We got our #DreBae this week so little man came with us on our baseball tourney in Oklahoma-he was the center of attention ☺️...love these memories already-as you get older, you know that even in the imperfect circumstances, you will cherish those moments later in life when things were crazy and essentially a lot of work at the time☺️...staying in 2 different Hampton Inns that my girls LOVED (literally, they love staying anywhere with continental 🍳) , watching your kid play a game he was born for in 100+ degree weather in the middle of nowhere while being squirt with a water bottle you bought at CVS as a temporary air conditioner, swimming for hours in a tiny chlorine infested pool hearing nothing but laughter from every kid that could fit in that thing, doing 7 loads of laundry paying $4 in quarters every time but thankful for clean clothes after a sweaty game, having the best laugh ever at a stop to the “largest cat sanctuary in the US” as we walked through the stench of a backwoods redneck zoo while observing beautiful fat tigers napping and trying to keep Haley from passing out from the revolting smell-watching my kids suffer through the insanity made me laugh so hard it took my mind off wanting to free every last one of those poor cats...Dre just kept asking “where’s da tiguhs Kamey?” as we walked past a few empty cages after we paid our admissions fee in a nasty trailer that smelled like a bar that just hosted a cigarette smoking convention😝 ...the horror of it all will forever make me giggle😂 gah, love my little family
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#Dreday all day @drdre Lol

•Sunday Funday Turn for 🎁#DreDay & #TayDay @haute.pink.sugar 🎉 @FWD with @ceoreese

It's been a long year dre played his heart out we walked away 4-1 3rd place 12u I'm too vocal to record 🗣so I usually don't but I couldn't miss these moments well spent bday. #happybirthday #jamonittournament #12yearsold #basketball #ballislife #basketballmom #10 #dreday

Bet on ya self!! 🎰 #dreday #healthisweath 💪🏾🤔

Big brothers and big sister #Dreday #sisterkeeper🔐 🤜🏽🤛🏽🅿️💯

Happy G Day to my righteous potnah... #dreday @mryoung225225 ⚜️💯💪🏽

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