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Scaled to size 🎹

Six pack

Dropping in on the weekend 🏄🏻


Amazing landscape of Iceland 🙌🏼🇮🇸 // shot by @lebackpacker

Wow!! 2 huge features this month! @jibach_ & I worked very hard to make this video come to life. We worked with @volomission to create a video that showcased their longline/vertical reference training course in Texas for the helicopter industry. If you haven't yet, go check out this video. This was a very technical shoot, especially while trying to get perfect aerial shots while always keeping the drone and helicopter in check with each other. Constant radio communication was always in place, and all applicable rules and regulations were abided by. Thanks @verticalmag for sharing. #longline #helicopter #djiphantom4 #djiphantom4pro #dji #djiinspire #robinsonr44 #VOLOMISSION #dronestagram #drone #droneoftheday #droneoftheday #droneofficial #twenty4sevendrones #airvuz

Islas Galápagos

Best place in the world to see the animal world!


New VLOG is live and linked in my bio, check it out! ☝️// All drone shots filmed from outside Glacier National Park.

El puerto de Chuburná se encuentra a 10 Km de Progreso y a 55 Km de Mérida. Presenta una actividad netamente pesquera. El pueblo no presenta crecimiento económico, ni poblacional, por lo que no hay infraestructura básica de apoyo. A excepción de las que se encuentran en el corredor de Mérida-Progreso, no hay industrias cercanas. Cuenta con dos escolleras de protección de enrocamiento, con longitudes totales de 440 m y 120 m, para el oriente y poniente, respectivamente. #pasionxquintanaroo #droneofficial #dji #djiphoto #djimavic #djidrone #djimavicpro #djidrone #phantom4 #photooftheday #puntamaroma #djiphoto

Now you see why we called this place paradise... 😘
📍#Krabi #Thailand #🇹🇭

A little paradise called Chua Chua!

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Sotto il cielo di Roma
ISO - 100
1/100 seconds
It's really convenient having an Italian friend who captions my pictures. Thank you @jess.insogna 😘

Drone desire confirmed 🔥
Neat find @downfromtheclouds!
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