I want to take the time to say much respect to all my fathers who take the time to love their seeds.

I know we don’t get a lot of spot light but that’s not our role as fathers.
It is our job to protect our family at all cost and keep them safe from the evil in the world.
I say peace and blessings to you and yours. Never give up on being a great father because that’s what your kids will imitate as they grow.
On another note: If you are a dad who fails to spend time with their seed then it’s time for you to check your spirit and become the role model you are meant to be.
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Lavonda is brave enough to do what it takes to get healthy...but she is fighting with a planned strategy backed by data.

A 2011 research team published a study in Diabetologeia and found that modifying diets can reverse Type 2 diabetes, by controlling how much people eat.

In other words, as long as you don’t OVERFEED your Body… you can end this disease for good.
Another study published in the Journal Of Nutritional Medicine found that Type 2 diabetes patients found a way to completely reverse peripheral neuropathy, or painful nerve damage in the legs from diabetics with a solid plant-based diet: 17 of the 21 patients had complete pain relief in 4 to 16 days… and lost several pounds in the process.
After 2 weeks, five people no longer needed hypoglycemic medication (insulin shots) at all. Their diabetes was completely reversed.
Moreover, research from the International Journal of Obesity found that low meat diets reduce your risk for diabetes and heart-disease in people 65 years old and younger.
This same study found that people who ate high plant protein diets instead of meat…
Did not raise their risk for diabetes or heart disease!
It doesn’t stop there, either.
Many physicians, who care to invest the time in learning nutrition are starting to write books about how they have reversed diabetes in their patients all through plant-based foods.
Even CNN published an article in 2011that says diabetes is reversible.
Just Google: “Is Diabetes Reversible?” and watch a variety of credible sources pop up.
Truth is spreading.
Everyone is talking about diabetes management.
But we can do better than manage diabetes.

We can heal it completely.

The good news is that by getting back to the natural basics — Fruits, Vegetables, Beans and Nuts — our bodies create an optimal ratio of macro- and micro-nutrients that enable us to thrive.

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Yeşil her şeyin anahtarıdır. Vücudun yeşil yiyeceklere çok ihtiyacı var. Örneğin, semizotu ve ıspanak gibi gıdaların mutlaka bol bol tüketilmesi gerekiyor. Semizotu; E vitamini ile hücrelerinizi kaplar. Ayrıca sağlıklı yağlar grubundan olan Omega 3 yağları bakımından son derece zengin bir sebze niteliği taşır. Ispanak ise B vitamini, demir ve daha farklı birçok iyi şeye sahiptir.
- 1 demet ıspanak🌿
- Yarım demet maydanoz☘
- 1 adet kereviz🌾
- ¼ çay kaşığı zencefil kökü🌾
- 2 salatalık🥒
- 2 yeşil elma🍏
- Yarım limon suyu🍋
Ispanakları iyice yıkayın ve çiğ olarak blendıra atın. Salatalığı, kerevizi, maydanozu, zencefili ve limon suyunu da ekleyin. Bu karışımı tatlandırmak için, bir elmayı da ilave edin. Hepsini karıştırın ve günde 3-4 bardak için.
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Mau tahu enggak bagaimana caranya bisa positif hamil dalam waktu 1-3 bulan ?

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Mau tahu enggak bagaimana caranya menurunkan Berat Badan 5-10 kg dalam 2 minggu tapi badan tetap sehat dan bugar ?
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Quick! Name 5 things that you love. Now check your list, what’s on it? You probably named some loved ones and then a couple superficial objects. If we didn’t just remind you to love yourself would you have been on the list? Think about the last time you’ve really told yourself that YOU matter. This week your goal should be to keep YOU in mind. It’s not selfish to love yourself. Here’s some help below...
1) Remove the clutter from your life.
2) Give yourself unconditional love every day no matter what.
3) Take care, holistically.
4) Have high standards and stick to them.
5) Pursue your true passions.
6) Minimize people pleasing.
7) Be mindful.
8) Cultivate a lifelong habit of gratitude.
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We’re dishing on fresh, clean eating and life habits on today’s Shepherd’s Coffee Talk. Join Marlene, co-host Kathie Donovan and Nutritionist and health powerhouse Kathy Smart on making healthy a reality!! Watch now on Shepherd’s Fashions Facebook page - link in bio @kathie_donovan @kathyissmart #CoffeeTalk #Sunday #ShepherdsFashions

Kebahagiaan sebuah keluarga adalah hadirnya seorang anak. Rezeki mengalir deras ikut datang bersama anak. Anak adalah harta yang tak ternilai harganya, bahkan harta sekaligus. Namun apa jadinya apabila sampai sekrang masih banyak pasutri yang belum juga mendapatkan momongan. KENAPA?? karena jelas lama menikah, aktif berhubungan bdan, tak pakai kb PASTI ada penghambat kehamilannya. Yuk bun ketahui apa yang jadi penghambat kehamilan bunda 😊.
Menunda=menghilangkan kesempatan?

Hay hay...hoby makan yang berlemak ?? Sukanya Cream, sukanya nasi lemak, Tapi jangan Khawatir ada Si SLIMAKER untuk basmi lemaknya...melancarkan BAB...
Tau kah anda perut buncit anda di sebabkan kotoran yang terus menumpuk di usus anda??? :& .
Tau kah anda sumber segala penyakit di karenakan usus yang kotor ? :]xx .
Yukk bersihkan usus anda dengan SLIMAKER ,bebas kan dari perut buncit yang mengganggu..
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Perut anda jadi buncit gara" BAB gk lancar?😯
Jangn takut...solusi sdah ad skrng...SLIMAKER...😆 .
Minuman serbuk yg berserat tinggi di kombinasikan enzim dll dngn rasa blueberry yg enak😆 dijamin stlah mnum BAB anda akan jdi lancar dan buncit anda psti hilang😆
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Dr. Oz is collaboration!
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