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It went down! Pretty girls get dusty too ... #DuneBuggingInPuntaCana #DRStreets

#TheYearTakesPuntaCana .. Day ... 3? I kinda lost track lol.
I'm sure you're probably tired of hearing me say that today was dope, but man, was it 😂😂😂 .. #Vibes is an understatement.

Woke up for more amazing eats .. Then we went off to the #DuneBuggies. Had a lot of fun ripping and riding through these #DRStreets! It was a lot "cleaner" than I thought it would be, or should I say it wasn't as messy as I anticipated? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .. Lol.
We also drove to a cenote .. Which was this cave/20ft deep water situation .. I contemplated diving in, but when we arrived, I settled on "Nah" 🙂. I also grabbed a few treats during the excursion.
Got back to the hotel, showered, changed clothes, then off to dinner we went. We went to an Italian spot, and the food was pretty good! After dinner, we played the hotel and ended up in this sports bar spot. Played and killed in #Pool, and I also did Karaoke .. Which was mad fun lol.
Would you look at the time 👀 .. #HappyBirthday to me ! As the love is pouring in, my eyes are also drawing down 😅 .. Mañana.
Day 255 | 111 left .. #TheYear


It went down! Pretty girls get dusty too ... #DuneBuggingInPuntaCana #DRStreets

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