Trust. And surrender.
In our recent Servant Leaders Retreat, we had the “Trust Fall” activity and I realised na ang daling bitawan ang mga katagang, “Lord, I trust you.” Pero kapag time na to totally surrender to Him, ang hirap pala. 😅

Sa umpisa and while watching as my individual teammates fell one by one in the arms of everyone in the team, naisip ko na parang madali lang. Malalaglag ka lang diba? May sasalo rin naman sa iyo right?

Pero nung time ko na. Ako na ang nakatungtong sa upuan. Ako na ang nakatalikod at mahuhulog, nakakakaba pala.
Unang hulog ko, namali pa. 😅😂 May takot at agam agam pa rin kasi sa puso ko.
Pangalawang hulog ko, meron pa rin, pero mas maayos na. When I fell down into the arms of my co-servants and felt their warmth, whispers of “It’s ok, it’s ok” nawala lahat ng takot at kaba ko. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed their embrace.

Parang sa buhay lang natin. Alam naman nating andiyan si Lord palagi, nasa tabi natin siya palagi. Pero sa mga panahong nahihirapan tayo, may mga pinagdadasal tayo na hindi pa nasasagot, ang tanong sa Kanya most of the time, “Lord asan ka?” Pero minsan, kailangan lang pala natin totally mag-surrender sa Kanya. Ginawa mo naman ang lahat diba? Hindi ka naman nagpabaya and binigay mo ang lahat ng makakaya mo?
Then trust. And fully surrender sa Kanya. Sasaluhin ka Niya ng buong buo at hindi ka Niya pababayaang mahulog.
Enjoy the #Grind. Stay calm during the process. Trust Him and surrender. Happy #WinsDay !
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When God restores you, He does so in a way that suddenly you are walking in the light and you can hardly recall how dark your life had been. Happy Tuesday✨❤ @rob.yy.n xx

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PSYCHED for Mondays.. Who else is psyched for Mondays???
It is truly amazing how life changes when you love what you do and why you do it! ▫️
If you don’t wake up excited to jump out of bed everyday, chances are its because you don’t have a great sense of meaning or purpose to you. ▫️
When you own your own business like I do and get to work alongside people you enjoy and choose to work with you; cause driven, success seeking, purpose driven, …..everything begins to change. ▫️
Be part of something global, something that is full of meaning and purpose, something that will leave a legacy for your loved ones. Be apart of the change this world so desperately deserves. ~Dominique

Woah, I know it's been a while since the last update; but thanking you all for your ongoing support to our blog. Life has been happening and there is no need to go into full detail about our problems but we are kindly asking for your prayers; that God would breakthrough this circumstance we are currently facing. We are hoping for good news and remaining positive in a negative situation. We say HOPE because He is our hope and strength, the one that will never disappoint us.
On another note, God has been amazing in opening up many doors for me..everytime something good happens, my heart just overflows with gratitude in how graceful he's been with me. Here's to many more blessings. Have a fabulous week everyone, love @rob.yy.n XOX ✊✨
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Meeting met deze TOPPERS / WORLD TEAM @loading__you 💯💫

Planning gemaakt, nu ACTIE 🔥 LET’S GOOO‼️🚀💎

Doen wat ik het liefste doe, coachen & vooruithelpen💎

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#Repost coz well, proud cousin hereeeeee!!! @aizarriola
Meet Coach Aiza from Aklan.
She’s one of Elite Driven’s strong and influential leaders in Western Visayas.
A young millennial network builder who aspires to make a huge difference in every person she meets.
One of her strengths is priority management with which she can manage her work as a full time employee and Top 5 Branch Operator of Sante Barley in the whole Philippines. A loving daughter to her parents and respected ate by her siblings.
But above all, it is her pure heart and sincerity in helping our Elite Driven partners that’s catapulting her’s and Elite Driven team’s growth in Western Visayas.
Follow Coach Aiza’s journey in Sante to learn more as to how you can also build a long lasting network in Sante.

Kudos Coach Aiza! Future Diamond Executive Director of Sante International! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 #DrivenbyPurpose #EliteDriven #YoungEntrepreneur #Millennial #NetworkBuilder

Ang kalabaw ay simbolo ng strength, power, efficiency, perseverance and hardwork. To succeed in life, importanteng pagsabayin ang tamang sistema with perseverance at hardwork.
At siyempre, hinding hindi pwedeng mawala ito:
“Whatever you do work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord not for men.” - Colossians 3:23

Salute to you all our hardworking friends in the every industry! Happy start of the week grind! 💪

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✨I have been reading the most amazing book. ✨It speaks of the gift of life.
The gift in knowing that in the beginning of our life, God made us perfect.♥️
Each of us with perfection. But in that he also gave us free-will. ▫️
The gift of free-will is what creates past errors, and circumstances that create our fear, our limiting beliefs, or on the flip side our peace, our strength, and love. 🌟 Reminder- you, truly, have everything you need; in order to be all you were meant to be. Its a matter of realigning yourself with God. Knowing that in HIM we have truth, love, strength, healing, the list goes on and on. #seekthetruth #madewithpurpose

Last chance to enter to win a package of 3 Leadership or Life Coaching sessions - check out my FB page Stephanie Calver to find out how - winner announced Oct 15th at noon MST! #fallspecial #leadershipdevelopment #lifecoaching #shiftyourperspective #futurefocused #drivenbypurpose

"There's power in love. Don't underestimate it." "When love is the way, there is plenty of room, plenty of room for all of God's children.
Because when love is the way, we actually treat each other well, like we are actually family," Rev. Michael Bruce Curry

Shanghai Next ! Will be sharing in Shanghai 27 oct !!! iesther@icshq.org See you in shanghai ! #shanghai #china @elimchewtv #sharing #speaking #drivenbypurpose #destinedforchange #theelimchewstory

Behind every successful event is a group of leaders who made it happen.
Shout out and kudos! Just want to honor these amazing Sante DRIVEN Leaders in Davao who helped and assisted me in my short stay in Davao. Executive Millionaire Circle leader Jojovan Flores, Michael John Licayan, Rogelio Toquero Valladares, Franz Ybañez Santiago, Leo Bit, and Elejun Intaligando. I salute all of you for your will, focus and determination in achieving your dreams with Sante. God bless you all even more!
#DrivenbyPurpose #WeAreDRIVEN #HelpPeopleLiveBetterLives

Had the chance to visit The Land of Promise at Gap Davao which reminded me of God’s promise to everyone of us.
If ever pinanghihinaan ka na kaibigan, always remember this verse:
For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11
May magandang future para sa iyo si Daddy God. Don’t give up ok? 😊

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100% driven by purpose.
There is something bigger than me and I’m here to pursue that fantastic feeling of achievement and fulfillment.
Not sure what’s driving you?
It’s different for everyone but I’d say what gets you out of bed in the morning besides an alarm clock.
There is a little ember deep inside of you that given a chance will ignite a flame that can not be quenched.
A life lived with purpose and on purpose is one worth pursuing.
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Eating wisely is 🔑. 30 years ago our soil was not depleted like it is today. Our food was more nutritionally dense. Things didn’t have to be labeled “organic”..,.“non-gmo”,..“grass-fed”...they just were.
We didn’t need to rely as much on nutritional supplementation. Times have changed and our food system has changed but, our bodies still require specific nutrients in order to thrive. Some of which we are not getting a complete spectrum of in even our beautiful “whole food” diets.
I am a #wholefoodie I eat lots of amazing organic...grass fed...local...seasonal, non-gmo ... but I also provide my body with what’s missing. I also fill in the gaps by incorporating a nutritional technology that is loaded with the minerals and other nutrients my body (and your body) needs in order to thrive.
It’s not about drinking shakes instead of eating food. It’s about cellular nourishment... it’s about education...it’s about understanding that times have changed and we must evolve. We must get rid of our old ways that no longer work...get with the times...look and be open to what your body truly needs. Nutritional supplementation is a necessary addition to a healthy diet.
If what you are doing isn’t working for you... be open. If your cravings are out of control...be open to learning. If you eat well and still can’t lose weight..gain sustain energy...and hitting your goals...be willing to listen. If you exercise and eat paleo but your still tired all the time...be open. If you count your macros and eat super clean and still don’t get quality sleep...again just be open!
I could go on and on. I say this with passion because there was a time where I was unaware of what the body really needed at the cellular level and how our food system has changed. I also say this because I am passionate about helping others and advocate for our health - yours and mine.

Dad with Dr Peace Okonkwo,#greatpersonalities#drivenbypurpose.#

Salute and high respects to these wonderful gentlemen of UEDriven lead by Executive Millionaire Circle Leader Jojovan Flores! Thank you so much po sa pagsundo and sa napakasarap na food and kwentuhan. Saludo po ako sa inyong leadership and sa iyong mga partners na lumalaban talaga para sa kani kanilang mga pangarap. 💪💪👏🏼👏🏼🙌🙌🙌 Kudos po! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #DrivenbyPurpose #WeAreDRIVEN

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