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Today, I woke up without an alarm clock. I didn't feel like hitting the snooze button because I was excited to get up and start the day; I woke up with no schedule. Had a hot cup of coffee in my favorite mug overlooking the ocean and thanking God for the decision I made 13 years ago to be able to own a house like this- full glass floor to ceiling open concept living, large living spaces & L-shaped sofas for friends and family to get together, full kitchen for the luxury of time to try new vegetarian recipes with @thisisadaaaaa & @nicolechin_ . I texted @kadence_wang to make plans to hit the gym. My muscles ached from the yoga session so I booked a spa treatment at Sentosa Resort and Spa with @caratbunny . Took a slow drive down in my matte black SLK 55 AMG to meet @aisharukh and @jayasadhanakapoor for high tea at Salt Grill & Sky Bar. We overlooked the bustling city life of Singapore and reminisced the hustling and late nights. The night scene in Singapore was no match for Vegas so I jio-ed @natdennail , @jordantannn , @gutaowang &@chinjj to watch the Chainsmokers Live once again in Hakkasan. This time around we decided to tour the entire US for 3 months and met @berrychuu & @snnngorious in California for Coachella 2024. Can you imagine your True Joy of Living? This is why I work 18 hour days and not one day feels like work. This is what it means to be living and not surviving. This is my #veragioiadivivere What's yours? 📸: @khawzhekai #macchiatodesign #dreambighustleharder

Bring it on. I've been waiting. Training with all my might. Being patient for my time. I'm ready for you.
@13o5 📸

Today marks the 7th year since I began full time trading. Coincidently, I also logged my 2000th trade today!
Looking back, it sure has been one hell of a ride! What started off merely as a young gamer's dream - to sit in front of the computer, playing & yet making money; has become a profession that provides for my family and I.
One of the highlights of my trading career has to be when I was in US on vacation. Simply by using 15 minutes a day, I managed to make a decent sum which covered majority of my expenses. The knowing that you can make money from anywhere, at anytime, as long as you have data of course; that's true freedom.
I truly believe that everyone should find how to make their money work for them, since it doesn't sleep; get tired or go on vacation 😉
#veragioiadivivere #lifeofatrader #forex #dreambighustleharder #freedom
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3 years in poly and I'm done! Thanks to all my friends who made this journey in TP a memorable one. Though it was a bitter-sweet journey, I really treasure the memories that we had!
Special thanks to my friends who specifically took the time off to come for my grad! Really touched by the gesture 😢💕! Let's work hard together for the better future we all believe in!
Now onto the next phase in life: Army
P.S the last pic depicts my thoughts when the CEO said that good grades is irrelevant in today's volatile and unpredictable world 🤔. #veragioiadivivere #graduateloh #entreprenuer #dreambighustleharder

Getting my shit together #finally 🌸🍀🌸 Buenas noches. 😴 #dreambighustleharder 👊🏾

The bigger the stakes, the bigger the reward. #DreamBigHustleHarder #WarDogs

"What you do in your free time today, determines your future" So what are you doing in your free time? #thoughtoftheday #dreambighustleharder

2015 was practice. 2016 was warm-up. 2017 is game time. 📸: @aisharukh #veragioiadivivere #macchiatodesign #truejoyofliving #dreambighustleharder


"Look in the Mirror. That's Your Only Competition!" Perspective is everything and only YOU can change what YOU think of yourself! @613dabqueen is Killing It in our New Grey Crop Tops!🤙😉 Click the link in our bio to pirchase today📦
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Dream BIG 💭

When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave people wondering how you did it.
#veragioiadivivere #dreambighustleharder #entrepreneurship #orangeisthenewblack
Photo Credits : @don.yky

I'm not saying I'm Wonder Woman. I'm just saying no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room before. 📸: @aisharukh #veragioiadivivere #truejoyofliving #macchiatodesign #dreambighustleharder

This morning when I rose I was blessed with this picture promise from God! Blessed to see another day! Make it an Awesome Day! #RiseAndGrind #TimeToMakeTheDonuts #DreamBigHustleHarder #BeBlessedAndABlessing #Rainbow

I got Hustle in my genes and I ain't talking 501s... 🇵🇪🇵🇭♊️

And that's the way it is, one Chinese fire drill after another. There's no MBA that can prepare you for it. You figure it out as you go. You rob Peter to pay Paul and you keep #succes #hardwork #dreambighustleharder

Guuuuuuuten Morgen ✌

JETZT geht's mal wieder arbeiten 🙊
Bisschen #Value am Morgen um gut in den Tag zu starten:

Der Meister ist viel öfter gescheitert, als es der Lehrling versucht hat !

Nehmt es euch zu Herzen und gebt nicht gleich direkt am Anfang auf, nur weil es nicht direkt beim ersten Anlauf klappt 💪
Glaubt an euch selbst und haltet euch euer Ziel vor Augen 🚀

#Value #DreamBigHustleHarder #BeYourBest

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