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Wait... you didn't want me to look like Dr. Frank N. Furter? Why? #sweettransvestite #drfranknfurter #fromtransexualtransylvania #rockyhorrorpictureshow #whydoilooklikeaman

Austin Powers! Noiva de Chuck e Dr. Frank-N-Furter #tbt #festahollywood #noivadechucky #drfranknfurter #austinpowers

Words can't describe my excitement 😭😭😭 we walked in to meet him. We opted for the longer experience which gave us about 20 mins to talk to him and take multiple pictures and it was so worth it! He pointed out our stroller and was laughing and told us how great that was... then he was grabbing Cashes hands and saying how handsome he was and asked his name and we told him Cash Carter and he had the biggest smile and said that's awesome... "nice and strong name" I was so sad Cash puked all over his pennywise costume minutes before our meet time πŸ™„ go figure lol
I've met a ton of Harry Potter actors and obviously I was in awe of them but this one hit close to home with me. He will always be an inspiration to me and I'll always remember this moment. "Don't dream it, be it" #timcurry #pennywise #rockyhorrorpictureshow #drfranknfurter

Sooooo yesterday @mike_casualty did some things to me lmfao my #dariatattoo got some touching up, a set of beautiful eyelashes and last but not least my hello kitty dressed as Dr. Frank N Furter! #hellokittytattoo #drfranknfurter #rockyhorrorpictureshow #eyelashtattoo

Fucken rocky horror #drfranknfurter #magenta

I'm just a sweet transvestite
From transsexual, Transylvania #rockyhorrorpictureshow #cosplayaesthetic #drfranknfurter #aesthetic

Bikini Bottom 🍍🍍meets Transexual Transylvania πŸ’‹πŸ’„ #happyhalloween #spongebob #drfranknfurter #πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ #goals


Austin Powers! Noiva de Chuck e Dr. Frank-N-Furter #tbt #festahollywood #noivadechucky #drfranknfurter #austinpowers

This is an appreciation post for my littlest girl, #drfranknfurter πŸΆπŸ’–βœ¨ Frankie saved a life today. Our neighbors dog who is 16 years old got himself stuck under his house and was dehydrated the the point where he could barely bark more than a wheeze. Frankie made a huge commotion at our window (from which you can see our neighbors house and where the dog was stuck) and howled until a neighbor came to see what was the matter (both Marek and I and the other dogs owner were at work). When our neighbor came to investigate, she stopped barking. He went to check on the older dog and couldn't find him, so Frankie stared barking and lunging toward the place under the house where the dog was trapped. When our neighbor went over to see what was happening, Frankie hushed up again so that our neighbor could hear the wheezed barks from the trapped dog. Our neighbor rescued him and brought him to his water bowl where he drank and drank and drank. We aren't sure how long he had been trapped for but he appeared to be extremely dehydrated and exhausted. After gulping down the entire bowl of water he went to his couch and passed out for hours. Had Frankie not alerted our neighbor to the problem, none of us believe our neighbor would have been able to hear the dogs cries for help and the old dog would have died from dehydration and/or exhaustion. Tonight we are appreciative for the will to live and for the compassion my little girl had to hear another's cries of distress and to act in the best way she knew how. We're so proud of you little baby. You are truly are a blessing πŸ’žπŸΆπŸ’–βœ¨ #dogsofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #rescueismyfavoritebreed #sweetgirl #littlebaby

Por fin gracias a mi amigo @atomo_creativo por su excelente trabajo

"Another human visitor showed up last week, and he compared my wonderful party -he sp rudely interrupted- to something called a gayclub, whilst he tapped his forehead and chest (he looked rather funny when he did it, and I still haven't a clue why he did). I later had to ask Riff Raff what exactly a 'gayclub' was, and, well, now I have myself a weekend job! Pop by and see me sometime sugar!"
#openrp #franknfurter #drfranknfurter #rhps #rockyhorrorpictureshow #rockyhorror #roleplay #rp

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