I use to be a theme park junkie, and a lover of the most thrilling amusement park rides. Sadly, I developed vertigo in my late twenties, inhibiting me from getting on most roller coasters. I ventured towards water parks instead, especially since Bridgette is such a water baby. But then 2 years ago, I had a traumatic experience on a water slide which resulted in a broken finger and surgery. So now, I do what I vowed I would never do....I go to theme parks and I just hang back to watch our bags, take pictures, and wait for my family to ride all the rides. 😅 If there is ever a moment to admit I’m feeling kinda old, this would be it. We spent our last day in Australia at Dreamworld + Whitewater World and Bridgette had an absolute blast with Alan while I paid $85 to read in a theme park. 😂 At least I finished a fantastic new novel though! 🙌🏻

23 แล้ววว จริงจังได้แล้ว!!! #dreamworld

Day 5 in the #goldcoast exploring #dreamworld with the kids. Super busy day at the park so didn’t get to go on too many rides. Back tomorrow for #whitewaterworld!

Before &After with Vikings , so fucking fucking hell 🤢🖕🏿😖 , this is the first time and the last time also 😭🤯🤮 #vikings #dreamworld #22042018

⭐️ Daydream ⭐️

Lachy trying to ‘be’ The Hulk. No not really he was $#%T scared of him 😬🤣😂 #hulk #shitscared #dreamworld #madeoflego #lachy #legodreamworld

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