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Travelling a lot during this eid period? Feel like face needs some care and skin look oily and shiny? DROP OF HOPE face serum is the solutions for wearing makeup if you have an oily complexion. ALWAYS carry the NAKED 101 Face Serum around. Its handy to carry around.



This cheerful month, let's share our happiness by participating in our Drop Of Hope program, more info kindly visit dropofhope.co #DropOfHope

It's 11pm. The Drop of Hope team started the day at 9am!! After packing food packs for over 200 families, we now working on lesson plans for the schools at the refugee camps which are supported by Khalsa Aid.
We are working tirelessly around the clock, trying to spare as much time as we possibly can to help as many refugees as we can here in Adana.
Please support our projects so we can work to help the future generations and give them hope for the future.
Thank you to Khalsa Aid for their support.


#responsibilitycrisis #dropofhope #KhalsaAid

🌏Šátek Knot Wrap je vyrobený z bio bavlny, která byla vypěstovaná ve Fukušimě, stejně jako řepka olejná, jedna z ingrediencí nového mýdla Drop of Hope (na obrázku vpravo). Nákupem těchto produktů podpoříte zemědělce z této oblasti (seženete exkluzivně online)🤝. Knot Wrap neslouží pouze jako módní doplněk, můžete do něho dát vaše oblíbené produkty Lush a věnovat jako dárek, třeba ke Dni Matek❣️#lushcz #lush #knotwraps #dropofhope #MCbeautytip

Nge - Charge Kafein

This 1st July i will be a superhero with @rotaractmumbai . Will you? #DropOfHope #Celebrate3140 #donateblood

Drop of Hope gourmet soap is made with a delicate blend of silken tofu and pioppino mushrooms to soften the skin, as well as orange flower absolute to gently perfume the skin. It’s a humble, yet generous blend, and the rapeseed oil inside is having a remarkable effect on the community of Fukushima, Japan.
#lushsg #dropofhope

První Lush gurmánské mýdlo dostupné v ČR #DropOfHope je z japonského řepkového oleje, tofu a hub pioppino. Krémové, výživné, zklidňující, veganské, samo-konzervační a s kapkou naděje. Už jste vyzkoušeli?
Zakoupit jej můžete exkluzivně on-line: cz.lush.com/products/drop-hope-0
Jak řepka olejná pomáhá regenerovat půdu i komunitu ve Fukušimě se můžete dočíst zde: cz.lush.com/article/pro-fukusimu


Foto: Lush Japan Co., Ltd.

First half organic rapeseed second half exclusion zone for contaminated soil #fukushima #dropofhope


Today, we travel just a bit north of our headquarters, to Williamson County, known to many as “Wilco” (no relation to the alternative rock band). It’s the largest in area of our ten counties, home to a good deal of history, the beautiful architecture of Georgetown, the county seat , great donuts, and one of the best-attended minor-league baseball teams in the United States.
The county’s earliest famous resident lived in Leander between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago. The remains of “The Leanderthal Lady,” or “Leanne,” were found by workers in 1983, and are one of the oldest and most complete human skeletal finds in North America.

The county gets its name from William Alpin Williamson, a Georgia-native that played an important role in early Texas as a lawyer, newspaper publisher, and a Republic of Texas Supreme Court Justice. Due to a childhood illness that locked his right leg into a 90-degree angle, he wore a wooden leg attached at the knee, and he became known as “Three-Legged Willie.” Despite that, Williamson fought as a Texas Ranger in the battles at Gonzales and San Jacinto.

Round Rock is home to the famous Round Rock Donuts, as well as the four-time league champion Round Rock Express, which owes its name to the nickname of one of the owners, Nolan Ryan – the “Ryan Express” – who’s a resident of Georgetown. Wilco has also provided locations for a long list of movies, including the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, though the creepy old farmhouse was later moved to Kingsland, where it’s been restored as a hotel restaurant.

And, obviously, as the second most-populous county in our area, Williamson is home to a big chunk of our family, and of our donors. If you’re a Wilco resident – thank you! If you’re not, stop in sometime. It’s a big county with a big heart.



Did you know that We Are Blood is the sole provider of blood within a 10-county region? That's a lotta Texas land! We thought we'd feature our counties one by one throughout the fall to let you know you're all our favorites! ❤️💙❤️ We'll start with Burleson County, the farthest-flung county in We Are Blood's ten-county family, but no less close to our hearts.

The town of Somerville is there, as well as Snook, the birthplace of chicken-fried bacon and of Chilifest Music Festival, a two-day chili cook-off and country music festival that pulls in 50,000 people.
Burleson’s largest city, and the county seat, Caldwell, is named after Texas Revolution hero and Gonazles Ranger Matthew Caldwell, “the Paul Revere of Texas,” and is the birthplace of faux Texas Ranger Chuck Norris. Caldwell has two nicknames. The origins of one of them, "The Big Grape," are shrouded in some mystery, and the other nickname is draped in intrigue: the Texas Legislature designated Caldwell "The Kolache Capital of Texas" in 1989. Then, in 1997, in an uncharacteristically inconsistent move, the Lege named West "the home of the official kolache of the Texas Legislature." Then, Caldwell's sole kolache shop, Capital Kolache, moved to Bryan, in 2016. Still, Caldwell hosted the 33rd Annual Caldwell Kolache Festival on September 9, celebrating not only the traditional Czech wedding pastry (tea rings and strudels are NOT accepted), but the Czech immigrant heritage that is part of the bedrock of Texas culture. It's just 80 miles from Austin… We’re thinking that may be a good trip for the Bloodstream in 2018…

Do you live in Burleson County? Give us a shout below! We ❤️ serving you!

A lot can happen in three minutes.
You can reheat last night’s leftovers or read an email from your boss. You could dominate -- yet another -- game of Candy Crush or do a yoga circuit for a quick energy jolt.

For too many Americans though, three minutes means a blood cancer diagnosis.

Help us spread awareness about blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma, by sharing your experience with us in the comments below. Not only will your story help us honor Blood Cancer Awareness Month but your sense of community supports other patients, survivors, family members, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and donors affected by the disease.

Thanks for being part of our family, y'all! 💙❤

Learn to give more, and expect less. You'll be happier that way #dropofhope

Earlier this year, Rachael and Neil volunteered whole-hair-edly as ”shavees" in Austin’s “Headshave for Cures” hosted by St. Baldrick's Foundation. The head-shaving events, held in tons of cities nationwide, are aimed at raising research funds, spreading awareness, and making a difference in honor of Childhood Cancer.

This month for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we checked in with Rachael and Neil on their ‘dos. Both are so honored to have had the opportunity to participate in such a rewarding experience. When asked if they would do it again, Rachael said she can’t wait!
For more information on the movement funding childhood cancer research, head to www.stbaldricks.org/head-shaving.

Each year, more than 15,000 kids and young adults in the United States are diagnosed with cancer—that’s about 42 per day.

We HATE cancer, and we are committed to doing our part to find a cure by partnering with local organizations who are treating cancer patients and funding cancer research. Here in Central Texas, we’re also the sole provider of blood to the patients at @cbcc_dellchildrens, and those patients often need blood transfusions as part of their care.
In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, consider coming to donate blood to help our local patients undergoing treatment right now. Until there’s a cure, we’ll continue to need at least 200 blood donations per day.

When #HurricaneHarvey hit, Central Texas was already experiencing a blood shortage and we were in dire straits. But thanks to the amazing support from all of you, we went from a major shortage to a major surplus in just a matter of days.
Then, #HurricaneIrma hit Florida, and they needed help, just like we did. Because of all of you, we are now in a position to send some of our excess blood to our friends in Florida. Over the past 2 days, our lab techs have been working like crazy to pack up almost 50 boxes of blood and ship it out to blood centers who are unable to operate right now.
Check out our IG Stories to see more videos of how we were able to send surplus blood to Florida!

Recently, we’ve been spending our Thursday afternoons thanking some of our favorite partners, and we’ve got a BEAST of a #ThankYouThursday today.

Hurricane Harvey touched down on the Gulf Coast on the evening of Friday, August 25th. By the end of the weekend, winds and flooding had ravaged Houston and surrounding cities along the Gulf. Here in Austin and Central Texas, our communities were gripped with a strong Texan desire to help.

By Monday, due to the hard work and sheer dedication of our phlebotomists, administration, hospital services team, technicians, volunteers, local media outlets, and of course our amazing donors from all over Central Texas, we had reached a surplus of blood and were able to start sending blood to our neighboring cities to help those who needed it most.

We saw more than double the amount of donors we usually do each day, including 1,100 first time donors who felt compelled to make a difference. We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us rebuild the blood supply here, in Houston, and along the Gulf Coast, to save lives now and in the months to come. We are truly #TexasStrong.

Our work is not done. Please continue to help us rebuild by making an appointment to donate blood at weareblood.org. And THANK YOU!

#NoNukes を着て、#油菜ちゃん を使ったソープ「つながるオモイ」を作るチームメイト。シビれる。南相馬の菜種油は、たくさんの人のオモイを乗せて、世界に羽ばたいていきます。 #proud #rapeseed #rapeseedoil #南相馬 #つながるオモイ #dropofhope

We ❤ our donors! Someone anonymously sent our staff these Tiff's Treats, as they are working around the clock to accommodate the added efforts around #HurricaneHarvey.

We are so incredibly appreciative for the extra support over the past week. It truly made our day to receive such a generous gift from people who have already given us and our community so much. Thank you!! ❤️💙

Exceeding grace has figured us out for the Drop of hope, a clear stated vision that is real. No one but Jesus Christ. It's been a while here... #ChristDelight

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