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Lightning McQueen in real life 😱🔥
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Can't get enough of this #ferrari458 we did for @jordanmaron aka #captainsparklez! @llumarfilms #windowtint

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Cadillac like a house 😱😱
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Sneaky 360! 😜🇮🇹
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Supercar or Truck? 🤔
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Who wants to live this life? #DreamLife
Well, in truth, Gumball 3000 is more a military camp than a dream life. You have to drive 10 hours per day, fast and hard. You arrive late in sumptuous hotels you don't have time to watch. You have to eat then there's a huge party waiting for you. And you have to be at the starting line at 8 in the morning. That's your duty for 7 days.
Qui veut vivre cette vie ? #VieDeRêve
En fait, le Gumball 3000 ressemble plus à un camp d'entrainement militaire qu'à une vie de rêve. Vous conduisez 10 heures par jour à tombeau ouvert. Vous arrivez tardivement dans des hôtels somptueux, que vous n'avez pas le temps de voir. Vous devez manger, et une soirée démente vous attend. Et vous devez être sur la ligne de départ à 8h pétante. C'est votre lot pour 7 jours.

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Epic!! 💜
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Luxury! 👌
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berapa lama harus kutunggu...
akan tiba saat tu nanti... #waiting

More light

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Love it!!! 💗
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I had the amazing opportunity to testdrive these two cars the other day.
The first one is the Model X 90D. Really packed with electronics and technique! Awesome.
The second one is a Model S P100D. I am having big trouble finding the words to describe it all. It has truly become a dream car for me! So mindblowingly quick and cool!
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Pick one! Would you rather have Olivier's @obprestigeauto REB993Turbo or 2400HP GTR? Check out the rest of his crazy car collection at @obprestigeauto
#porsche #rwb #turbo #gtr #racecar #becauseracecar #nissangtr #1320 #1320video 📷: @boosted_cars

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