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@robertsdrums probably makes some of the most beautiful looking custom, vintage drums. That warm mahogany sound with that champagne sparkle, and those old-school Slingerland lugs. I'm gonna get fat just by looking at it. 😍🌹 #want #vintagedrums #dreamsnare @vintage_drums

All preparations on the Set are made, to rock at the @eastercross.festival .

Have fun with it!

#eastercross #customdrums #dreamsnare #drumset #festival

Couldn't snap a good pic of this on my usual picture wall cause I didn't have the space πŸ™ˆ This was my biggest one yet! #dreamcatcher #dreamsnare

Johnny Craviotto = Heavyweight Craftsman of the World. 6 x 14, Birdseye Maple, 8-lugger. Sonic perfection, wrapped in complete beauty. I am stunned by this drum. #nofilter #solidshell #dreamsnare #craviottodrums #grateful

What? I teach #dreamcatcher workshops
#nomorebaddreams #dreamsnare

Taking apart a dream snare before work. Nbd. #dreamsnare #maybeonedayicanplaylikemaxroach #notachance #goodtodream

"Ludwig Platinum Snare Drum Center Tour"
More than 20 Ludwig Snares available!! Come in and try out classic and modern models from the Ludwig Drum company. You also have the chance to win your favorite Ludwig Snare during this tour!!!
#ludwigdrums #ludwigusa #dreamsnare #blackbeauty #chromeoverbrass @officialludwigdrums @ludwigdrumshq

Hope you can help me catch my dream
#dreamcatcher #dreamsnare


🎊🎊Share The Snare🎊🎊 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Its Give Away Time Again πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Head on over to my FaceBook Page,
Dream Snare to Enter πŸ˜πŸ’œ Happy Saturday Beautiful People, hope your weekend is going along awesomely πŸ’œ
Since i am only 4 likes away from 200 ive decided i am going to run another Give Away for all my Beautiful Supporters 😁😁 The Prize will be:
1) A Sphere MultiDimensional DreamCatcher Or
2) A Trianglular MultiDimensional DreamCatcher/SunCatcher/WindChime
(Winner Picks Colours they want)
I will also be chucking in one of the new editions to my page, a Moonstone Car hanger, for New Beginings and Safe Travels.

Just share this post with your friends for your entry into the give away 😁
Get Sharing Everyone For Your Chance to win πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’œ #DreamSnare #DareToDream #GiveAwayTime #MultiDimensionalDreamCatcher #SafeTravelsCarHanger #GetSharing

Got Some Californian White Sage Today To Clense The Stones I Use In My Creations Befor They Are Handed To Their Forever Owners πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ If you have a crystal or a piece of jewelry given to you, or anything else that you want to cleanse, hold it in your hand and waft smoke from below the object, so that the sage smoke covers the object from below, traveling up. Swirl the smoke around the object until you feel the cleansing is complete.
If you are smudging a protection object such as a crystal that you wear and have asked it to absorb negative energies, you will want to cleanse this object periodically to make sure it is fully functioning.

White sage (Salvia apiana), is a plant native to high desert ecosystems and grows prevalently in California and in the Mountain West.Β 
For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant.

Native Americans started the tradition of using Sacred Sage to ward off evils spirits and negative energies. White sage has been used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity, banish spirits, and encourage protection.Β Sacred sage can amplify any clearing and protective techniques that you are already using. As a plant, and a living being, sage also has a Spirit. The Spirit of sage is dedicated to offering protection, blessings, and clearing.
#DreamSnare #DareToDream #WhiteSage #Clensing #Protection #Blessings #Clearing #DreamBig #DreamCatcher #SomeThingNew #BigLove

πŸ’œCute Little Piece for a car πŸ’œ
This DreamCatcher is perfect for the car!
At the bottom if this DreamCatcher ive placed a white and black MoonStone In A silver Spiral cage.
MoonStone is a New Beginnings/Safe Travel Stone, The Energy of this stone relates to new beginnings. It gas strong links to the moon and reminds us that everything is part of cyclic change. Maintains a powerful calming effect on the emotions. Excellent amulet for Safe Travel.
Soothes and Stabiluses emotional instability and stress. Encourages lucid dreaming - Particulary at thn time of the full moon. Balances female and male energies.

This DreamCatcher is 7.5cm wide by aprox 15-20cm long.
$17 +postage if needed

Matetilas Used:
1x 7.5cm Metal hoop
1x 5cm Metal Hoop
Purple cotton
White Cotton
3 x Different sized/style Purple Beads
Small Silver Shimmer Beads
White Artufical Rooster Feathers.
1x White MoonStone In Silver Spiral Cage

#DreamCatcher #DreamSnare #DareToDream #WhiteMoonStone #NewBeginnings #SafeTravels #CarDreamCatcherHanger #Purple #DreamAaDream #DreamBig #BigLove

πŸ’™ Keep an eye out for my new creation in the next few days with these MoonStones.
MoonStones Are a, New beginings/Safe travel stone. 😊 πŸ’™
#DreamSnare #DareToDream #MoonStone #NewBeginings #SafeTravels #KeepYourEyesPeeledInTheNextCoupleOfDays #Excited #BigLove

Taking apart a dream snare before work. Nbd. #dreamsnare #maybeonedayicanplaylikemaxroach #notachance #goodtodream

⭐⭐SOLD⭐⭐ Im not sure what to call this Creation. Im so excited about this Piece! 😁😁 This is my first DreamCatcher, SunCatcher and WindChime in One! And not only is it all of those 3, you can also add your very own oil drop to the volcanic stone beads i have used in this Catcher 😁😁 A single drop of an essential oil on and the volcanic stone will hold and release the scent for aprox 24hours, say like maybe a drop of lavender on the volcanic bead to help enhance the calming feeling, or simply just any scented oils that you love 😊 $48 +Postage If Needed

Ive Used 3 Triangle Metal Shapes weaved in Light Blue cotton, then wrapped in Black Wool. I have also used a smaller circular hoop that i have wrapped in boack and attached to the bottom weave for a steardy and stronger hokd for the chimes. Ive placed a Silver Patterend Butterfly in the centre of each side
The Centre beads consist of, Volcanic stone beads(one size), Blue Stone beads (2Sizes), Silver sparkley beads(2 Sizes), and some suncatching clear beads. Also is a Larger sized Dark Blue foil effect thats i have placed with the beads to act as the chime player 😊. Hanging from the bottom is a large Swarovski Crystal.
#DreamSnare #DareToDream #DreamCatcher #SunCatcher #WindChime #StoneBeads #VolcanicBeads #SwarovskiCrystal #Blue #Black #Butterfly #SweetDreams #GoodNight #HandMade #LoveThisOne #BigLove

⚠ Triangles ⚠
Keep your Eyes Peeled Tomorrow Night For this New Piece ⚠
Im so excited for this one! πŸ˜„
Can you guess what ill be doing?? #DreamSnare #DreamCatcher #DareToDream #DreamBig #Triangles

🍊🍊 Orange Orange Orange 🍊🍊
Thid DreamCatcher is Off to America!
This is an order i received last night for today 😁
This Creation is made out of a 30cm metal hoop wrapped in orange wool, the middle of this dreamcather is a orange and white doilie weaved in with orange cotton. I have then hung more orange wool off the bottom, with silver beads, 1 big orange (crackle effect) glass bead, and white artificial rooster tail feathers. Finished off with a white and silver butterfly. #DreamCatcher #DreamSnare #Orange #White #Doilie #Bright #Happy #DareToDream #SweetDreams

"She Belived She Could, So She Did"
Loving this Beautiful Green Peacock Feather inspired DreamCatcher 😍 Loving Peacock Feathers at the moment.
This DreamCatcher is 20cm wide by 95cm long. $30 (+postage if needed)
Ive created this peice out of a metal hoop wrapped in green wool, ive weaved the centre out of white cotton finished with a deep green glass bead in the centre. The Bottom of this DreamCatcher is made up of more green wool, ive then hung gold beads, followed by a green glass bead, and a white stone bead. Hanging from the beads are some beautiful natural Peacock Feathers (No Animals Harmed In Collection Of Feathers). To finish it all off i have hung a little pendent which says,"She Believed She Could, So She Did" on it, and added 2 little green dragonflies to the top of the dreamcatcher. #DreamCatcher #DreamCatching #DreamSnare #DareToDream #PeaCockFeathers #RealFeathers #Beads #Green #Dragonfly #DragonFlies #Crafts #HandMade #BigLove #SheBelievedSheCouldSoSheDid

🚨SOLD🚨 Out Of Stock 🚨 β­•βšͺ Blue and White Owl βšͺβ­• This Owl is Made up Of, 2x7.5cm metal hoops wrapped in blue cotton, weaved in a lighter blue cotton and a white stone bead for the eyes. Body is made of Blue and White feathers hanging from Light Blue and White stone beads.And 2 blue and black pok-a-dot feathers for the eyebrows.

This owl is 17cm wide (feather span), by 30cm long. $20 (+ Postage If needed)
#DreamCatcher #DreamSnare #Owl #Blue #White #HootHoot #DareToDream #Beads #Feathers #HomeMade #HandMade #BigLove

A couple of cute little DreamCatcher key rings πŸ’œ $6 each. These cuties are 5cm wide by 8.5cm long.
Ive made these key rings out of a little metal hoop wrapped in purple and pink cotton, weaved in a lighter purple and pink cotton.
The Purple Dreamcatcher Keyring ive placed a purple bead in the centre, then finished him off with 2 silver, and a purple bead which i have hung a little owl off.
Pink DreamCatcher Key ring has a sparkley silver bead in the centre finished off with 2 sparkley silver an a pink crackle bead finished off with a little owl pendant.
#DreamCatchers #Keyrings #Owls #DareToDream #DreamSnare #LittleOnes

🚨🚨SOLD🚨🚨 βš«β­πŸ”΄ Black, Red, And Yellow πŸ”΄β­βš« This Beauty is an order that i have completed. I hope she likes it!
This MultiDimensional DreamCatcher Is Made Up Of 3, 35cm metal hoops, wrapped in, Black, Yellow, And Red Wool, then weaved first with Black cotton,followed by Yellow, finishing the weave with Red Cotton. The Bottom Is Made Up Of more Black, Yellow, And Red Wool platted together, then threaded mixed sixed black, yellow, and red wooden beads, finished of with feathers.
The DreamCatcher is 35cm round, by 110cm long. $50 (+ Postage if needed) #DreamCatcher #DreamSnare #DareToDream #SweetDreams #MultiDimensional #Black #Yellow #Red #WoodenBeads #Feathers #Wool #HandMade #CatchingYourNightMares

This little Blue And White DreamCatcher Is perfect to hang in the car πŸ’™ Ive made this DreamCatcher out of a metal hoop wraped in white cotton, weaved in blue cotton. The bottom is made up of 6 little white feathers hanging from blue cotton with little blue wooden beads and medium dark brown wooden beads. I've then added little white flowers around the hoop to finish it all off. This DreamCatcher is 7.5cm wide by 16cm long and is $8 (+postage if needed) #DreamCatcher #DreamSnare #DareToDream #BlueAndWhite #CarHanger #Beads #Feathers #SweetDreams #HandMade #flowers #Cute #LittleDreamCatcher

Thank You Tags for my DreamCatchers. Love them, so cute! 2 different kinds. #ThankYou #DreamCatchers #DreamSnare #Blue #Pink #Tags

Im so loving this DreamCatcher!
A Close up of the peacock feathers and Agate stone #DreamCatcher #DreamSnare #RealPeacockFeatehers #Beads #SweetDreams

I Love This Bright Piece 😍 So happy with how it turned out 😁 This DreamCatcher is something a little different.
I have used a purple Agate Stone in the middle of this DreamCatcher, which enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect and is also known as a good luck stone πŸ€As a stone of Harmony, one of the things Agate does is balance the yin/yang energy. Agate also increases energy.
I habe made this DreamCatcher out of a 45cm metal hoop wrapped in motley coloured wool( Purple, light purple, blue, bright pale grren), weaved in the same wool as its wrapped in, i have then wrapped a smaller metal hoop (10cm hoop), wrapped in purple wool, then weaved into the DreamCatcher centre. I have held the stone in place by wrapping the Agate stone in purple motley cotton, then added, green, blue, light turquoise coloured cotton, plaved a gold sparkley bead on the strings and then tied them all in place. Finished off with Real peacock feathers down one side(No Animals Harmed). DreamCatcher is 45cm round.
This Peacock DreamCatcher is $40(+ Postage if needed)
#DreamCatcher #DreamSnare #SomethingDifferent #PurpleAgateStone #RealPeacockFeathers #Purple #Blue #Green #Gold #Wool #Beads #HandMade #DareToDream #CatchingTheNightmares #SweetDreams #BigLove

✨Neutral Vibes✨#dreamsnare #dreamcatcher #handmade

Couldn't snap a good pic of this on my usual picture wall cause I didn't have the space πŸ™ˆ This was my biggest one yet! #dreamcatcher #dreamsnare

πŸ’œβš«βšͺ Keep your eyes peeled for my next creation πŸ’œβš«βšͺ #DreamCatching #DreamSnare #DareToDream #Weave #SweetDreams #CatchingYourScaryDreams

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