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Had more chemistry in one episode than Destiel did in 10 seasons
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🌟Kaia Nieves🌟

Representation matters.
I know I sound like a broken record but it's true. Seeing character's you can relate to is so important.

Now I'm not sure if Claia/Dreamhunter (Claire and Kaia) has been confirmed but the possibility of having a lgbtq+ couple is there. And even if they don't give us this ship there are still many opportunities to showcase different sexualities and genders.

I remember when #LoveSimon was released and all the stories I heard of people being inspired to come out to the people in their lives and of people who for the first time understood the amount of courage it took for them to come out.

I am tired of seeing lgbtq+ characters being reduced to the "gay best friend", the promiscuous lover or the gay couple who's around for one episode. Give #Waywardsisters the opportunity to be a platform where important topics such as accurate representation of sexuality and the only way to so that is to #savewaywardsisters
I forgot to post this yesterday.♥
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SCP-966 does not seem to rest through sleep; instead, they will suddenly cease all movement at seemingly random intervals of time, resuming normal activity three to five minutes later. They are visible only at wavelengths ranging from 700 nm to about 900 nm.
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~ I would take a plane to the other half of the world like I took one on my own to Rio de Janeiro in 2016 to see the Carnival. I would go that far.
~ I would say yes to a stranger like I did it on Tomorrowland. I would go that far.
~ I would do anything to relive my 4 months long Erasmus experience in my Spotahome room on Carrer de les Garrigues in Valencia, in the city where I had the best part of my life.

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on my way. tapsilog, here i come. malasado lang pls 🤪

In middle of the night, hearing the cat fights , but I need to sleep if I can do it.

Ten years In the making this crew will hit the woods together again. From New foundland 2010 and now booked for 2020 elk muley combo in Montana
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A wild USB cable in its natural dream hunt

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Hello there Mr Fox! 🦊
Not my usual style, but it was a special request for my beautiful nephew who just turned ONE 😭❤️

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