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Fun fact: The average CEO will read 55 books, cover to cover, in one year. The average employee will read less than one. #MakeChangeSeeChange #DreamBuilding

We are your #barnwood door supplier...& we love it! #dreambuilding #contractorsofinsta #redemption #hgtv

Nothing like suit shopping to make you feel good. #iwant #newwardrobe #dreambuilding

$300 Tiffany sunglasses and Tesla cars. I didn't even know I wanted one until I sat in it.

#tiffanyandco #teslamodelS #weekendfun #dreambuilding

Menu-planning today for our upcoming 'Brunch at the Hill.' Many years ago I had a dream about a house, and as Josh and I walked thru it there was all this pantry space, shelves and cabinets and shelves EVERYwhere. Outside the house was all this beautiful green space... it beckoned in a way I couldn't exactly describe. It had a certain essence, an atmosphere. I had that dream on a Saturday night. The very next morning a woman turned to me in church and shared the explicit details of a house where people would come, gather, be fed. And over the next couple of years there were more prayers and dreams and whispers than I can even recount, all pointing to Tennessee. To a house, to a garden, to tiny cottages, to fruit trees, to hills and meadows... to this place we now call home. Extraordinary. Still to this day both humbling and astounding. Still to this day a story that points to God's goodness endlessly and vividly. Coming into this year we knew we were to host a series of brunch events, to feed people mind, body, & spirit. To provoke and empower them for their own journeys, stories, and purposes on this earth. And as we've obediently and joyfully gathered around the farm table God has already begun pulling back the veil and showing us what's to come next year, and the next. No ultimate vision, but glimpses laced with hope and LIFE, enough insight for the next step into His mystery and beauty. Each an invitation to trust him, surrender to His leading, and jump with a kind of expectant faith that manifests the impossible. Building takes time, intention, patience, work. The ebb and flow of rest woven throughout allowing for maturity, no different that fruit ripening on the vine, time is necessary. We're living it every day, on purpose. It's achieved in the tiniest details of gathering eggs, weeding the garden, mowing, feeding animals. And spiritually it's achieved as we pray, submit to sanctification, encourage one another, and sometimes simply show up. It isn't easy, at all. But man it's GOOD. We're expecting extraordinary things in the days to come. Share your prayer requests with us and we'll bring them before God this week as we press in and pray. Peace to you!

Woke up...
He said let's go shoot
So...we're doing it!
#impromptu #photoshoot #model #photographer #dreamBuilding

...see you at the finish line. 💪🏾👍🏾#SaturdaySacrifice #SaunaOnDeck #DreamBuilding #TeamKCJ

This is another #unique example of the small custom features we bring to every project. #tinyhouse #contractorsofinsta #hgtv #dreambuilding


$300 Tiffany sunglasses and Tesla cars. I didn't even know I wanted one until I sat in it.

#tiffanyandco #teslamodelS #weekendfun #dreambuilding

Great business meeting today with @beescreditsolutions if you are looking to accomplish any of the four things listed above please contact her. Very knowledgeable and can teach you the right solution. Credit is everything!

When dope people rock your designs. Thanks for posting, @nelly.cora! 😍

Birthday brunch

Let go of everything and anyone that holds you back because the real ones will forever be in your corner even if there is only a few or 1... sometimes your dreams sound so crazy to others they don't see the vision you see and that's okay. Simply keep moving!!! After all your building this life for your family well at least I am!! #goaldigger #grindmode #onedaycloser #dreambuilding #bosslady #figfam

|| NYC TRIP || I haven't even begun to plan to go back here for this 7-day, Christmas extravaganza. This will be one for the ages and accomplished when I have taken several steps forward passed short term goals. I am learning so much about how I'd love a fund just to be completely spontaneous and go places on a whim. NYC is one of those cities where I plan for my hotel at the Four Seasons, walk out the front door to the Upper East Side, and just GO. ✨

I'm absolutely Ecstatic to announce that The Dream(R) Retreat @thedreamrretreat is sold out and has been for two weeks now!! Super excited to spend a beautiful fall weekend with beautiful women!!! 😍😘 I've been preparing non stop for my guests to ensure that this experience is more than they could ever imagine 💁🏽 @8storysocial #dreamrretreat17

These days I'm letting God handle all things above me 🙏🏽...

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