer beauty essentials that arrived today! #fabfitfun #fffgiveaway #cargo #juicebeauty #DryShampooAuthority

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