Just finished recording the “One Life Lesson” podcast with Rob Schulberg. Rob interviewed me on the importance of “Dreaming Big and Acting Small.” The episode and podcast will launch in May. #dreambigactsmall

✨10 Ways to Increase your Impact NOW✨

1. Find a cause you believe in and start a monthly donation of $25.00. That’s roughly the same as skipping ☕️ out one day per week.
2. Search for an opportunity to serve in your local community and JUST DO IT! So often we make volunteering so much bigger and harder than it needs to be in our head. There are plenty of opportunities to serve and volunteer in your local community. I was able to find 10 different opportunities in the Portland area within 5 minutes of searching on Google.
3. Smile more. 😊😊😊This is one you can start doing immediately. It’s a simple thing to do and it can have a great impact on the people around you. It doesn’t cost you any money or take any extra time, so it’s a great way to start.
4. Do a random act of kindness for someone at some point in your day. Maybe buy coffee for a stranger or give a bag of goods to someone on the street.
6. Give more sincere compliments. 🌟😉🌟Look for opportunities to praise and recognize people throughout the day.
7. Meditate on or pray 🙏 for your loved ones. See great things happening for the people you love and care about and ask God, or the Universe or whatever you want to call it, to bless and care for them.
Identify and offer some of your gifts and talents to a cause you believe in.
8. Put yourself in a PEAK STATE 💃🕺🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️When you feel great it’s amazing how much your energy can rub off onto others.
9. Give to someone close to you. Begin with impacting the lives within the walls of your own home.
10. Forgive someone. The kindness you choose to show to someone who has wronged you can create such a positive ripple effect in both your own life and in the life of the other person.
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this has happened more than once so far in my process for writing this first book of mine! learning as I go and enjoying the ride. 😂😂✏✒ speaking of, it's been a long time since posting about my progress, but rest assured my goal is still active and moving along! faced some temporary setbacks between holidays, illness, and a "fatal" computer virus.... in other words, LIFE! but my computer is finally fixed and coming back to me today so I'll be back in action tomorrow and I seriously can't wait! but first things first, going to enjoy a Valentine's date night tonight with my hubs, because #priorities 😎

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repost from @sniequist

If you dream about making a difference in this world, doing something you think is fun, or otherwise rewarding... then don’t wait till someone hires you. Find a way and start! @annapaee and I dreamt of using our passions for martial arts and yoga to make a difference in this world. Don’t wait for someone to hire you, or your life to be different, think it over but not for too long. Imagine what you could do, then think of what you can do and start. The ball won’t get rolling untill you start! We both felt we lacked the resources to start (both time and money), but we pitched the idea for a nearby library (thus saving time) and got an indoor space to use for free on weekends when we’re not doing our “real” jobs. Zen-Dragon started with a dream and so did Medgang (a dream shared by my girlfriend/co-founder). I dream of much more with both projects, but to some degree I’ve already realised my dreams! You can too! Tag someone who needs this message 🙏 #projektmedgang #zendragon #followyourdreams #dreambigactsmall #startnow #gettheballrolling #doitnow #thanksforsharing

Very excited to share this news with you guys. Our beautiful farm has finally gotten certified organic! It was a long drawn out process but we knew this was the key piece for our expansion in 2018. Over the next couple of months we will be finalizing relationships with restaurants, stores and more to provide awesome organic lettuce, baby greens, and mushrooms. Thanks for the support and please continue to support all the local small farms that bust ass to raise and grow our food!

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2017 não poderia acabar sem ter uma surpresa para ti! Porque sei que nem todos podem ter um Coach, mas também sei que todos merecem tirar um tempo para definir o que é realmente importante para o ano que aí vem!
Então cá está a Sessão de Coaching: #DreamBigActSmall para o teu 2018!
O que é?
Uma sessão de planeamento estratégico para o teu próximo ano!
O que vai ser feito na sessão?
- Análise da tua realidade atual
- Definição do Foco para 2018 e principais objetivos
- Plano criativo & estratégico para os primeiros 3 meses do ano
- Definição da tua Bucket List 2018
- Surpresa Final
Como me inscrevo?
Podiam ser os saldos, mas não são! Simplesmente acho que TODOS devem ter oportunidade de definirem o seu ano com a ajuda de um Coach.
Valor: €35
Atenção: Limitado a 15 vagas!
Marcações exclusivas para a realização da sessão de 4 a 15 de Janeiro.
Quem quer voltar a sonhar em grande e a agir pequeno para fazer de 2018 um grande ano?
Até já!
Mais informação: https://goo.gl/TJ8Eng
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Mondays are the best! You have a whole week ahead of you to make progress in your life! Never forget to smile!
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Spread the positivity! Make someone smile, make them feel good!
#dreambigactsmall#big#believe#tothefuture #smile #positivity #positivevibes #happiness #DBas

Everybody can smile and absolutely should! The more you smile, the better you will feel overall! Whenever you feel down or irritated, force yourself to smile and you will see what I'm talking about! Have a great day and smile a lot!
#dreambigactsmall #dreambig #motivation #happiness #smile #happy #alwayssmile #DBas

Work hard, work towards your goals but never forget that you have one life and make sure you're happy along the way! #dreambigactsmall#dreambig #motivation#happy#enjoy#workhard#goals#happiness#DBas

Every person has their own path which they need to follow! You should respect it and not try to change it according to your own!
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I know it is a "cliché" to tell this, but the sooner a person realises that he is the master of his own destiny, the sooner great things will start to happen!

I've always had the thought of starting an Instagram page (BIG dream) and I never actually did, no particular reason why! Today I made the starting point (act small)! Hope you find something useful or interesting! This is my small beginning! I hope you make yours aswell! #dreambigactsmall#big#small#dream#believe#tothefuture#pointzero

If you focus on the dream in its entire enormity, there's a high risk you'll never take the first step toward its achievement. Huge dreams - the kind you want to have - can be as daunting as they are inspiring. I encourage you to "chunk it." Keep dreaming big, but start thinking and acting small. Let's be clear. You may think that chunking would actually discourage big dreams, but just the opposite is true. Chunking is designed to take those big dreams and turn them into manageable, smaller "chunks" - something that makes you more able to achieve even the biggest dreams. Make your small daily actions align with your big dreams. Dream big and act small. 📷: @bymariecarmel

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