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What happens when you put the Droste Effect on Instagram? #drosteeffect #picturewithinapicture

Nary have I ever had such a trusted steed. You have helped me carry home my groceries, and made sure I always returned home safe after a late night felafel... We've had our trials and tribulations. You've ran me into countless curbs, and refused to let me on when I'm too drunk. But I sure will miss you when I'm a bikeless chump on the bus in Denmark. I hope you find a good home, God speed old friend. #lomoinstantautomat #myfirstlomoinstantautomat #utrecht #drosteeffect

After much convincing on my part #theoxfords brought the painting from their home done by a close friend to finish our cozy sexy hideaway. Groom quote "we have to add another pose every anniversary" #drosteeffect // photography @brightbirdphoto // florals @primarypetals // rentals @tacer_losangeles // venue @Millwick // catering @whiskeytangocatering // @leabeiley

I rarely share my work here on Instagram because I'm too busy posting shameless selfies of myself (don't laugh, it's hard work people) but I really love the way this one came out! Art direction and design by yours truly and photography by the amazing @kouryangelo 💙 #bookdesign #kouryangelo #kouryangelophotography #drosteeffect

My best friend turned 30 today. 🖤🖤🖤 #drosteeffect


What happens when you put the Droste Effect on Instagram? #drosteeffect #picturewithinapicture

Instagramposts van een tijd terug als kiekje op de muur #drosteeffect #herinnering #bijvtwonenthuis

circa 14 anni fa,l'effetto droste e l'handycam mini dv.. #handycam #minidv #drosteeffect

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