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Super fun post from @drinkingwhilereading this AM! And we have a new book to add to our reading list! @drinkingwhilereading with @repost app
“The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden” by Jonas Jonasson is an absurdly silly book full of happenstance, coincidence, and hilarious characters. Nombeko Mayeki is a genius born into the poor black slums of Apartheid South Africa and through an absolute twist of fate, that includes brandy soaked driving, ends up a cleaning women at a secret nuclear facility. Many coincidences and fateful events later, she lands in Sweden with a nuclear weapon that she is just looking to unload to the appropriate authorities. Nombeko and her new Swedish boyfriend (who is a non-existent half of a set of twins) engage in a topsy-turvy series of events just trying to make things right. A completely enjoyable and fun read full of jumbled plot lines, ridiculous characters, and good old-fashioned laughs. 📚 @eccobooks -
An entertaining read of straight talking, no-nonsense characters coupled with single minded, but thoughtless zealots makes for a multitude of impossible events. Finding a drink that is playful, adventurous, and smart is a hard task to come by. But, @slobitterco delivers with Ashes to Ashes. While this Absinthe based cocktail is actually based on a Bowie song, it’s name and color are great nod to the possibility of the nuclear winter that our main characters are fiendishly trying to avoid causing. Get your hands around this creative cocktail and #drinkupreadup.
Ashes to Ashes
- @copperandkings Absinthe Blanche
-Creme de Violette
-Egg White
-Simple Syrup
-Fresh Lemon
-Activated Charcoal
- @slobitterco Lavender Bitters

Get your hands on some ale + head into some brooding darkness... or don't and just #DrinkupReadup -
#AmReading : Norse Mythology by @neilhimself

Most adorable little hotel. Retro phone, cuppa tea, and some light reading before exploring Taipei. Sightseeing, books + cocktails await! #drinkupreadup
#AmReading : The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz 📚

Might have forgone the books for just booze this holiday season.
Find some warm cozy times to read, be merry, have a good cocktail, spread the love, and be joyous. ----------
@makersmark Old Fashion
- 50ml @makersmark whisky .
- 1 sugar cube
- 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
- 1 orange

A bit of an overcast day in #Taipei at Commune A7. But, a little rest mid-sightseeing with some cava and a page turner is perfection even if the weather is a little grey. ----------
📚#AmReading - Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

TigerLily is a fabulous bar with many grand cocktails. It's has warm dim lighting, yet not too dim and you can cozy up at this bar with your book. Go early on in the night and enjoy some book + cocktail time. #drinkupreadup
📚#AmReading : Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby
🥃 #amdrinking : Old Fashion

Happy 2017. These Gin-Gin Mules aren't gonna drink themselves. -
Thankful for friends, family, all the good times and lessons learned... and ignored this year. Looking forward to new adventures both in life and in between the pages of books. 📚 Planning the next read now...
---------- -
Gin-Gin Mule
-1.5oz @tanquerayusa gin
-2oz @fevertree_nyc ginger beer
-lime (juice & garnish)

A little James Baldwin, a little Gin Fizz, and a little Burmese Tea Leaf salad. 📚
This might be a slice of heaven. #drinkupreadup #vacationreads

Too early in the day for a #cocktail, but this coffee will just have to do. #DrinkupReadUp -
#AmReading : Safekeeping by Jessamyn Hope
#amdrinking : coffee, but dreaming up a boozy buddy.


Too early in the day for a #cocktail, but this coffee will just have to do. #DrinkupReadUp -
#AmReading : Safekeeping by Jessamyn Hope
#amdrinking : coffee, but dreaming up a boozy buddy.

Trying to find time for more of this....
#AmReading : I'm Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi @luvvie 📚
#AmDrinking: @basilhaydens 🥃

“The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by @charlesduhigg is a nonfiction piece that delves into the patterns of human existence and why we behave the way we do. Namely, what are our habits and how do we alter them. Duhigg explores the science of habits and also takes time to provide some interesting, and slightly disturbing, examples of the way big businesses are exploiting the pattern seeking nature of human behavior. But, not to despair because the center of this book’s argument is really that the key to success in anything is to form a habit around it. Now all you gotta do is start the habit of being bookish + boozy by grabbing yourself a drink and cracking the spine of this bad boy. #DrinkupReadup. 📚@randomhouse @penguinrandomhouse
Working at changing a habit can be hard. In some ways it is like a promise to yourself, a promise that you will change or do something different. But, sometimes we make mistakes and have slip-ups, sometimes we break that promise. @Klecktails featured the perfectly delicious and perfectly titled partner to this read: the Broken Oath. Courtesy of a recipe by @deathandconyc and @erynreece, mix yourself up one of these and learn how to limit your oath breaking with this book.
Broken Oath
-1.5oz Mezcal
-0.75oz Amontillado Sherry
-0.75oz Sweet Vermouth
-0.5oz Galliano Ristretto @drinkgalliano
-2 Dashes of Bittermens Mole Bitters @bittermens
Stir with ice + strain into a chilled glass

Drinking peoples, huh? ----------
Book + booze match already on the site. Check out the link ☝️.

When your book comes ready full of drink suggestions. 📚 @michaeldietsch

“The 100-Year-Old-Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared” by Jonas Jonasson is a tremendously funny novel that follows around Allan Karlsson and his 100+ years of life. It all starts when Allan puts on his grouchy old man pants and decides not to be part of his own birthday party. As a result, he climbs out the window of the old folk’s home and escapes. One ridiculous event after another and Allan finds himself the center of a manhunt, a murder case, and a number of “bad” guys. The story flips between current events and those of Allan’s colorful past. It is written in a matter-of-fact tongue and cheek sort of manner that lends a hilarity to the outlandish events throughout the story. 📚@hachettebooks
Lucky for us bookish + boozy types, Allan is a wonderfully sloshed gentleman. He seems to drink anything that comes his way (the banana liqueur did cause some objections), but has a panache for vodka. And while Allan is a true vodka drinker and world traveller, he also retains his Swedishness through and through. Thus drinking a Blood Orange and Aquavit Fizz by @colljeffers seems just like the right thing to do with this adventure. Aquavit for the Swedish nature of the main character, Blood Orange for the number of murders in this book, and Fizz for the joy and hilarity that invades all parts of this story. And what doesn’t say fun like FIZZ… and maybe murder?!? Get your cocktail and get ready for some belly laughs and #DrinkupReadup.
Blood Orange and Aquavit Fizz
-1.5oz Aquavit (@krogstadaquavit)
-1oz Ginger Liqueur
-3/4oz Blood Orange Syrup
-1/2oz Fresh Lemon Juice
-1 Dash Orange Bitters
-Pinch of Salt
-Seltzer to top
-Dill for garnish
Combine all but the seltzer in a shaker with ice + shake for about 5 seconds. Strain into an ice-filled glass + top with seltzer. Garnish with dill.

Everyone has talents.
Bookish + Boozy match coming soon. #DrinkupReadUp

Choices, choices, choices... Gin + Tonics all night long. -
#AmReading : Thunderstruck by Erik Larson
#amdrinking : @ginmare + @fevertree_pt Mediterranean

When your weekend consisted of trying this discontinued whiskey and reading at the beach, Monday is just so much more challenging. ----------
#AmReading : The Power of Habit
#amdrinking : Hibiki 12 year

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is an allegorical novel that follows an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago. Santiago has a reoccurring dream that he engages a fortune teller to interpret and learns that he will find treasure if he travels to the pyramids of Egypt. While this a simple novel, there are many hidden lessons that basically amount to the idea that when you know yourself and work to achieve something, the universe will support you in that work. The story is easy to follow and the writing is not complicated - a very breezy read where you can just enjoy the story or meditate profusely on it. 📚 @harperonebooks
Or scrap both of those ideas and just enjoy a solid beverage with it. This quick read is full of wine mentions and the goal of finding treasure. Well, take a look at the Vino Dulce and tell me that you haven’t found a straight up fortune in this work of art by @surajbarkepper. It has port wine to support the vino habit of the shepherd boy inside of you and it's garnished with edible gold. Well, if this isn’t alchemy I don’t know what is. Turn drinks into boozyness and #DrinkupReadUp.
The Vino Dulce @stocktonHK
-Hendricks Gin @Hendricksgin
-Dark Cocoa
-Port Wine
-Campari @campariofficial -
-Angostura Bitters @angosturahouse
-Edible Gold Garnish

Mooching off children who are drinking wine because you a wino. Kind of like when I read over the shoulders of strangers... -
#AmReading : The Alchemist by Paul Coelho
#AmDrinking : other people's wine

“Norse Mythology” by @neilhimself is a novel that pays homage to his long time inspiration from ancient mythology. This book stays very close to the original myths, but is shot through with Gaiman’s voice and humor. A vastly entertaining read that starts with how the Nine Worlds came to be and continues into the stories of the gods including Odin, Thor, and Loki. Absolutely bloated with blood, gore, giants, wars, tricks, mistakes, wine and mead. Don’t wait until Ragnarok - grab yourself a drink and get ready to dive into a new version of an ancient world. #DrinkupReadup 📚 @w.w.norton -
With all the wine and mead being drunk in copious amounts throughout this book, it is easy to want to pour yourself a glass of either and call it good. But, after seeing The Night Porter by Jeff Holliger via @cocktaildetour, it is clear that this is a drink for gods. There is a magical quality when absinthe and port combine to create a sparkling portal to another world that possibly only Heimdall can see into. Plus, the sanguine red quality of the drink might bring the reader/drinker the gift of poetry like the blood of Kvasir. Stop by the Absinthe Brasserie (@absinthesf) in SF + grab this cocktail… but don’t forget your book.
The Night Porter
-1oz dry vermouth
-0.75oz Absinthe
-0.75oz Port Wine
-0.5 oz Mezcal
Stir with ice, strain + pour… drink some magic

Mead made from blood, huh? Seems rather vampiric. -
#amreading : Norse Mythology by @neilhimself (just finished it, yeah!)
#amdrinking : god's blood mead

In “Midnight’s Children” by Salman Rushdie the main character, Saleem Sinai, is born at midnight the moment of India’s independence. Along with his timely birth, Saleem also receives telepathic powers and a generous nose that is off-the-charts sensitive to smell. As the history of India as an independent country unfolds, so does Saleem’s life. He learns that all children born between midnight and 1:00AM were gifted with a multitude of powers and he uses his telepathic powers to bring them together in the Midnight’s Children Conference. As India faces her many challenges, so does Saleem Sinai. This novel has many underlying commentaries on the process of India’s independence and the fashion in which Indra Gandhi conducted her rule. Read this novel for both a family saga and magical lives, as well as as historical and political commentary. 📚@salman.rushdie @jonathancape -
Throughout the book Saleem’s father is in a personal fight with the djinns (aka bottles of alcohol), starting with the purchase of a new home from an Englishman with the caveat that the cocktail hour must continue to be observed. It only makes sense to honor this agreement and take some time with a Saffron Gin + Tonic from @gabrielboudier. Get yourself some @fevertree_nyc, find a place in the sun, and #DrinkupReadup

Get your hands on some ale + head into some brooding darkness... or don't and just #DrinkupReadup -
#AmReading : Norse Mythology by @neilhimself

‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ by Trenton Lee Stewart is mystery written for Young Adults. And while I am not usually a consumer of YA, this is a well written and enjoyable read - basically just straight summer fun. This story revolves around four gifted orphans, Reynie Muldoon, George "Sticky" Washington, Kate Wetherall, and Constance Contraire, who are recruited by way of some ridiculous testing to be secret agents. They have to save the world by figuring out how to stop people from being completely wiped clean of their memories by the evil genius Ledroptha Curtain. It is written with the young adults in mind, so of course there is a happy ending. 📚 @littlebrown
The children have many adventures in the midst of their secret agent-ing. But, the kids are most terrified of the Waiting Room and its highly memorable stickiness, dark viscous mud, and various creepy crawlies. When I saw the color of this cocktail by @cornerclub it just screamed Waiting Room and, luckily, the name (The Black Dove) is rather secret agenty. Plus, enough of that pepper infused tequila and you will have your own amnesia to deal with. #DrinkupReadup
The Black Dove -Tequila infused with black pepper
-St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur @stgermaindrinks
-Yuzu Cordial
-Pink Grapefruit -Soda
(As featured on @best_cocktail_)

“A Girl is A Half-Formed Thing” by Eimear McBride is a story told from inside the narrator's head. And by inside, I do mean inside - almost stream of conscience writing, but far more fleeting, raw, and honest. This is the story of a girl becoming a young women in the shadow of her brother’s childhood brain tumor. It touches on trauma, sibling relationships, family, dysfunction, and survival in the face of intense abuse. This book is difficult to read on many levels - the prose themselves are written in a strange cadence and the content is distressing to read at times with strong themes of violence towards the unnamed narrator as well as the violence she seems to inflict on herself. An amazingly interesting read, but you are going to need to steel yourself for this one. 📚@galley_beggar_press
This novel. This novel requires some hard liquor, some spirits to help you along. As anyone in need of some libational support can attest to, tequila can get you through some hard times… or help you forget all the times. The Mandarin Old Fashion from @the.green.hour has the double whammy of tequila and mezcal to ease the level of uncomfortable in this book. Toss back more than a few of these and you won’t even remember reading it. #DrinkupReadup
The Mandarin Old Fashioned
-1.5 oz Reposado Tequila
-0.5 oz Mezcal
-0.5 oz Mandarin Juice
-2 dashes cardamom bitters
-1 sugar cube
Muddle the sugar cube with the bitters in the bottom of a double rocks glass. In a separate glass, stir together tequila, mezcal, and Mandarin Juice with ice. Pour over bitters/sugar muddled mess and garnish with a mandarin peel.

"The Shadow of the Wind" is getting a little bit of a boozy partner of the Gin + Tonic variety. Check out the newest post to find out the Top 5 G+Ts to sip while reading this wondrous novel. (👆link in profile) #DrinkupReadup 📚@penguinbooks
Pro Tip: If possible, read this novel in #Barcelona + experience "The Shadow of the Wind" self-guided walking tour.

Exploring beautiful bar spaces + finding reading corners with good cocktails. 🥃📚 #DrinkupReadup
#AmReading : Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie
#AmDrinking : Aperol Spritz

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