It’s been way too long since I’ve posted, but life just gets so busy sometimes. Anyhow, got a beauty of a Manhattan, a few hours to myself, and a short book to get into. 📚 @4thestatebooks -
#AmReading: Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer
#AmDrinking: a solid Manhattan

It’s early AF for this Prague bound flight, but I’m super excited for my new read. #amreading : Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 📚@harpercollinsus -
Any bar recommendations for me while I’m in Prague?!? 🥃

@robertosimonson strikes again with the delicious Kangaroo. Great partner to help with packing for a trip. Most important question: what books do I bring? 📚 @tenspeedpress -
- 2.25oz Vodka
- 0.75oz Dry Vermouth
- 2 dashes orange bitters
Combine all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir. Strain into an coup. Add a lemon twist.

“The Circle” by Dave Eggers is a dystopian novel about modern-day big data/social media firms and their influence on society. Mae is hired to work at The Circle, the most powerful internet company in existence, and she cannot believe her fortune. As the book progresses you watch technology become the filter and barrier for all that she does, as well as for those around her. This novel is an obvious nod to our modern day Amazons and Facebooks, as well as a not so hidden comment about how many people are living their lives right now - via a screen. While this book may not be groundbreaking in many ways, it does shine the spotlight on the negative side of technology. Yes, technology is a phenomenal thing, but how do we stay human, real, and connected in a grounded way? 📚 @aaknopf -
I don’t know about you all, but I do have these moments when I have small panic attacks at the level of personal information we are all just volunteering into unseen databases. I mean, I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means and I am a user of social media accounts (this one included), but I did feel I needed a nice stiff drink to calm my nerves on this one. I felt like I needed the face-to-face comfort of an Old Pal. Luckily, @cocktailmanifest had some inspiration for me to pull out the rye, take a swig, and keep my nose in my book. Getting bookish + boozy every day.
Old Pal
- 2oz Rye
- 1oz Campari
- 1oz Dry Vermouth
Lemon peel to garnish

“Commonwealth” by Ann Patchett is a domestic trickster. It opens with a gin and orange juice fueled christening party that results in a stolen kiss that ends families and starts new ones. Commonwealth lulls the reader into the mundane nature of uninspiring domesticity, but flips the script and presents so much more than a family saga. The fashion in which this storyline seamlessly jumps points of view and time-frames makes you think that this is a basic story about how families are putting back together the broken pieces of their lives. However, as you delve deeper into this novel, you realize that it is really so much more than that. It is an illustration on responsibility and love, on the ties that bind people together, and the complex natures of families and their relationships as mothers, fathers, siblings, and step-siblings age, mature, and change over time. 📚 @harperperennial -
The gin soaked opening of this novel almost required a gin based cocktail to partner with these pages. In fact, gin drinks are a thread that runs throughout the entirety of the novel and tend to appear when big changes or realizations are occurring in the book. And while these moments were not always for the best, you get the feeling that everyone was just looking for the best possible version of themselves and their relationships. @ericbas had a nice gin and citrus pair in the Ideal Cocktail that is just the best possible version. Shake this baby up and get bookish + boozy.
Ideal Cocktail
-1oz Dry Gin
-1oz Dry Vermouth (Dolin Dry)
-1/4oz Luxardo Maraschino
-1/4oz Grapefruit Juice
Shake all the ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled coupe. Add a cherry for garnish.

“Before the Fall” by Noah Hawley starts out straight in the action, when 11 people board a private jet flying from Martha’s Vineyard to New York only to suddenly crash into the ocean. The sole survivors of the foggy night’s tragedy are the unknown painter, Scott Burroughs, and the four-year old son of a wealthy media mogul. This thriller continues to unfold along with the fragile relationship between Scott and the young boy. In true thriller form, there are a lot of wrongfully accused people, convoluted plot turns, and innocent people scrambling for the truth. 📚 @grandcentralpub ----------
Admittedly, it is a bit of an on the nose choice, but a mystery born out of plane failure immediately put my brain toward paring this read with The Aviation cocktail. @thecocktailblog12 has a beauty right here for you all to mix up for yourselves. Shake, strain, check all exit locations, and get into this read.
-4cl Illusionist Gin (@illustionist_gin)
-1cl Maraschino Liqueur
-0.5cl Creme De Violette -
-3cl Fresh Lime Juice
Shake, strain, Garnish with a maraschino cherry and get bookish + boozy

“The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction” by Neil Gaiman @neilhimself is, as always, just a book full of awesome. It is a varied collection of nonfiction essays on a multitude of topics. I am always struck by the wide variety that Gaiman is able to write so exquisitely upon. But, I am also repeatedly in awe by the depth of his observations and the manner in which he expresses himself – so clearly, but also so unmistakably Gaimanesque (I think I just made up a word, but you all know what I mean). His opinions, thoughts, and observations make me see the world in a whole new way and allow me the opportunity to turn my own thinking on its head. An easy book to read in spurts and fits, but also lends itself to a full-fledge binge read-a-thon. 📚 @williammorrowbooks @harpercollinsus -
I guess I always regarded Neil Gaiman’s work as looking at everyday things with another part of your brain. It is noticing a common moment or object, and instead of walking right by it, getting close, and magnifying it in a way I just can’t seem to do. Seeing Left Hand on @drinks_only made me realize that all these ingredient are tastes I love, but I just wouldn’t have put them together like this. However, now that I have, I cannot un-see it… or un-taste it. Give your non-dominant side a chance and get this drink all stirred up, settle down into your best reading spot, and devour this read and drink.
Left Hand
- 1.5oz Bourbon
- 0.75oz Sweet Vermouth
- 0.75oz Campari -
-2 Dashes Chocolate Bitters
Stir with ice, pour, and garnish with citrus peel.

“Leviathan Wakes” by James S.A. Corey is book one of The Expanse science fiction series. This is just solid futuristic space saga fun. A suspenseful multi-character read that is set in a time where humanity has colonized the whole solar system. Jim Holden is an XO of an ice mining ship who, along with his loyal crew, stumbles up an abandoned ship called the Scopuli. This, of course, leads to a larger more sinister plot in which Jim and his crew cross paths with Detective Miller. This Detective was sent on the trail a rich girl who has abandoned her privileged life, but ends up being the key to a complicated and universe threatening plot between Earth, the Outer Planet Revolutionaries, and powerful corporations. 📚 @orbitbooks
Honestly, this book is just fun. If I remember properly, the cover shouted out that this book was a “space opera.” How cool is that?!? I mean, it may be that the storyline is one that will literally end not only the world, but also the universe and humankind as we know it. But honestly, who isn’t already thinking about that right about now? @spiritedla has the most perfectly titled drink in the As The World Falls Down, but I was also struck by her space age contraption that she served this beauty up in. Good luck finding such a contraption for your home presentation, but get to shaking this baby up and jump into Corey’s adventurous read. Just don’t forget your oxygen and space suit…
As the World Falls Down
-2.0oz Tequila El Ray @tequilaelrey
-0.75oz lime
-0.5oz Dried Banana and Saffron Syrup
-0.5oz @lorgeat
-Orange Bitters @scrappybitters
Egg White
Saffron Garnish

Always love finding new bars that serve out of this world cocktails when I travel. Had a first in Koln, Germany with a CO2 infused Negroni at Little Link. 🥃
Check out the link in my bio. 👆

Three of my favorite things: traveling, drinking, and reading.
#amreading : Commonwealth by Ann Patchett @parnassusbooks
#amdrinking : a glass of the bubbly 🥂

“Wicked Bugs: The Louse That Conquered Napoleon’s Army and Other Diabolical Insects by Amy Stewart (@amystewart) is science writing that grabs you and won’t let you go… not unlike some of the bugs in this read. Stewart writes about the alarming and threatening side of the insect world. Coupled with the most hauntingly beautiful illustrations, we learn about how bugs infest our human lives, often in some of the most terrifying ways. Covering everything from Kissing Bugs and their tendency to bite humans on the face during the night to the Bullet Ant’s sting that is “like fire-walking over flaming charcoal with a 3-inch rusty nail in your heel.” This read is overflowing with all the insect information that you never knew you wanted to know. Fair warning: you will feel involuntarily itchy after this read… or tremendously drunk, depending on your balance of booze + books. 📚@algonquinbooks
While I do realize that I just featured this drink only a few posts ago, I was reminded of its delicious strength when I saw it roll across the picture features of @bevnetcraven . I could not deny its tastiness, nor that fact that it was the most perfect pairing for this read. This book is full of creepy crawlies and, to be perfectly frank, most of them are itty-bitty killers. So stir up this drink and write your Obituary in gin with a taste of that licorice flavor anise to make it memorable. -
- 2.0oz gin
-0.25oz dry vermouth
-0.25oz absinthe

Stir with ice and strain into a coupe, garnish with a lemon peel
And yes, this is the very same Amy Stewart who wrote the incomparably fabulous read “The Drunken Botanist.” If that doesn’t convince you of the magic of this book, I don’t know what will get you to crack this spine.

“Journey by Moonlight” is a novel by the Hungarian author Antal Szerb. I picked this book up while in Budapest with no real requirement other than I wanted to read a Hungarian author. I really had no idea as to what this book was about. But, I was pleasantly surprised when confronted with the story of newlyweds on their honeymoon. It seemed simple enough, but soon the picturesque story of Erszi and Mihaly’s post-wedding trip quickly unraveled as Mihaly clearly preferred time alone, rather than spending it with his new wife. In fact, Mihaly mistakenly gets on the wrong train, separate from his new bride, and instead of correcting it he goes on his own journey... totally wife-less. The story continues on in a most complicated fashion, with Mihaly’s marriage crashing and burning and he himself trying to understand his place in life by coming to terms with his past. 📚Alma Books
Something so seemingly light, yet turned rather heavy, can only be paired with a cocktail that can illuminate the night. @maxymixalot has just the ticket in Blue Moon. This lovely concoction of rye, apple infused Kansas Whiskey, Lillet Blanc, and Green Chartreuse will play on your tongue, but also deliver a right boozy punch to the brain… or liver.
Blue Moon
-1.5oz Standard Wormwood Rye @standardwormwooddistillery
-1oz Lillet Blanc @lillet1872 -0.5oz apple infused Kansas Whiskey @kansaswhiskey
-0.5oz Green Chartreuse
-3 Dashes Angostura Bitters
Sir, strain, and serve up. Slap on a dehydrated apple garnish and get your read on.

I made it 28 pages into this beauty before I had to stop and make a drink. 📚@tenspeedpress @robertosimonson
- - - - - - - - - -
Obituary Cocktail -
-2oz gin
-1/4oz dry vermouth -
-1/4oz Absinthe
-Lemon twist
Combine all ingredients except the lemon twist into a mixing glass and stir until chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe... or a glass you happen to already have chilled. Twist lemon over the drink, sit back, and keep reading.

#2017bestnine and wonderful New Year to all! I hope it is bookish + boozy for everyone. -
Thank you for taking the time to crack a few spines, throw back a few drinks, and read a few posts. Cheers!

A Gentleman in Moscow by @amortowles is a historical fiction book set in 1922 Russia. A well-bread aristocratic man, named Count Alexander Rostov, is tried and convicted in a Bolshevik court for being unapologetic in regards to a poem he has written. He is confined to the attic space of the Metropol, the luxury hotel he had been living in, and it becomes both his prison and his savior. 📚 @penguinbooks .
Alexander Rostov is a man of class, distinction, wit, and elegant tastes. None of these traits falter, even in his reduced circumstances. The utter classiness of the cocktail Paris is Burning as seen on @cocktaildetour is just the drink for this beauty of a book. However, given the setting of the book, it might make a bit more sense to drink a cocktail named Russia is Burning, but it would need far more vodka for that. But names aside, this libation has an amazing pale yellow color that lends a level of sophistication to the drink. Plus, the combination of flavors contained in this glass is a taste to be savored… or you can just get a bit sloshed and settle into one shimmering scene after another. .
Paris is Burning
- 0.25oz Simple Syrup
- 0.5oz St-Germain
- 1oz Pineapple Juice
- 1oz Mezcal
- 1oz Gin

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a coup glass. Garnish with a dash of Angostura Bitters.

Portraits of A Marriage by Sándor Márai is a work of extreme beauty. A multiple-part story that focuses on love, but each section is told from an individual's perspective. A strange style to get use to as every conversation is utterly one-sided. However, this style choice lends itself to clearly seeing how the main characters are stuck between their love, their expectations, and their needs. A beautifully crafted story, set in Hungary between the wars, that brings the reader full circle between a bourgeois Peter and his wife Ilona, their son, and his family maid, Judit. 📚 @aaknopf @penguinrandomhouse
This novel wraps the reader up in the complications of love and hidden psyches of lovers. After seeing this vision by @creativedrunk on @thetipsymuse I knew that not only would its coffee keep my eyes open so I could read late into the night, but the Fernet Branca would give me the right amount of minty bitterness to remind me to stay away from the Slippery Slopes of love. #DrinkupReadup
Slippery Slopes
-1.5oz @fernetbranca
-1.5oz Cold Brew Coffee
-1tbsp Souther’s Spices Hot Cocoa Mix
-.25oz Toasted Coconut Syrup
-1 Spritz of Orange Oil
Add the first four ingredients to a dry mixing glass, stir to dissolve the cocoa mix. Fill the glass with ice and stir till cold. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Add a spritz of orange oil and sprinkle with coconut flakes.

When your long haul flight is made better by drinking + reading. 📚🍷
#amreading: Journey by Moonlight by Antel Szerb
#amdrinking: white wine in those adorable airplane bottles.

Tried a beautiful riff off of a Negroni at @ladoze_bar using Mastiha liquor. This was my first taste of this liquor which is seasoned with the resin from the mastic tree, a small evergreen native to the Mediterranean. #DrinkupReadup —————
* Mastiha Liquor @skinos_mastiha_spirit * Sweet Vermouth * Campari @campariofficial * Fresh Lavender * Peychaud’s Bitters

In “Hitman Anders and the Meaning of it All” by Jonas Jonasson, Hitman Anders is fresh out of prison and back to his gangster ways. However, he hasn’t got the smarts to do these things well. That is until he teams up with a female priest and the male receptionist from the brothel turned hotel in which he is living. These three join forces and create a whole new way of life based on Hitman Anders’ formidable skills, the priest’s gift for public relations, and the receptionist’s organization and math skills. All is going well until Hitman Anders finds the meaning of life in his own interpretations of religion. The hallmarks of Jonas Jonasson’s writing style can be found in the complex plot lines, a multitude of characters, and many improbable situations throughout the book. Grab yourself a drink, get ready to giggle, and maybe even contemplate your own meaning of life. 📚@4thestatebooks -
What could go better with three characters that are all prickly in their own way? Try the Quill from @bevnetcraven. The added absinthe to an already booze heavy cocktail is right in line with Hitman Anders and his love of the drink. Although, it is entirely up to you if you want to imbibe for religious reasons like Hitman Anders or just enjoy a solid drink. Either way, you are gonna need the extra oomph to keep up with all the twists, turns, and ridiculousness of this book. #DrinkupReadup
- 1oz Gin
- 1oz Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth @carpanoarg
- 1oz Campari @camparioffical @campariamerica
- 0.25oz Absinthe
Stir with ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with an orange peel.

“Safekeeping” by Jessamyn Hope is a debut novel spanning generations and it immediately pulls the reader right into the story. We follow Adam, a drug addicted alcoholic from New York, as he arrives to a kibbutz in Israel. As the story unfolds, we find that Adam is trying to make up for past wrong doings by getting a valuable medieval pomegranate brooch to the women his grandfather loved fifty years earlier as a Holocaust refugee on that same kibbutz. Adam struggles to change the course of his life and make peace with himself, those around him, and his own personal saga. History, continents, and time are all skillfully woven together by way of the pomegranate brooch, but we also witness the very real struggle of people attempting to alter their own destinies and redeem themselves in one way or another. 📚 #FigTreeBooks
Adam is a complex character who is trying to do his best, but keeps falling down. One of these reasons being that he is a drunk. Tequila can have a sordid reputation itself as it has helped many a person to blurry vision and a bad case of the spins. But, this cocktail from @thedrinkblog redeems tequila's reputation with a little pomegranate garnish and some classy reposado from Blue Nectar Tequila @bluenectartequila. Pour yourself a refreshing glass of this punch, crack the spine of this read, and change your destiny. #DrinkupReadup
Pomegranate Tequila Punch
- 1 Part Pomegranate Juice
- 1 Part Orange Juice
- 1 Part Reposado Blue Nectar Tequila @bluenectartequila
- 0.5 Part Orange LIqueur
- 0.5 Part Cinnamon Syrup
- 0.25 Part Lemon Juice
- Pomegranate Seeds
- Orange Slices
- Cinnamon Sticks
Mix all the liquids together in a nice, big bowl. Add ice to the glasses, pour in your punch, garnish with seeds, orange slices, and a cinnamon stick.

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