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Was awesome doing a partner workout with @malgal111 been way to long. She had a baby 7 months ago. #sheshredded @crossfit_417 #nobull #drivennutrition

Way back Wednesday with these dudes and dudet. @tchristophel12 your flow was insane!!! 😍😭
#Team417 #CrossFit417 #DrivenNutrition #WayBackWednesday

Thank you @crossfitillumine for letting us spend time with your community. The atmosphere here is off the charts!
Want to become a Driven Affiliate?! Direct Message us to find out how!!! #Crossfit #DrivenNutrition #AffiliateProgram #CrossFitIllumine

If you guys like to laugh watch this. ・・・
Jared Stevens (@jaredwaynestevens) and Austin Cahoy (@a_cahoy35) are all smiles after Day 2 of the #CentralRegional. @crossfit_417 currently sits in 2nd place with 2 events remaining! 😁😁
#DrivenNutrition #TeamDriven

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Yup you may have beat me by one second all together but it's the last set that counts, right @dqmitchmay 😜
#drivennutrition #payhim #crossfit #pegboard @drivennutrition

5 rounds of:
2 peg boards max effort
1 minute rest between sets


Love my #drivennutrition post wod! Get yours at www.drivennutrition.net. Use code 417isdriven for a discount. @drivennutrition

Athletes we're ready to fuel you up! Make sure to pick up your @drivennutrition in the retail shop on your way out! Lots of yummy sample packs for those who only need a serving. Fill up your punch card.
#drivennutrition #fuelup #riseup

I can't believe in 2 weeks we get to find out what we are having!!!! 💖💙 it's even more crazy that I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow!!! Just over 4 months!! Feels good to be out of that 1st trimester...been feeling really good lately!! What do you all think...boy or girl!?!? #mylittlemonster #crossfit #drivennutrition #decemberbaby #fitmama #crossfitmama #gettingmybabybodyon 😜 #nobull #fitaid #missingmyworkouts #itsfriday #growhairgrow 😆#longhairdontcare

4:30pm class vs "Cindy"

Protein Shakes... It has been wildly debated for years on why someone should take a protein supplement.  We are only recommending two reasons why… yes, I know there are like a million reasons…but, you are not going to read all of those.
First reason is most people are protein deficient.  American’s have a love for sugar and bad carbs (I mean, yeah, they are delicious but, they are not helping your goals). If you can increase your protein intake you can improve a variety of things to help you with your goals.  Specifically, with increasing your muscle mass, which in turn will help you decrease your body fat.
Second reason it will help speed up your recovery.  You spend all this time coming to the gym to get results you should reward yourself with a tasty post-workout protein shake to help your body recover.  Aim for that magical time known as “Window of Gains” in that first 30 minutes post workout where you can take a fast acting protein supplement that will help your muscles recover after a good workout and you may even feel like it helped you feel “normal” again.  If you want more information on what to take, talk to one of your coaches next time you come to class.  If you do not have a coach, well, come on down and we can help you out! #livelifeinmotion

I GOT A WORKOUT IN TODAY!!! Wooo!!! I've been walking an hour every day since I had Rhabdo...but I've been missing my CrossFit workouts bad!! It was a SLOW and short workout today, but man it felt amazing!! As a coach it has been so freakin awesome watching my athletes, but tough watching everyone kick ass! Don't get me wrong, I know what I'm doing is for the best gift of life ever!! But those of you who know me well, know this has been tougher on me mentally than I would've ever expected. I guess I'm sharing this because before being pregnant I would always share the successes (some fails too of course) "Oh shoot look at this PR" "Look how fast I did this workout" "Pull ups!? How about butterfly pull ups!?" Every day I was getting stronger and faster. What I'm getting at is at some point we all have a monster in life to face (I'm just lucky mine is a cute baby monster 😜) but some people are struggling with nutrition, stressed at work, stressed about life, etc. Those struggles/set backs happen!! I want you to know I struggle...I am human. Even before being pregnant I would get discouraged if I couldn't lift what I had lifted the week before. I shifted that thought process a long time ago and man has that helped with this life change for me! I'm so beyond excited to be doing baby workouts (no pun intended 🤣) December can't come soon enough...I can't wait to meet this little peanut!!!! 😆 #pregnant #16weekspregnant #crossfit #crossfit #imissmyfitaids #drivennutrition #fitpregnancy #healthypregnancy #healthybaby #creatingacrossfitathlete #mylittlemonster #healthyeating #decemberbaby #somanyhashtags 😜

@drivennutrition was a HUGE hit with the members this past week, so we expedited an order to keep up! .

Come get all of the new flavors NOW!! Products are available in the lobby area. Limited supply!

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#drivennutrition #wod #fitness #westmonroe

20min AMRAP
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats
Tips for today's benchmark:
•Keep a steady Heart Rate
•Don't Sprint from the beginning
•Lock out on push-ups &a Squats
•Wear Gymnastics Grips
•Don't rest (Keep Moving)

5:30am put in WORK this morning! 2, 4, 6, 8... and climbing - sumo deadlift high pull, pull ups, OH squats & Burpees.... 20mins. No problem! #nailedit
Shout out to all the progress that went down in class... Jellows ohs 💯- Ashley G's & Reena's pull up were💰- Isabel & Sunny pushing hard through #alltheburpees 💪🏻 - Chris B & Tom putting excellent use to those 🦋 pull ups! 👊🏻 #530amcrew #squadgoals #wearetradewinds #CrossFitTradewinds #cftathletes #CFT #CrossFit #boxlife #community #fitness #fitfam #dowork #getfit #CrossFitFam #WOD #Metcon #winthropfit #winthropma
#getwinthropfit #winfit #drivennutrition #staydriven

Just wanted to give a special thanks to @drivennutrition for keeping us fueled this Games season!! Click the link in my bio to see their products 💪☺☺ Team 417 shirts are also available now woohoo! Check them out 👉 https://drivennutrition.net/product-category/driven-gear/games-shirts-driven-gear/

Excited about getting our first order of @drivennutrition ! Awesome product that our athletes are going to love! #GreenwoodStrong #DrivenNutrition

Guess what arrived today!!! @drivennutrition products are here! #crossfitoconee #drivennutrition #werestocked #comeandgetit

FULL POWERS going up on a Tuesday 💪🏽😜 some triple jumps to prep the hips and what was supposed to be 2 power cleans + a FS turned into 1 power + FULL POWER+ FS 😂😂 volume needed! 🎤@functional.bodybuilding @maverickcrossfit @fiasfreshmeals @gbed.life
#nike #muttpack #weightlifting #crossfit #killcliff #drivennutrition #exosleeve #bemaverick #fitnessmotivation #igfitness #bearkomplex #virtuosity #strength #progress #awakentrainingseries #ascentprotein #fueledbyfias

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