During my forearm stand practice today, I used a yoga wheel as my prop. I found this to be SUCH a useful prop in my journey to scorpion. I've never felt my ribs open the way they did today. Once I was able to rest my foot on the wheel and push my head into the wheel, my ribs opened and I was sooooo happy!! This is the action I'm always trying to create, but it never actually works for me. This is another one where I'm going my prop will help me to create my muscle memory💪💪
Night night ig 🌙🛌🌟😴

Tip 4: cultivate your personal brand. You are your own brand ambassador and that means being conscious of how you are perceived both online and offline. Your brand consists not just of your skills and experience but your values, reputation and motivation. What drive you and what you are passionate about can be a good guide for companies to gauge your cultural fit (and vice versa). Your digital presence can be real differentiator when you are competing in a highly competitive marketplace. You can combine online and offline networking for maximum effect.

As an artist, I yearn to compose photographs with a deeper meaning - images without a shelf-life. Something more than a trend for a passing season. I strive to capture moments like these... 🇹🇭 #luxurywedding

Happy café lady @glenorchytradingnz
Learning the ropes before hopefully opening my own when I'm home.

#dreamjob #cafelife #glenorchytradingpost #NewZealand #travelling #kinlochlodgenz

Hey Monday,

Your shitty weather isn't stopping us today!
Let's do this!

Fantastic time last week with @anastasiamcummings at her #scriptsupervisor talk! #moviemagic

No filter needed for this beautiful morning in Banff! Taking the horses to the spray river corrals ready for a day of trekking in the rocky mountains 🐴🐴 #ultimateoehorses #dreamjob #banff #gapyear #horses #ultimateoe @kendellpaigesimpson

Realized I've been slacking on posting the photos built in my camera roll, here are some pics of me recieving my yellow belt in Krav Maga! Photos courtesy of Adam, thanks!

#karate #kravmaga #poolerkarate #tangsoodo #martialarts #knockout #test #bestday #fun #friends #family #love #dreamjob #futureblackbelt

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