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Always forgetting to take pictures of our adventures, so shout out to @cr8.love for never forgetting the candids 📸

We like to dream, work, & skate **insert skater emoji here**
#dowhatyouwant #outoffocus #canhelpyouREfocus

This week we made some tough decisions about the future of Revolisionary... and I couldn’t be more excited! 🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻
Working hard but it feels like play👩🏻‍💻
#bringingofflineonline ((thanks @cr8.love for this pic!))

😍 18 months of collaboration with the top two artists each to their own industry @hermes & @paganiautomobili 😊🙏🏻❤️ proud to have been a part of this historic automobile creation 😊 #hermespagani #dreamthendo

❗️Freedom to work when you want, from where you want❗️revolisionary perks

Creation🌲 inspires me, @cr8.love inspires me — stay close to what gives you motivation 🌀

A little truth bomb for your Friday afternoon! .
#biztank #bizkids #stevejobs #crazyisascrazydoes #changetheworld #dreamthendo

How much do you WANT what you CLAIM to be yours?

Where great ideas are born and NOT forgotten!!!
Episodes for •YR2020 Project• are piling up... #youarewhatyouwatch

If you have a dream you must share it with the world and allow time and hard work for it to come true. Thanks for sharing yours so I can realize I can do the same no matter what I’m going through. #RepositionYourself #DreamthenDo #nevertolate #MLK #IHaveADream #IWillLiveIt

Woke up and received confirmation that I'm INSPIRED! Inspired to create & make a path for myself to my destiny! What were your results? Comment below and tag a friend to keep this DOPE feeling going! Fly high today Luvs! 😘
#BriLuv #Living
#LawOfAttraction #PowerOfPositive #Inspired
#InstaHappy #Manifest #Motivation #Focused #Passion #Desire
#TrustTheJourney #DreamThenDo #VibrateHigher #Courage #GiveItYourAll #IndieMagic #BlackGirlMagic #Entrepreneur #GirlBoss 

If there's one thing #movingtospain has taught me, it's that we are undeniably highly influenced by our environment...
Whether that's where we hang out or who we hang out with.
Your environment matters. It has such a huge impact on how you feel and how you show up.
Your surroundings affect your subconscious.
Maybe it's time for an upgrade? 🤔

Knock! Knock! What door do you need to be knocking at? #goforit #dreamthendo

{Announcement} I'm very passionate about music & equally as passionate about helping others find their gift, nurture it and share it with the world. I've been building my studio here in the Atlanta Metro Area for the last year & i'm now excited to offer online voice lessons to those who are not in the area! It takes someone trusting you to allow you to guide them with their gift and i'm excited that my studio is growing!!!! With that said, if you're in the Atlanta Metro area I've partnered with Jennings Music & Education Center and conduct lessons for kids from the age of 5 to adults! I'm located at 3595 Canton Rd #308 Marietta, GA 30066 & i'd love to help you on your journey!! I'm also preparing glee clubs and a summer camp for kids and I can't WAIT to roll that out!!! :-) If you're not near me, no worries, my online voice slots have begun to fill and i'm equally as excited!! You WILL enjoy taking lessons with me and growing in music!! With over 20 years of performance experience and being a classically trained singer, I had the BEST vocal coach ever look up THEE Carmen Balthrop, it's time to make it happen on a large scale!

So click that link in my bio for more info!!! #Blessed @letssingstudios

#BriLuv #VocalCoach #PianoCoach #ArtistDevelopment #BusinessOwner #Practice #Perfect #GetBetter #DoWork
#Entrepreneur #GirlBoss #TransformYourVoice #Performer
#LightsCameraAction #LightUpTheStage #GleeClubs #KidsCoach #DreamThenDo #Inspiration #WatchMeFly

Simple words to live by.Be your biggest fan and your honest critic.

Can I tell you a secret?
You are worthy RIGHT NOW.
Worthy of love.
Worthy of happiness.
Worthy of life.
Worthy of your dreams.
Worthy of every beautiful wish you keep hidden in the recesses of your heart.
Right now, this very moment.
No matter how messy your world looks.
No matter how ragged your soul feels.
No matter what jagged words they hurled at your heart or what cruel chains they wrapped around your feet.
No. Matter. What.
You are worthy. This very moment.
Not tomorrow.
Not next week or next month.
Not when you have lost 15 more pounds or paid off that debt or finished that book or caught up on the laundry.
You are worthy NOW.
So straighten those shoulders and square up your soul.
Cast off that crutch and take up your crown.
Even if your hope is bruised and your knees are shaking, step into that ring and take your rightful place as the star of your own life.
Because in the middle of all the mess,
you are already a masterpiece.
#rewriteyourstars #thegreatestshowman #musicandmiraclesremix #thisisme #rewritethestars #starinyourownlife #dreamthendo #leadwithlove #faithoverfear

New favorite account. 💭
#wordsofwisdom #makeithappen #dreamthenDO

Late night location scouting for CREATIONS new music video 📽

I’ve learned that the best way to maintain creative vision is to plan and prep!!! & to always keep having fun with it🌀

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