See that shirt? That has SC on it? It stands for Springer Contracting. And when people say we are “lucky” or “it must be nice” what they forget is that SC dream started when my husband was a teenager working for local business owners thinking to himself “If they can do it, I can do it.” And when he was 18 he told his foreman “one day you’ll work for me.” And he took his jobs seriously. He learned everything he could from anyone that would answer any question he had. .
And when we got pregnant for Levi, his pride and joy, he buckled down even more. Taking on side jobs. Saving up as much in his retirement as possible. And networking. And making a plan. He wasn’t going to follow in his father’s footsteps and work his life away. He wasn’t going to leave the child raising all to me like every other father he knew. He wanted to be there. For all of it. He was also determined to build something to leave behind. To set our kids up. .
And when Levi turned one years old, he quit his job and started his own company. And you know what? It cost us $50,000 to start. It currently costs $12,000 a month to operate. And it was always a risk. But when you make success not a choice, but a plan, failing and quitting dont fit in the equation. And that foreman I told you about? Yeah, he ended up working for my husband.
So my point is, take the risk. Make success the plan. Take failing out of the equation. And have a “why” as BIG as wanting your unborn son to one day wear a work shirt with the initials SC on them.
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Process this.
I’m sitting with this one today....

"If you want to really change something you must walk a new path."
#balance #alignment #dreamthendo #chakracircle

#17 the #30HabitsForSuccess series 🏆 INTENTIONALLY DAYDREAM, allow your mind to travel into the depths of itself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
🧠 don’t be discouraged from daydreaming. Let your mind wander, let t breathe, let it explore. Just don’t live there! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
🏝 personally, I love it when I allow myself to daydream. It encourages me to remember what’s possible, what I’m working towards, what I want for myself in this life.
💭 daydreaming helps me to break out of a rigid mindset, which I find happens when I focus too hard on something without coming up for air. Slipping into a daydream for a few minutes allows me to mentally sort through all the wonderful “what-if” scenarios that spur me on. If you find you’re struggling to find motivation, give yourself permission to dream about what could be, then wake up and go do it 👊🏽👊🏼👊🏿👊🏻👊🏾
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(EN) “Take action. This is the most important step (...) Action is what’s going to change your life. Make many small adjustments in your life that add up to a significant change over time” - The Minimalists (PT) “Tome uma atitude. Esse é o passo mais importante (...) Agir é o que vai mudar a sua vida. Faça pequenos ajustes na sua vida que vão resultar em uma significativa mudança ao longo do tempo” - Os Minimalistas

Hey there sunny summer afternoon! ☀️Enjoying every second of our long summertime days...because school starts Tuesday for my high schooler! 🤭 🤗#peaceful #businessplanning #pivot #clarityfinally #poolday #dreamthendo

"Just believe in yourself. Even if you don't, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will." - Venus Williams

I took this picture on my own mini mental health getaway. The rolls. Ugh. I knew I had to capture it to share, but I didn't actually want to share it.
Most people have flub. Rolls. A spare tire. Muffin tops. What ever you call it. But especially when you sit down. STOP comparing that state of you to something else. Love your body for what it is. Embrace what it can do for you. Likely it can do more than you give it credit for. The two of you have gone through a lifetime together. I know I'm guilty of diminishing my body's worth.

I'm not perfect. Nor do I ever pretend to be. I have days I'd rather sit on the couch eating chips all day. Sometimes it actually happens 🙊 but know what? That's OK. I'm human. I'm not going to want to workout and eat 100% healthy every day. The thing is, you don't have to. But what needs to happen is pushing through those times and focusing on your goals. Sure. Have an off day. That's cool. But then get your butt back in gear. Push play. Get out of the house. Do what you HAVE to do to make it happen.
That's why I love coaching. I don't expect people to be perfect. Ever. I don't expect people to look like models and have 6 packs. That's not everyone's goal.

I DO expect people to trust in me. I do expect they give their all when they can. I do expect people to not give up after a bad day. I do expect people to mess up, struggle, and rebound.

Life is a journey. Always changing. New adventures. New circumstances. I share my journey to hopefully inspire others, and maybe to have others join me in this beautiful craziness of life ❤ so what are you waiting for? Here's your invite to change your life with me through the great and not so great.

I have a new favorite spot. A peaceful place to start the morning and soak in some ☀️. I wear many hats during the day, but I’m learning how to just be me before I put any of them on. You never know where inspiration will hit, but if you’re too busy you may miss it. .
#morningmeditation #createdtocreate #beforeiputthehatson #justsitting #morningtea #dreamthendo #berefreshed

Our lives are created spiritually before they manifest physically. Spending time dreaming about every detail of the life you want is never a waste of time.

When u try to come for me, i keep on flourishing..... no really. 🤨😏
#bodypositive #20gayteen #hereforit #LAstateofmind #dreamthendo #constantlycreating
#perserverancewithintegrity ☄️
📸 @samkhenning

First time at @brickfairexpo this weekend, Zen and his pals are showcasing their LEGO build town called: Friendtopia!
A fun collaboration / mashup among 6 buddies. Special thanks to parents for taxi, build delivery and other support services.
Come #checkitout #brickfair2018 #stem #lego #zen #dreamthendo

@elyjahtribe new project just launched and I love all that it is!!! Check it out and share with anyone you think might be part of the Movement 🌎🌍🌏 #musicwithamessage #nice ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
❗️Link in bio❗️

I’m currently experiencing the results of taking action vs. wishing for something different. I’m certainly a dreamer but what’s more important than thinking BIG is taking bold action. We often wish and then wait...I encourage you to wish and then GO! Dream and then DO! Happy Monday 😊🙌🏼💫
#mondaymotivation #keepdreaming #startdoing #inspiredaction #inspiredliving #mompreneur #love #entreprenuers #faceyourfears #youvegotthis #intentionalliving #dreamthendo #hellomonday

So so so proud of my sisterfriend @meagangood for embarking on this project. If Not Now, When, the movie. I CANNOT wait for this film. #DreamThenDo

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