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This cheerful month, let's share our happiness by participating in our Drop Of Hope program, more info kindly visit dropofhope.co #DropOfHope


Travelling a lot during this eid period? Feel like face needs some care and skin look oily and shiny? DROP OF HOPE face serum is the solutions for wearing makeup if you have an oily complexion. ALWAYS carry the NAKED 101 Face Serum around. Its handy to carry around.



Drop of Hope gourmet soap is made with a delicate blend of silken tofu and pioppino mushrooms to soften the skin, as well as orange flower absolute to gently perfume the skin. It’s a humble, yet generous blend, and the rapeseed oil inside is having a remarkable effect on the community of Fukushima, Japan.
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KV Pendharkar College

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První Lush gurmánské mýdlo dostupné v ČR #DropOfHope je z japonského řepkového oleje, tofu a hub pioppino. Krémové, výživné, zklidňující, veganské, samo-konzervační a s kapkou naděje. Už jste vyzkoušeli?
Zakoupit jej můžete exkluzivně on-line: cz.lush.com/products/drop-hope-0
Jak řepka olejná pomáhá regenerovat půdu i komunitu ve Fukušimě se můžete dočíst zde: cz.lush.com/article/pro-fukusimu


Foto: Lush Japan Co., Ltd.

Tante gocce di speranza per iniziare la settimana con il sorriso: in esclusiva online è arrivato Drop of Hope, il sapone realizzato con olio di colza coltivato a Fukushima! La colza ha la sorprendente capacità di consentire la decontaminazione di aree radioattive e rappresenta una meravigliosa speranza per dare nuova vita ai terreni agricoli colpiti dal disastro nucleare di 6 anni fa💛 Drop of Hope contiene inoltre tofu idratante, funghi pioppini protettivi e ha un profumo irresistibile di fiori d’arancio, per illuminare la giornata come un caldo raggio di sole! ☉ #dropofhope #fukushima #lushjapan 📷@lushjapan

First half organic rapeseed second half exclusion zone for contaminated soil #fukushima #dropofhope

Here Is A Glimpse Of The Recently Concluded Project :❤️ Drop Of Hope ❤️
"A Mega Blood Donation Drive"


Mješavina hidratantnih sastojaka, kao što je svileni tofu, gljiva jablanovača i ulje repice iz Japana, suptilno je omirisana apsolutom cvijeta naranče kako bi unijela vedrinu u svakodnevnu rutinu kupanja. 😄🍊 #dropofhope #gourmetsoap #vegan #selfpreserving #naked #solid #nopaper #noplastic #lushcosmetics #fightinganimaltesting #freshhandmadecosmetics #crueltyfree

This is Jen! She's one of our most dedicated volunteers in the canteen, which is where our donors head for yummy snacks after they've given blood!

Jen goes above and beyond as a volunteer, playing trivia with our donors and even bringing her handmade jewelry to give out as prizes!

We ❤️ our volunteers! Be sure to say hi to her when you come in for your next appointment!

We were honored to have @shinyribs hop on our Bloodstream last night before #BluesontheGreen where he remixed and performed his own version of a popular AC/DC song just for us! Here are the lyrics he wrote -- how awesome!! ❤️💙

Drop of hope.
Dressed in white, us Rotaractors took a small initiative to spread hope.
We organized a blood donation drive which was extremely successful, but what made our hearts swell with pride was how so many people wanted to be a part of this drive.
58 units of blood will be used to save lives of so many thalassemia patients.
If you have the power to save a life, do it.
We also enacted a small play to spread more awareness about blood donation.
Rotaract year 17-18 started with a bang!!

The results are in!
The Austin Police Department is the winner of this years 10th annual Battle of the Badges competition between police, fire, and EMS! Huge thanks to everyone who came out to vote for their favorite first responders!

We also want to give a shout out to the Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, who may be the smallest organization of the three, but they had by FAR the highest overall turnout as a percentage of their size.

Thank you to everyone who donated blood in honor of this year's Battle of the Badges! Because of this friendly competition, we were able to keep up with local need over the long 4th of July weekend! ❤️

We had such a FUN time at the City of Lakeway Fourth of July parade last week! ❤️ The City of Lakeway hosts a blood drive for their residents every eight weeks, and we are so grateful! Thank you, Lakeway!! Does your Central Texas city or town host a regular blood drive?

It's #ThankYouThursday and our hearts are full!

Last week, thanks to Nutty Brown Amphitheatre, KASE101, 98.1 KVET, all the artists who played their hearts out, and all of you who attended Summer Jam, we raised $17,500 for We Are Blood! The sold out show was a blast, and we had such an awesome time hanging out with you.

We are so very grateful to our amazing community and all they do for us! Please join us in saying THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible!! ❤️💙

Wishing all our donors and Central Texas community members a safe and fun Fourth of July!

Rotaract club of Ulhasnagar Sapna garden successfully completed year's first Community Service project "Drop of Hope" i.e. Blood donation camp which was organised on 1st of July 2017 at MIM college , CHM campus Ulhasnagar👏👏 With the huge support of students and rotaractors, Blood units collected are 72 😍❤🙌 Thank you,
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