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I'm answering your questions on Secondary & Dry Drowning for this weeks swim tip Tuesday! Comment with your questions. #aquaticsacademy #drydrowning #secondarydrowning #swiperight #swimtiptuesday

Flippin' out at the dam #slippery #flippery #drydrowning

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Looks inviting right about now eh? Parents- did you ever hear of dry drowning? You will want to watch @cleveland19news right now at 5 #watersafety #drydrowning

Parents be aware⚠️ this is not very common and accounts for about 10% of drownings, mostly in special needs children, but being aware may save your own child's life. #DryDrowning #BeAware #Learn2Swim #Swim4Life

Throwback to da waves with some of my faves #ilovedrowning #drydrowning

Following a recent tragic death of a child in Texas, there have been several stories in the news about “dry drowning" and as a parent you probably have many questions about what it is, how it happens and ways it can be prevented. Our very own Dr. Christopher Carroll joins Connecticut Children's blog to answer those questions. Check out his most recent entry which helps better explain the difference between dry drowning, delayed drowning and what you need to look for. #LINK IN BIO. #drydrowning #delayeddrowning #summersafety

Secondary or Dry Drowning signs. #Awareness #SecondaryDrowning #DryDrowning What to look out for after kids having been in the water. Smaller lungs = more risk.


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fin alley (best mixed with Gatorade:: aka power aid:: tbh 🍼🍭🥄 + green straw obv 🔰➰💠 #sizzurp #drydrowning #iwoulddieforyou ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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What was your favorite toy as a child? #TBT

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Every parent should know the dangers of dry drowning.

Children can drown days after swimming. Even if you didn't see your child inhale water, it's important to recognize the symptoms and know when to take action. Head over to our Facebook page to learn more!

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Practicing our pencil glides on this happy Monday! #njswim #swimmingisalifeskill #secondarydrowning #drydrowning #meetmrandrew

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