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Here is a Collab with my bro @johs.fs he is siick💥👊 so Go follow Him!! @ballerzdistrict #ballerzdistrict #dribledanka @dribledanka


School started again and preseason will start soon..therefore I won't have much time for freestyle, but I will try to train as much as possible! #tsvzierenberg


Just a couple clips from yesterday's session, had to cut it short because of the rain 🙃 Working on those weak foot combos. Wanted to get that last TATW in a longer combo on camera. Once I turned it off I managed to get Inside ATW - HATW - WF TATW - HTW x2 first try 😭

Just a small sits session today. I know, I know, they're sloppy AF but hoping to get better at them 😂 Ended off with some lowers, so nearly got reverse half beck 😩 Legs were way too tired to get that Timo in a combo 😭 I deffo could've added a few basics at the end but my legs were gone 😂 Loving the new freestyle shoes 👌

Man, today was just one of them sessions... 😂 This was literally the only thing I managed to salvage, and this was at the END of the session 😭 Left leg just completely went 5 minutes in, couldn't do anything for some reason 🙄 Oh well... We've all been there 😂

First session after months, exams finally over 🙌 Just some rejected basics today, almost landed a 10 trick combo! Also working more in my weak foot, getting more consistent at some of the more relatively complex tricks 👌 Hoping to land much bigger combos soon with both feet 🙌 @m.omar10 #glitch17 #glitchshowboat

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