"If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord." ~Nathan Phillips.
I'm a sucker for beautiful sunrises! Its worth getting up for!

I love this shot! I just wish I had the exposure up more but it still came out good📸🚁

PDE 🆙🚁🕹🌥🇺🇾

Eastern State Jawn 🥨

Welcome to paradise! Would not mind to head back to Pulau Lang Tengah for a #weekendgetaway again..

Bradford City Hall.

Bit if a hidden gem, this building. With its Venetian Gothic architecture, the bell tower was inspired by Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.
The recent redesign of centenary square included the huge mirror pool in the foreground, and really is a great addition to the city - even if it was in its ‘walkway’ state tonight, and only partially flooded!
#bradford #centenarysquare #citypark
Oh... and we got married here in 2008!

water under the barge

Heard it’s #pretzelday and @pilsenerhausbiergarten is obviously the best place to celebrate!

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