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Unpacking and I see these notes. Oh you guys. Love you, please don't be sad, we love you tons, see you soon, you're the best, love you Jane safe travels to Korea, we love you, still love you! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dead. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @miss_mikaela_a and Dan ❤️ #myfriendsarehilarious #drunknotes #loveyoumore

Looking back at this past month of backpacking around Europe and Africa I found this note in my phone from the day before I left and laughed quite loud... so I figured I would share lol. #dontjudge #drunknotes #gollogo
In less than 48 hrs I'll be traveling the world. Right now I'm on the Bart 5 gin gimlets in (don't judge... I had a goodbye happy hour) I'm feeling very peaceful right now obviously slightly gin induced. But here on this crowded train I'm at peace knowing I'm doing the things my ancestors dreamed of. The things they fought for. I'm living my own dream. The things I knew I could do and had no doubt about but there was always a hint of fear. Right now that fear is presenting itself in the form of procrastination ...It's a real thing, that I'm embracing I typically would throw an "lol" in there but no need to lighten my sincerity. I am a sincere procrastinator...how bout that. I'm excited. I'm nervous. But more than anything I'm ready. I knew 2017 was going to be an amazing year. 2016 kinda owed me. I didn't think I would pull this off ... I still might not pull this off. But it's happening ready or not. ... side note someone just messed up my whole vibe and farted on this crowded Bart. The audacity. Well in perspective I have a lot of audacity to instead of find a new job after getting laid off I'm like yolo (at 32.. pretty sure yolo shouldn't be in my vocabulary at this age but that is the very essence of what Drake's emotional ass meant.) travel for 3 months, rent out my place, drive my dog up to Seattle. It's bold. I'm a bold audacious woman. I'm kinda proud of that ... kinda scared of that. But realistically this is the woman I dreamed of being. ... I'm definitely drunk I just gave a beggar 20 dollars.

Настало время переводить #путевыезаметки в электронный вид
Три часа в аэропорте #Кансай не прошли зря
#имелчестьвыебыватьсяввашемкостюме #кошуподхемингуэя #drunknotes

#tbt to @dmann89 leaving leaving sweet notes for @chrismcnally and I. #perv #threesome #thoughtful #drunknotes

"I ate your perogies. owe you mumma. thank you xoxoxo" #drunknotes #perogies #ohmyword

#drunknotes #elephantscenes. Still cant remember why *gundalog*

"Sua vida é a sua vida.
Não deixe que ela seja esmagada por fria submissão.
Esteja atento.
Existem outros caminhos
E em algum lugar ainda existe luz.
Pode não ser muita luz, mas ela vence a escuridão." #bukowski #drunknotes

#omg #hilarious #drunknotes #lol 😂😂😂😂😂


I don't know what this means #drunknotes

We had our wedding guests write us notes to open on our first wedding anniversary and we are about to start reading them.
#memories #oneyearon #drunknotes #smiles

#DrunkNotes: “How best to say what you wish you didn’t feel? Home around 11:00pm on a #karaoke night, neither consumed by drink or wonder, instead; I find a world full of questions and doubt. Refusing to desire or want, I narrow eye, praying narrower fields continue to abandon the apparent obvious! LoL The sliver between utter freedom and utter causality, as they collide seamlessly within the same fragile moment! LoL” -
Written 9/27/2017, Akil N. DeBerry #writing #writerslife #drunkards

You need to keep moving on in order to experience those moments of peace in between wreckages. Living in the past is like going back to a bomb site in hopes of finding something that still shines. #drunknotes

I think I'm on to something y'all. #drunknotes

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