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A dream without ambition is like a car without gas...you’re not going anywhere.
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🏁2015 BMW M3
🚩31k Miles
🚩Still under full factory warranty
🚩Full Carbon Fiber (Inside & Out)
🚩Every Option Imaginable
🚩Tuned & Lowered
•$55k (financing available)
•Payment TakeOver Available
•Short Term Lease Available
DM or Call for More Info
👤: @terrenceeaddy
👔: @thegentlemenstable
🏎: @rosegoldautomotive

🔥 Firearm's first use is self-defense. You never know someone else's intent. You could just be walking out of the store... #DontBan #Educate 🔥

Dark haired guy: Deceased.
Blonde haired guy: Acted in Self-defense.
Passenger: Hit in shoulder, but recovered.

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I say it time and time again because I really mean it, but I’m truly honored when my friends choose to do business with me!

My big bro @kirkandre swung by the new office last week for a quick consult for his next purchase.

I gave him a tour, we cracked jokes, I showed him a few cars and literally the next day he bought one of the cars I showed him.

I pre-negotiated the price on his behalf before he arrived, so there was no need to fight for the best price, AND the cars were already prepped and ready so there was minimal downtime during his experience at the dealership.

That’s how you buy a car the Rose Gold way.
As a side note, Kirk I admire all of your success, and If anyone deserves a brand new whip, it’s you bro. You work DAMN hard!

Continue to grind and shine! We’re all inspired by you!

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