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#AMWDG • 017 • @isnadd • About two months ago a buddy of mine said to me, “hey you might like this guy’s channel” so I checked it out. Since then we have made solid contact and when I reposted a video once he sent me a bundle of @vicfirth drum sticks of my choice and he sent me a pair of his favorite sticks to try out! That was a super kind thing to do and quite unexpected as well. If you dig chill hop, glitchy beats and nasty pocket, you will love his page. Check him out! #DrumGAB #drummer #drums #drumfam #interview #podcast #videointerview #video @yamahadrumsofficial

A few reasons to scope out @legadocymbals 1. 100% handmade by Generational Turkish smiths.
2. They sound incredible and cut right through the mix.
3. They are one of the most affordable options out there. 4. The logo is Dope AF!!
5. Because You can’t fully acquire and hone in YOUR sound If you are playing the same pies everyone else is playing🤷🏼‍♂️#legadocymbals @lovecustomdrums @regal_tip @tnr_products @evansdrumheads @kbrakes_usa @drumtacs @lowboybeaters @sweet_spot_clutches

That’s what happens when the principal takes over your drum room during lunch 🤣 Thanks @1rwanshah the kit sounds lovely 🤙🏼

Week 9 of #whatsupwednesday and this week I’m diving a little deeper

SALT SOLO...SALT SOLO🥜🥜🥜🥜 #giorgiopalombino

When I played at the Dolby theater for the first time, it marked a huge milestone in my career. I couldn’t even process the amount of legends that have walked and performed on this very stage. I thought I would only play this stage once and I could die happy lol .
Turns out America’s got talent was on the same stage! I’ve been able to perform here 7 times now between #shadmehr shows and #Americasgottalent tapings and man am I super blessed. .
My goal with this channel is to document my journey and show you that this dream is possible. It’s easy to get discouraged when you see other musicians at the level you want to be. But let me tell you.... I put my happiness in a goal that I thought would bring ultimate fulfillment, and once I achieved it, I sill was not satisfied? .
I’ve reached one of the biggest accomplishments as a drummer but I was still not happy? Why?
I’m learning now that happiness is not a 6 figure bank account or a goal that was set and achieved. Happiness is found in relationships with family, friends, people and using your hard earned money to create unforgettable experiences. I’m still in that search and I’m becoming more self aware everyday. .
My purpose is to inspire and give back. 2018 I want to open up to this community and share what I have learned in hopes that it can help another Drummer who wants to do this as a career. Much love and thank you for your attention 🙏🏼❤️🥁
16/365 🎥: @hashtagmrcarter

Playing “around” the click. #vf15 #newbeattuesday #zildjiancymbals

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