Rush me ghost you see
Every center my home
Fever steam girl
Throb the oceans. 🌊
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"Any of you who purchased a ticket to the show tonight will be contributing to a fund that will be for children orphaned by this tragedy, so thank you all. Now on a personal note I think that each and every one of us should look inside our own hearts and examine our own personal acts of terrorism, hatred, intolerance, negativity, the list goes on and on, we're all responsible. It's not just Bin Laden, it's all of us, we've all contributed to hatred in the world today. And I would like to have one minute of silence to say a prayer for those who have died; to say a prayer for the friends and families of those who have died; to say a prayer for the rescuers who have worked night and day to rescue people from the rubble. And most of all say a prayer for anyone who thinks that it is right to kill in the name of God. Where there is violence, there is no God. Let's have a moment of silence. Hold hands with those around you. Or stay still and reflect." - MADONNA on September 13th, 2001 (the scheduled show for 9/11/01 was postponed, for obvious reasons)
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Well yeah, I'm addicted. 23 times and it always feels like I’ve been touched for the very 1st time. #madonna #drownedworldtour #reinventiontour #confessionstour #hardcandypromoshow #stickyandsweettour #mdnatour

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