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#triggerwarning !!!! #suicide #drugoverdose The dark interpretation and use of still dance moves. Meant to be disturbing. One of the concepts for this term’s final
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posting on Sundays...week #3 of my new year's daily morning and evening studio vigil ritual #thehealingblanketproject thinking of those who have lost loved ones to #homicide #suicide
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sorrow so deep you don't know if and how to continue on...
A blessing for all: 'When you find sorrow in your heart, may faith, hope and love comfort you. When you are afraid or overwhelmed, may you find courage and support. Let this imaginary/symbolic/virtual string I tie on your wrist remind you of the precious dear one you are; and, let your life be a blessing with your resolve for peace.'

Prescription medication use has skyrocketed in the US so far in the 21st century.
On the podcast yesterday (link in bio), I reviewed a paper that was published in 2016 that looked at trends in prescription drug use in the first decade of the 21st century.
Some important findings of the study:
-1 in 6 adults in the US are on 5 or more prescription medications.
-Antidepressants, which have shown to have pretty much no positive effect for most people nearly doubled.
-Cholesterol lowering drugs went up almost 2.5 times. You can listen to some of the side effects of these drugs on episode #35 of my podcast. Lots of papers are also coming out questioning whether these drugs even reduce heart disease risk, especially among the elderly.
-Anti-diabetic drug use almost doubled as well even though metformin the most popular diabetes drug was shown to be inferior and more costly than lifestyle counseling in a study published over a decade ago. More lifestyle counseling, less pill dispensing.
-Antacid use doubled. Along with antibiotic use this is creating an epidemic of bacterial and yeast overgrowth, gut infections, and subsequent autoimmune disease that we will continue to see rise.
-Central nervous system stimulants which are used to treat ADHD and the newest drug company CREATED disease called "Binge Eating Disorder" went up 4x.
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American rocker Tom Petty died in October of an accidental drug overdose after taking a variety of medications for his ailments including a mix of opioid painkillers, his family and the Los Angeles county medical examiner said on Friday.

The autopsy report says the 66-year-old Petty had fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam and other drugs in his system when he died of cardiac arrest.

Petty’s wife Dana and daughter Adria said the medical examiner told them he “passed away due to an accidental drug overdose as a result of taking a variety of medications.” “Unfortunately Tom’s body suffered from many serious ailments including emphysema, knee problems and most significantly a fractured hip,” they said in a statement on his band’s Facebook page.

Petty, the Southern-accented rocker whose classic melodies and dark storytelling created 40 years of hit songs, died shortly after wrapping up a tour celebrating 40 years of his band The Heartbreakers.

His family explained he was on tour, even with the fractured hip, when his condition worsened. “On the day he died he was informed his hip had graduated to a full-on break and it is our feeling that the pain was simply unbearable and was the cause for his overuse of medication,” they said.
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happy friday with @avramov.zoran

What the FUCK?!?!?! This is so sad and disturbing! #FuckPainkillers #TomPetty #DrugOverdose 😢💔😩🙏🏼

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