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You will never reach your fullest potential if you don't cut out toxic people, places, and things! #betterdays

Recovery to me is so much more than just abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It is the building process of life itself. It’s the creation and manifestation of goals. It is the forming of new relationships and repairing or strengthening old ones. It’s figuring out what we enjoy doing. It’s facing our fears, breaking through comfort zones and overcoming obstacles. Recovery to me is learning how to love ourselves so much that we don’t need drugs or alcohol. The path of recovery I choose may not be for everyone, but it works for me. All I can suggest for anyone is to find the path that works for you. There are many pathways out there. If I were to sum up my recovery, I would say that it is the continual pursuit of greater goals in each area of life. That’s what keeps me excited and moving further away from where I once was.

Cosa c’è di meglio che riabilitarsi in un posto tranquillo, in mezzo agli uliveti, col mare all’orizzonte?? #NarcononTurchia #Edremit #drugfree #relax #rehab

Do you find yourself headstrong and willful, rushing from pleasure to pleasure, and find the returns diminishing to a vanishing point? The feeling of impending disaster that has haunted you can dissolve if the Twelve Steps are put into practice. It works!

If you do things with your heart and passion, like loving someone, the rest will follow. You won't always be understood (people are not as clever and smart as you are! 😎) but the result will be more than enjoyable... Don't complicate things too much, simplicity is longevity. 😘

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