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My #dreamcargarage #dreamgarage 😍 I think my #370znismo #370z #nissan370z will like it 😜

Took a trip yesterday to spend time with one of our clients and toured his collection. As impressed as I am with his cars the detail in his garage is absolutely amazing👏🏼 Thank you guys for your hospitality! #dreamcargarage #ferrarifriday

Yet another clean example. This #AP2 is owned by @wiwafoto and we look forward to seeing it transform. #RSPECAUTO #MotorMavens #dreamcargarage

I had a chance to visit this #dreamcargarage up in the #california #mountains parts go in and #hotrods come out !

Welcome to my garage.......in my mind. Black 991 gt3 and a Caterham. Both of which have been dreams cars for as long as I can remember. @lyfemotorsport #dreamcargarage #caterham #porschegt3

Now that look on @titaniumman77 's face is the one of confusion and good... i mean bad decisions being made! #vw #golfr #aristocratmotors #dreamcargarage


Went to the place where they do Dream Car Garage with all my uncles and my pops today. Saw some very expensive classics today including a COPO Chevelle. An ALL ORIGINAL Plum Crazy Challenger (ridic), probably close to 10 or more Shelby's including a 1 of 1 '68 prototype Shelby, a '69 Shelby GT500 convertible!! Bananas. A '76 Trans Am with 20 000 original miles. The creme de la creme was the Coronet 440 with the 426. This car has made me fall for Mopars. I couldn't even fit the damn thing in the pic. #dreamcargarage #musclecar #thirstythursdays #chevy #camaro #chevelle #dodge #challenger #ford #shelby #pontiac #transam

A bold red interior for this Ferrari 488 Spyder sets it apart from other, less interesting 488 Italias. Look at that manettino with its array of dials and buttons! Using the zoom feauture on the Sony Ericsson C902a feature phone camera helped us capture the intricate details of this fine Italian stallion.

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Ohhhhhhhhhh, he waved to me.... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , I couldn't keep up in the Toyota yaris (bahahaha, work car) but he slowed down for me so I could get up close while he launched it through the tunnel ... LEGEND!

#ohboy #carporn #realdrivers #audi #audir8 #loveatfirstshift #ifonly #dreamcar #dreamcars #dreamcargarage #listentothatexhaust #supermodelsex

Just a quaint little Porsche 356 Speedster in a lovely Rubinrot color.

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Talk about a car that refuses to quit. Or rust. Or look good. It's perfectly frightful - ghastly, even. We wish so many other cars were made of stainless steel as well but in the early 80's, the DMC (DeLorean Motor Company) monopolized worldwide stainless steel production through aggressive and often un-ethical business practices, leaving other car manufacturers no way of incorporating stainless steel into their own designs. Just imagine if your precious Subaru Impreza 2.5RS were immune to rust! But no. Some companies just want to watch the world rust...
So here you go, enjoy, and Happy Halloween from all of us at ÆFFORT Photography!

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Lee: "Let me tell you something about Asians, we never panic."
James Carter: "Oh yeah, when Godzilla be coming, y'all be trippin': "Giaca! Giaca!" •
No need to panic, it's just a Katsura Orange Nissan GTR, perfect for these Halloween vibes we're feeling today! From all of us at ÆFFORT Photography, we wish you a bold, salacious Halloween full of sweet treats, dirty tricks, and hot nurses treating the diabetes that is imminent after all those Reese's peanut butter cups.
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#aeffort #halloween2017

Hello, Ferrari 275GTB. Why are you hiding? Or did we just fail to take a single quality photograph of this stunning car? It's tough when cars park so close to one another....! At least we captured that divine lens flare that we've come to be known for.
ÆFFORT Pro Tip®: With the accelerated deterioration of the ozone layer thanks to global warming (if you believe in what is at best a marginal theory), you can take full advantage of the sun's increasing intensity and severity, especially when capturing lens flares and hot spots in images! YAY!

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What rhymes with "cripple rejection" and is a great way of materializing wealth and luxury into your and two other people's lives? Well if you've been closely following us and reading our intriguing captions, the answer is "Triple Projection®" - a technique you can clearly see in this photo we snapped of a gorgeous Giallo Fly Ferrari 275GTB. You can see the three shadows of our photographers Projected® onto the Ferrari, thereby putting a bit of themselves onto the object they covet. See our October 21st post for the dirty details of this profound technique for achieving your dream car.

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I had a chance to visit this #dreamcargarage up in the #california #mountains parts go in and #hotrods come out !

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