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I got this 🌹in my pocket titanium 🚀 don't stand a chance against me #DreamAgain #baghdad (link in bio)

Sunday funday with the ohana!!! 🤙🤙🤙 church was on fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥 #powerful #message #dreamagain 💯 @jenniferhosoi___realtor @popshosoi @classichosoi @endlesshosoi ❤️🙏❤️

Had a BLAST preaching at the G.L.O.W. conference today!! Women dared to #dreamagain and the altar call was powerful!! One part that really amazed me was a conversation I had with the awesome woman who put the conference together! She reminded me of our very first meeting and about the prophetic word I gave her then. Who knew that my obedience in that moment would have opened the door in this season to come! Thank you for letting me minister at G.L.O.W. @mrs.brock_13!! I love you and your vision! Can't wait to see what's next for you!!💖💖🔥🔥🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼☝🏼☝🏼

Talking about dreaming and motherhood and dressing up and a bunch of other random stuff on the blog today!! Would love to hear your thoughts! (Link in bio) 🍂 #dreamagain #fallfashioninspo #sdblogger #pendrysandiego

I LOVE this! Making dreams come true. #dreamagain #Repost @lineamusicoficial (@get_repost)
El trabajo y dedicación son los que nos hacen progresar y crecer ... "Línea Music"

Hey babes! ❤️I NEED YOUR HELP❤️.
Sooooo I need to pick a photo to use for finishing 2017 as a 4x ELITE TEAM 😳❤️GOD willing ❤️🙌🏼. Crazyyyyyy. .
Which one would you pick? #dreamagain #datribe

Let us know how you were impacted by #DreamAgain? The rebroadcast is available for you to WATCH NOW at tdjakes.org/watchnow or in the TDJ Mobile App. #tphimpact

Algo grande está por venir!!
#nuevotiempo #volverasoñar
The best is yet to come!! #newbeginnings #dreamagain

Isaiah Austin is cleared to play basketball!😱🔥
Do you think he will go to the NBA?
And what team do you want to see him play in!✌🏽️
#isaiahaustin #dreamagain #marfansyndrome


3 tips to making the holiday season more joyful (link in bio).

The holidays can be a hard time of year as we travel and go back down memory lane. For many, this can mean a lot of stress as we see people we haven't seen in a while or go to a place that brings up memories we've tried hard to forget (high school anyone?). While the holidays are supposed to be such a joyful time, I know for many it's anything but that. The ghosts of the past tend to rise up and taunt us. However, it doesn't have to be this way. God has freedom available to each of us if we'll receive it (John 8:36).

I recently read a book called She is Free by @andiandrew and it opened my eyes to all the areas of freedom available. We have a gracious, forgiving father that wants to provide complete healing and freedom in our lives if we will seek him. You see the biggest problem is not our past, our family or the holidays- it's the lies that hold us captive as Pastor Andi talks about in her book. In her book, she covers several areas of freedom we need from shame, anger, and isolation to fear, unforgiveness and control. •
To read the full post and find 3 tips for surviving the holiday season, click the link in the bio!

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand." ~Mother Teresa

@aesthetic.dp 💕💕💕

Want that warm apple pie smell in your house? 4 drops of each of these beauties in the diffuser... @hopeandjoyessentials 💕💕💕

“My dream is to be a successful cook and people will be blessed with the food I serve through God’s blessing.” - Ming Han, cook

Discover your life purpose and #DreamAgain at #FirezCamp2017! 🔥 Don’t miss out on your last chance to sign up today: firezcamp.com/register

🍁 Fatigue. Nuits réveillées. Seule avec elle même (malgré la foule). Elle avait des rêves mais elle ne sait plus où ils sont passés, oubliés au fond d'elle-même, écrasés par son "to-do-list" de chaque jour. Son corps l'alerte. Ses larmes coulent. Presque sans cesse. Elle a besoin de l'aide... Quelqu'un avec qui parler. Partager. Qui l'aide à retrouver le fil conducteur de sa vie. Avoir un sens. En accord avec ses valeurs, avec ses passions. 🍁 Si tu connais cette fille, dis-lui: il y a de l'aide!!! Voilà pourquoi #Emerveille existe... Et notre honneur c'est de l'accompagner. Notre mission c'est de l'aider à trouver la Vie et la Vie en abondance. 🍁 🌟Leve toi. Et Brille. 🌟🍁 Sois libérée de la honte. Tu peux en parler. Il y a de l'aide. 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 .... (EN) 🍁 Hey girl!! ... You may be facing a hard season. You may want sleep, become unseen... Cause your life became hard to live. 💦 or You try to sleep, but you just can not find #rest!!! 💦 You would love to talk , but you think there is no one to listen. 🙌 hey!!! There are GOOD NEWS!!! 💬🌟Do not stay alone... Ask for/ accept you need help. Avoid the #burnout. Or the #isolation. You were born for more. You were created to live a full life. Yes! FULL life (not only survive!). In case you do not know where to go, who can help, #emerveillee is there to help you to find the Helper. The Way. The Life. 🍁No shame. You can talk about it. There is help! #coaching #accompagnent #encouragement #dreamagain #rever #fatigue #sommeil #help #aide #unemainamie #lumierepourlechemin #levetoietbrille #riseupandshine #bornformore #unshamed #libereedelahonte #honte #libérée #liberee #libre

« It alaways seems impossible until it’s done »
Toujours croire en ses rêves,rien n’est impossible il faut juste y croire ✨
#instarun #runninggirl #runneuse #followyourdreams #dreamagain

I desire to be great! I plan to succeed! I choose to Dream!✨
👕: @weightofgloryapparel
✂️: @nigeljones

I am definitely not saying I always dream big, act big, work big or even believe big but T O D A Y let me tell you, I am dreaming BIG! 🌎
Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to describe what it feels like to put a vision (like a dream big vision) out to your team and have them respond with a BIG yes!! .
Stay tuned for more BIG things!! They’re coming!! If you want in DM me...with doTERRA there is room for many and I have a BIG team ready for YOU! 🌟

Remember those dreams you owned? Those dreams that made you feel invincible? Remember those dreams that hid behind your big reasons? As to why it’s technically not possible?
It’s time for us to put them back on the table.
Right in front of ourselves.
And to start to feel its presence our your life.
Is it something you love? Or is it someone you love? Feel its’ presence and the energy of that moment. And feel it with joy.
Happiness opens the doors to the heavens within us. @quotes @limitlessmentoring @oprah @theellenshow @lewishowes @najwazebian @simonsinek @robinsharma @melrobbinslive @tonyrobbins @timferriss #Limitless #DreamAgain #Dream #DreamBig #Dreamers #Universe #Abundance #Happiness #Joy #Feels #FeelGood

4 tips to overcoming loneliness and singleness this holiday season (link in bio for full post).

The holiday season is upon us. That means time with family and friends that we haven't seen in a while and lots of food. I love the holidays and all that comes with it, but there's one thing over the last several years I've become increasingly aware of... going home alone. Being single during the holidays has a weird way of making you question where you are in life. I've been learning how to overcome the insecurities that come with answering the dreaded question of "Are you dating anyone?" or "What's new?" that we inevitably get asked. I've also learned how to find joy in every season no matter my relationship status. .

With a constant air of romance around the holidays and all the hallmark movies portraying a perfect lifestyle, it's no wonder that the holidays can bring up feelings of inadequacy. It seems like life isn't complete if you don't have a significant other or a pinterest perfect holiday season. I know the pressure because I often put it on myself. I want my apartment to look like Joanna Gaines decorated it and to seem like I have my act together at 26, but the truth is my apartment is often messy and I've been single for almost 3 years now with no prospects in sight. I don't say this for pity because I'm content where I am, but I say this because I think life on the internet can seem fake and distant. I want to be raw and honest so you know you aren't alone. I know just how hard this season can be and I'm here to walk with you through it.

Something I've learned over the last year is being content in the season I'm in and facing my fears head on. If we can learn to be content and find joy in the season we're in then it's not as daunting to face the holidays alone. Check out the link in our bio for the full post!

Always grateful for each day, every opportunity and experience both good and bad. #happyhealthylife #chosenforgreater #DreamAgain #attitudedeterminesyouraltitude

No longer a victim...

Do NOT do winter without this. Your lungs will thank you. 💥❤🌿 breathe deeply again... @coffeeoilsandchaos 💕💕💕

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