“I can never stand still, I must explore and experiment.” ~Walt Disney

Whoever thought a stroller parking area at the Animal Kingdom could host some of the most beautiful views! @disney
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Celebrating Lorel 1st Birthday.

What’s your workspace like at home? Or do you work at a café like I often do?
This is the place were MY magic happens everyday, unless I’m out at some café like today. Got my new shelf of knowledge up there, with books you will never find in school for another 20-30 years 🤔
Bless and hail to you who choose yourself and go all in to reach your own dreams. Fuck any limiting belief of expectation from family, friends, school, or boss at your current job 👊🏻
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Добрый день, друзья!
Присоединяйтесь в наши ряды и изучайте английский язык с лучшими преподавателями 🔥
Мы обучаем по двум адресам:
📍"Актобе Ажары" 3 этаж,310Б
📍Капитал Плаза, офис 511

Nouvelle session gratuite MasterClass « Trouver mon idée Business »

Vendredi prochain à 19:30 (heure de Paris). http://ow.ly/jEAX30kpQxe

Replay disponible pour les personnes inscrites
http://ow.ly/jEAX30kpQxe ⚠️ Véritable session de travail ⚠️

You make it happen. You chase your dreams. You don't focus on the problem. You find the solution.
You've found the solution to your administrative and marketing challenges. AdminReady, LLC. We can help you grow your brand and streamline your efforts, making you more profitable and competitive. visit www.getadminready.com to learn more. #geteverythingdone #getadminreadyllc #dreambuilders

It takes an inner fire that can't be extinguished. A drive that can't be ignored. A hunger that can't be denied. Having a small business can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. AdminReady, LLC can help you get organized and gain clarity with solutions that add value to your business. We help you get everything done in your business, so that you can be the trailblazer that you were meant to be. visit us at www.getadminready.com to learn more. #geteverythingdone #dreambuilders #getadminreadyllc

JOIN TODAY! For queries and details, call: 98145-51939
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3 more sleeps till I’m reunited with my people, and our incredible network! These girls who I have chosen to build a business with, travel with, grow with, dream BIGGER with! Those that push me to work harder everyday, to be the best version of myself possible! Last year this event was epic, and this year...let’s just say, Indy...I don’t think you're ready for me! CANT WAIT to see you girls!💕
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Great training, great food, and even better company! So lucky to have an amazing team! 💪

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Are you stuck living an "Almost" life? You are making just enough money to cover your expenses. You aren't quite living in your dream house. You are driving a car you can afford but not the car you want. *
Perhaps you have given up dreaming; or of wanting more out of life.
I know what it feels like to be trapped in an almost life. I stayed at the same dead-end job for almost 10 years too scared to take a chance on chasing after something bigger. Any time I did try to step out of my comfort zone it felt like life slapped me back down.
Change isn't always easy but it is absolutely necessary for you to move forward. If you avoid making changes in your own life may force you to make changes.
It isn't always pretty but if you persevere you will come out on the other side an improved version of yourself. Look at challenges as an opportunity.
I have wanted to be able to go full-time as a financial professional but I lacked the courage to take the steps necessary to make that happen. Life decided to put me to the test by presenting me with the opportunity if I am willing to step out of my comfort zone and grow.
It won't be easy but it will be worth it.
What decision have you been avoiding that if you made it could change your life for the better?

Scenes from yesterday and today. Working on three houses until the storms came in.
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