I have really struggled to see myself,
I have had a constant voice in my head,
Going against all that I preach about self love + acceptance,
I am a woman,
I am a human being,
And it still happens,
We ALL deal with it,
I deal with it,
BUT should it be ‘NORMAL’ to deal with it?? It is not constructive,
Nor empowering,
Nor positive,
Nor helpful,
Nor loving.
It is the complete opposite.
So why do we ACCEPT that’s how it’s going to be?
Why are we so dam hard on ourselves and PRETEND to ‘deal with it’, When all it does is disempower ourselves....
I know that so many of us hear one compliment about ourselves, but think another!!? I mean what the!!?
How does that make any sense at all?
Honestly, I could write a NOVEL about this,
Because the flow on affect of NOT working on it, is life destroying,
It KILLS dreams,
It kills success,
It kills LIFE out of people.
But I want to leave you with this, .
Do you recognise it and stop yourself?

So much truth to this. I swear I have the best of intentions😜. I am striving for the rank of Gold with Young Living by December 2019. I don't often talk about the financial blessing that Young Living has provided us, but the truth is it has allowed us to tackle some projects and take some trips that otherwise would not have been in our budget. I am enjoying linking arms with my sister and many other boss babes as we tackle this business together. Yes it takes effort but feels a lot less like work when you are having fun and sharing it with friends.
I have attached a copy of Young Living's income disclosure below in my bio.

#bossbabe #momboss #wellnessjourney #financialfreedom #wellness #goingforgold #dreambig

💖 I am so grateful. We have the opportunity to CREATE the life of our dreams. So why do we waste time waiting for our life to happen — we wait for THE relationship, THE job, THE house, THE opportunities to travel, and worst... we wait for THE time — the right time and enough time.

💖 Within each of our souls is a dream. And when we pursue that dream, we discover our destiny. Unfortunately, what sometimes happens is that the dream is put on the back burner. It’s delayed and delayed and delayed until we either don’t remember it or we decide that it seems silly.

💖 Stop waiting. CREATE. Fulfill the dream that lives in your soul. #dreamsbecomedestiny
#dreambig #dreamer #dontwaitfortomorrow #actnow #fitover50 #yogaeverydamnday #fitpreneur #yogapractice #michigan #texasbornandraised #texas #flyageless #juststrongambassador

I saw this and it was literally a representation of my heart for Young living. This business has changed my life in ways I would have never imagined and surrounded me with people I don't know how I ever lived without.#momboss #strongwomen #livefully #begrateful #lovegreatly #lifechanges #dreambig

I never thought I would be apart of something so special! Something that has completely changed my life for the better! I have had the opportunity of meeting people from all over the country!! How cool is that!? 💛😃👯‍♀️

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

We rode that roof 🙌🏼 such an amazing and inspiring event! @ridetheroof @dslc111 killed it on his second spin class 💪🏼 Can't wait for next year already! @loveforlewiston #curesma #endsma #findacure #ridetheroof #choosemovement #spincommunity #dreambig

Positive day 🏅الحمد الله
Nothing can describe my spirit today, It was a big honor for me to meet the CEO of the payments market leader company in EGYPT, #FawryEGYPT #fawry #FawryPayments
I would like to thank you so much for spending your time advising and leading us.. -
You are a great role business model ever, I’m sure inshallah we are going to build a new culture of E-Commerce in Egypt.

Thank you so much @innoventuresegypt
#ecommerce #Dreambig #enterpreneurlife #enterpreneur #goalsintoachievements #Startups #Spark #innoventions

“Que seas tan feliz que no sepas si vives o sueñas” 😍🙏🏻🌃🍎🇺🇸
#naturephotography #behappy #dreambig #life #photooftheday #newyorkcity #manhattan #newyorknewyork #view #unitedstates

I’m going to make you so proud - note to self. 🌹🌱🌼🌿🌷

July is gonna be LIT🔥👌🏻 That's what the kids say now right?
But seriously, here's what's going down in July:
• I'm going to be my own boss and only boss for the first time ever at the age of 24 • I'm going on my second road trip this year across the country because why the hell not? • I'm buying my ticket for the BIGGEST coaching event of the year for 2019 • I'm probably gonna clean my car cause it's dirty af 🤷🏼‍♀️ • I'm starting my own bootcamp to help as many women as I can with my partner coach @emzzam 💓👭🏼 (right now I'm using my coach's) • I'm going hiking every day that I possibly can (which is always when you're your own boss 😏) Big things are happening & dreams are being chased. 🌈
Are you coming with me? 🤔
We're calling our bootcamp #doitforYOU for a reason! Come change your life with me & and be a part of the OG creww💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Either DM me (it's not creepy!! Just hit send!) Or fill out the link in my bio to get things rolllllin 😘✌🏻

Tomorrow at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern we are ✨diving in✨ (see what I did there 🤣) and talking all things 🙌🏼 clean skin care 🌱 real health based weight loss and more! 🙌🏼 Plus sharing about all the new things that have come out for 🏖 summer ☀️ and that I’m so passionate about! 🤓
PM/DM me and I’ll add you to to the event on Facebook AND there will be fun 🎉 gifts/prizes for joining us ♥️ #healthylife #allnatural #monday #justdoit

Shot Put Champion and Discus Runner-Up! Honored, blessed and excited for what the future has to offer! #shotput #discus #champion #runnerup #sundevilforlife #nike #dreambig

Finally had room in the shop to start final assembly of this custom bed frame. Love the simplistic design that really accentuates the woodgrain #custombed #storagesolutions #woodworking #customwoodwork #woodgrain #oak #designing #hudsonvalley #pinebush #thegunks #upstateweekend #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal #gardiner #newpaltz #platformbed #interiordesign #dreambig #solidwood #builttolast #

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