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Real time, real mistake. // I decided to do a quick video of what I'm working on right now, in real time, and you can see that I made a mistake, took some knots out and kept going. It's one of the best things about macrame, the knot mistakes can just be undone. If only life was that easy. πŸ™ƒ // For anyone that's wondering, you can find the rope that I use at knotandrope.com/elsie

Just trying to plan out how to stitch these ears!

I recorded a lot of material recently but I didn't use an embroidery stand so my hoop is moving all over in the vids and I don't think it's the best. I'll still upload those videos soon but just know that ~in the future~ the set up will be better!!

Not now, not ever again.

You guys. My momma is almost 59. 5-9. Isn't she just lovely?!

Off to spend the day in London with @tinyatlasquarterly + @ohanacommunications 🌿✨ Look out for my Stories this afternoon... should be an exciting day! #mytinyatlaslondon

Had the best/hottest day at @theburlky Anniversary Art Market! So many incredible makers/artists/vendors, and the raddest location in town πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I love learning from others. I love that our @unitepasadena team loves to learn from others as well. Thanks @vantagepointchurch for hosting us today. And a special thanks to a dear friend, @pastormlee , for leading such an amazing community!!!

Anyone else create fake personalities/stories to each name when they are hand addressing?! No..just me? Im doing some right now and man all I can think about is how horrible their kindergarten year must have been.

From where I sit... Sunshine, my easel, and a view over Singapore 🌿
Happy Sunday loves ✌🏻️
#thelovelyother #shopsmalllove #handsandhustle


Guys, "I don't think the world is sold on just doing what we're told." I can't believe I get to work with a community of women who don't just do what they are told - they are brave and bold, unquenchably adventurous, dreamers and doers who refuse to give up on bridging the gap between what is and what could be, and social entrepreneurs who believe we can make the world a little brighter for our sisters in East Africa and right here at home. They are world changers and I LOVE IT. Just say yes, to a life of passion and adventure. πŸ’œ
*Lyrics fromΒ @onerepublic
*@ssekofellowfebe's daughter Violet is too cute to stand 😍

☝️Bumble Bee Jasper is actually a combination of πŸŒ‹ volcanic matter, anhydrite, hematite, sulfur etc.β˜€οΈBumble Bee Jasper activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, enabling you to accept change, find new opportunities, increase your self-esteem and make decisions without relying on emotions. This baby is dyed with turmeric and is at @shoprelove 🌟✨🌟come see her in person or DM me for custom πŸ’›

Business redefined!! Breakfast with one of my favorites!!!!! Love this lady!!! Beautiful inside and out ❀️ #rfsisters #joinus #teampowerhouse #dreamersanddoers

Had fun playing with this @fujifilm_instax_northamerica camera yesterday at the @tinyatlasquarterly meet up in London! As I paced the Greenwich market with this camera in hand I was reminded of the value when you come across an old vintage box of postcards or handwritten vignettes β€” for a moment you're able to step into someone's experience and briefly see the world through their intimate perspective. Honestly consider packing one in your bag next time you travel or have a fun day ahead. It's such a great tool to keep mementos from experiences and places you visit... you can pin the photos to a map or a journal later + you could even gift the photos to friends back home! πŸ—Ίβœ¨

The Hara and Peri Chain Earrings ✨ Most of my new jewelry pieces are named after the colors they were inspired by or wrapped in, for these two it's the Sahara and periwinkle. Available in August!

Curiosity makes you interesting, while judging defines you. πŸ’­

The legacy you leave is the life you lead.
Is the life you're living one that you want to be your legacy? This applies to business and the way you run your business, but also your personal life. Take some time today and think about what you're doing that will be your legacy, then, if you aren't happy with it, make a plan to change it! Small attainable goals will be the key!
If you need some extra encouragement, don't be afraid to reach out!

Falling in love with with taking portraits πŸ€“

"The Big Idea", a new post for all you day dreamers, on love lulu.
πŸ“Έ: @jezlan
There has never been a better time to start your own business, write that book, or launch your blog.
What's been on your heart to create?
#ontheblog #lovelulu #linkinbio

#lakelife is quite blissful. There is just something about removing yourself from the every day and getting plopped next to the water with the simple sound of the waves rustling against the shore.
This morning, we woke up to worship music playing, thankful hearts in surrender to Jesus, and a surprise breakfast from @wolfermans. The #wolfermans gourmet breakfast box was the perfect beginning to our #cabinlife adventure. #wolfermansmoments #ad
{click link in profile and use code MEGHAN20 to get 20% off your order--- they make fantastic gifts! πŸ˜‰}
Today, there is nothing planned. Sitting, resting in God's presence. Throwing in some laughter and playtime. Journaling and digging into the word of God by the sandy edge of the water while the kids make the sweetest of memories.
Today is a really good day.
What does your day look like? What moments will you make memorable?

When the "Before" might be better than the "After". Oops. Oh well, just enjoy the process, right?

In #newjersey At the park we are talking to The Detroit native @cuba2285 about living his dreams wide awake! Join our ongoing campaign "Are you here to help with my Dreams?" #dreamersanddoers #dreambigridiculousdreams #nyleeydiditagain #greatnessinthemaking

Wisdom from @brenebrown

New DIY Basket Plant Hanger pattern just listed! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your sister and your friends. ☺️ // Its been a while since I've released a new pattern and I've had a lot of interest for the one in the middle. Swipe right and zoom in for a closer look. It's a good pattern to learn something new and apply to your future pieces. // All DIY patterns are but 4 and get one free with code Macrame. Link is in profile or go to reformfibers.etsy.com

Why Not? Take the risk to get more! The Nyleey team is routing for increase in your LIFE! You will not grow in your comfort zone! #facts #growthmindset #dreamersanddoers #dreambig #dreambigridiculousdreams

This isn't my picture, because I can never get a shot before I shove these beauties in my face. (@lianoelfedak)
🍩 @beechwooddoughnuts is always killin' it on Instagram- do you want to know why? Let me just tell you.
☝🏼They have a focus
✌🏼They post consistently
πŸ‘‰πŸΌThey have created something engaging about their business as a whole.
πŸ’πŸ»If you want to grow your business on social, you need to make sure it is ready for social. #SocialStartsOffline

Your past is the stepping stone to where you are headed. Keep going forward! Don't allow your past to interfere with your destiny. The lessons of your past were meant to teach you how to handle what's coming.

Ever had the Diver at Silky O'Sullivan's? If you know what's in it, tell us!
Click the link in our bio @memphistypehistory to listen to this week's podcast episode where we discuss all things beer-drinking goats! #memphistypehistory

Can you guess what I am up to?
β”Ό β”½ β”Ύ β”Ώ β•€ ╁ β•‚ β”Ό β”½ β”Ύ β”Ώ β•€ ╁ β•‚ β•… ╆ ╇ β•ˆ ╉ β•Š β•‹β”Ό β”½ β”Ύ β”Ώ β•€ ╁ β•‚ β•… ╆ ╇ β•ˆ ╉ β•Š β•‹β•… ╆ ╇ β•ˆ ╉ β•Š β•‹β”Ό β”½ β”Ύ β”Ώ β•€ ╁ β•‚ β•… ╆ ╇ β•ˆ ╉ β•Š β•‹β”Ό β”½ β”Ύ β”Ώ β•€ ╁ β•‚ β•… ╆ ╇ β•ˆ ╉ β•Š β•‹β”Ό β”½ β”Ύ β”Ώ β•€ ╁ β•‚ β•… ╆ ╇ β•ˆ ╉ β•Š β•‹β”Ό β”½ β”Ύ β”Ώ β•€ ╁ β•‚

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