Today feels like a Metamorphic Flanders Red Ale kind of day. #AmIright? #sourbeer #DrinkTilMT

We’d like to think that our beer had something to do with Tina catching this enormous brown trout. But it probably didn’t. Either way, nice one Tina! #DrinkTilMT #cheers #drinklocal

Hey weekend, I see you!

BUT first I had to sample the Berry Milkshake IPA from KettleHouse. It was so delicious, every batch gets a little better in my unprofessional opinion. Don't believe me, go try it for yourself.

This photo was also brought to you by my shitty camera phone. But I love this back drop so much I couldn't pass it up.

What kind of trouble are you getting into today? Cheers!

Bozone flair, don’t care. ##DrinkTilMT

From where we’re sitting, the weekend is looking great! #TGIF #drinktilMT

Messy Hair. Don't even care!

Montana folks, did you see that Philipsburg Brewing is canning their RAZZU! For reals, it is another one of those beers that you want to take on a hike or sip on the back porch. I love the resealable design!

It is a raspberry wheat. Thankful for it only being 5%, because I'd like to have more than one. The nose is definite raspberry and sweet malt. The smell plays favor on the flavor. It starts bright with berry then finish with a light malts that is crisp at the end. It is not overly sweet, but it gives you enough of the fruit that it keep you coming back for more! Cheers everyone! #mtbeer

They’re back, just in time for a hoppy Independence Day 🇺🇸. Our summer seasonal, the Abbreviated IPA, and the crowd-pleasing Hopsimilla IPA are canned and on tap at the Tasting Room. #DrinkTilMT #IPAfest

Happy Sunday Funday! Did you know that a portion of every Gallatin Pale Ale sold supports @greatergallatin, helping improve our local watershed? #DrinkTilMT

Missing the North West like crazy today 🏞

Soon I shall be reunited with rivers, mountains, open skies, $3 beers, and mermaids. 🧜🏼‍♀️

I know you all are wondering what my evenings have been looking like lately. Well here you go... This it literally how I sit, which is probably terrible for my back. My chair is extremely uncomfortable and I sit on two pillows to try and relieve some of the "pain the the butt".
I  L O V E sleep & am an early to bed kind of person. BUT this summer session has kept me up into the wee hours of the night. One Friday I was up when the birds started to wake. Luckily, this is the home stretch for these classes. Also, not every night I get to have a beer, just those special few that I don't need super focus powers. Cheers to late night hustling to make our dreams come true! Am I right?! 💙🤘🍻

Our new six-pack toppers are made with 100% post-consumer recycled content, and it’s easier than ever to remove each can. Swipe ➡️ for video proof and #DrinkTilMT.

Have you seen our new views? The Tasting Room got an update this week, complete with a new window and brighter ambiance. So long orange paint! #drinktilMT

Have you guys checked out the new IGTV feature? As a person who loves to talk about beer, but doesn't have the time to edit videos into 60 second clips, I am excited to start utilizing it more

I have uploaded my first video, go give it a look. Let me know if you like or what sorts of content you want to see from me there. Like adventures, brewery tours/events, concerts, fishing, or more beer reviews. I really apperciate the feedback. Since I cannot provide the most beautiful photos, maybe I can give a laugh or two on this short videos.

Oh and if you're not seeing my posts as often as you like, turn on those notifications. IG new algorithm makes it more difficult to keep up with some of the pages you love. Cheers!

"What I've got they used to call the blues
Nothin' is really wrong
Feelin' like I don't belong
Walkin' around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down"

It's not entirely true nor is it totally false. Seriously though, rainy days and Mondays are getting me down today. The rain has not let up and I'd rather be on the porch feeling the sunshine on my face and the grass between my toes. Summers feel so short in Montana, and I want to be out there.

At least there is good beer to be had. This is also my first beer review from Flathead Lake Brewing, with an Oatmeal Pale Ale called BLUFF CHARGE. 5.8% ABV the aroma is honey pine with a touch of citrus. It has a smooth and creamy mouth feel that tatses of mild pine, light caramel, and a hint of the tropics. Something that should be enjoyed in the sunshine.

What's the weather like where you're at today? Cheers!

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